John Gotti Jr. Was Stabbed in CVS Parking Lot


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Police in Long Island are investigating John "Junior" Gotti, Jr. after he says he was stabbed while trying to break up a fight. Gotti, who officials say was at one time the acting boss of the Gambino crime family, was stabbed on Sunday. After Gotti went to the hospital, police were brought in because of the type of injury Gotti had.

After being treated for his injury, which was a stab wound in the abdominal region, Gotti was released from the hospital and should be just fine. The injury did, however, bring up yet another police investigation for the retired mobster.

In a move that probably shouldn't be very surpriising, Gotti is refusing to cooperate with the police. Even though Gotti claims he was just trying to help out by stopping two strangers from fighting, he won't provide any further details about the incident. "He wasn’t very cooperative,” one investigator told the NY Daily News, speaking under a condition of anonymity.

The investigator also said that the police aren't buying the story, and who can blame them? It's not every day that someone who was stabbed refuses to give any details that could help bring the person in the wrong to justice. "It’s hard to believe he would break up a fight between two strangers,” the investigator said. Considering Gotti's rather checkered past, police are continuing with the investigation to make sure he wasn't involved in any wrongdoing in the CVS parking lot.

"We are investigating, along with the Nassau Police Department, a stabbing that occurred in Syosset, New York on Sunday evening involving John 'Junior' Gotti," said Shams Tarek, communications director for the Nassau County district attorney's office.

Despite Gotti's involvement in organized crime, authorities haven't been able to pin anything on him over the past several years, but not for lack of trying. He has had four trials involving racketeering and kidnapping charges, but none of the juries ever convicted him.

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