John Goodman Slapped With 16-Year Sentence (Again)


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It was deja vu for polo mogul John Goodman.

Goodman was re-convicted last month of DUI manslaughter in relation to the death of Scott Wilson.

Wilson died after drowning when Goodman ran a stop sign and knocked his car into a nearby canal.

Goodman's vehicle was not available for the retrial, one of a number of quirks and inconveniences that seemed to plague to prosecution.

In the end, the outcome of the retrial of the 51-year-old mogul echoed that of the previous trial.

The prosecution has insisted that on top of his conviction, Goodman should be forced to pay restitution to the state for the cost of a second trial.

The estimated amount to be owed would be around $100,000.

Assistant state attorney Sherri Collins had requested that the 16-year sentence handed down during the first trial be given to Goodman again.

Said Collins, "The state is asking that the sentence be no less today because, frankly, the crime is just as horrible today as it was then."

Judge Jeffrey Colbath agreed, and John Goodman found himself facing a 16-year sentence for the second time.

Colbath said of the trial and retrial that they were "horrible cases".

"Citizens make one mistake and horrible consequences result."

The closest thing to a silver lining for Goodman is that given credit for 154 days served.

There was a sense of deja-vu for the family of victim Scott Wilson as well.

"We are back to where we were," said William Wilson, Scott's father. "Two years have gone by and we are in the same place."

Despite the turn of events for this second trial, there remains some skepticism that Goodman will serve his sentence.

Goodman's defense lawyer Liz Parker said that her client intends to file another appeal.

"He wants to defend himself and clear his name," said Parker.

William Wilson seems to agree with the sentiment that this outcome may not be final.

"It is definitely not permanent. Until he goes to jail permanently... then it is permanent."