John Mayer Launching Reality TV Show?

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Reality TV is all the rage, and it doesn't look like it will be going away anytime soon. Survivor has been running for 28 seasons. The Bachelor has 18 seasons. And America's Got Talent has nine. But The Real World has them all beat at 29 seasons.

Reality TV works well as an investment for television, because the expenses are so much lower. It is appealing even to smaller production companies, who can afford to grab a niche topic -- such as a family who makes duck calls, or a toothless fellow who chases turtles -- and develop it into a goldmine. You can even watch people stand around bidding on forfeited storage units or pawning their belongings.

So when celebrity musician John Mayer said he had an idea for a reality TV show, it wasn't much of a stretch for someone to sit up and take notice. Launching a reality show with a celebrity name already attached is bound to be a winning proposition. And, as an added bonus, Mayer wants another celebrity to host it.

Mayer told Us Weekly that he wants to do a show called My Funny Friend. The idea is that everyone has a friend that they think is so funny that they should be a comedian Well, My Funny Friend gives your funny friend the chance to make that dream come true.

“Everyone thinks they have a buddy who’s so hysterical, he or she should be in comedy," says Mayer. "People nominate their friends, and they go through a series of evaluations to determine if they’re actually funny or not.”

Mayer even knows who he wants to host the show. He has named Anthony Bourdain, whose acerbic wit is a hit on his travel and food programs, to be the face and voice of the effort.

If the America's Got Talent show can be used as a comparison, only one comedian has ever even been a runner-up in that competition.

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