John Cena’s Knee Injury Just Part Of The Story

    February 25, 2014
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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For many wrestling fans, the WWE is as real as it gets. Most people however, know that it isn’t real and although professional wrestlers are amazing athletes that are extremely talented, wrestling is as much a show as it is a sport. Just like a soap opera or any other television show, wrestling matches and shows have a plot.

John Cena appeared to be injured after a brawl on Monday Night RAW, but it turns out he is just fine and the injury is just part of the storyline. Cena was involved in a fight with the Wyatt family and Bray Wyatt pulled off a move that made it look as though he had accidentally landed on Cena’s leg the wrong way and caused the injury.

Cena milked the injury for all it was worth and was even taken out of the ring on a stretcher. Wrestling fans and especially John Cena fans were worried that the injury was real and that one of the most beloved wrestler in the WWE was really hurt and would be out of the ring for a while.

Not long after the match ended, the truth about the injury came out and it was confirmed that it was all part of the plot and storyline leading up to WrestleMania 30. John Cena will be wrestling Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 30 and with Cena sustaining an injury caused by Bray, the match will be even better and fans will be even more eager to watch it.

Over the next few weeks, as WrestleMania 30 approaches, it will be likely that Cena will still claim he is injured and blame Bray Wyatt for it. In true WWE fashion, Cena will wrestle at WrestleMania in spite of his injury and likely beat Bray. If he doesn’t win, he will blame his loss on his knee injury and accuse Bray of injuring him on purpose.

Did you think John Cena was really injured?

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  • Robert

    How can we trust what you say when you can’t even get a simple fact straight? Cena didn’t get hurt during a match. Cena called out the Wyatt family after they attacked him the previous night at Elimination Chamber. The Wyatt family came out and all 3 guys attacked him. Rowan bent down to grab Cena’s leg and bent it the wrong way or stretched it out further than he should have which is how Cena got hurt. Cena tried to fight back, but his injury prevented him from doing so and they laid him out. Whether or not it is a real injury, I don’t know, but the least thing you can do is actually watch the product that you write about because you obviously didn’t.

    • Midgardian

      You’re one of those mouth-breathers that takes WWE super-serious, aren’t you?

      • Robert

        How bout no jackass. If you actually read my comment and took it into context, then you’d know it wasn’t really about the WWE at all and was mainly about the simple fact that they wrote this article without actually knowing what the fuck they were writing about. I hate people in the media who want to get everything out there as fast as possible so they can be the one who “broke the story first” without actually doing even a bit of fact checking.

        As for my preference to be a super serious WWE fan, I’ve always been a super serious fan. There’s a difference though in the fact that I know it is scripted. The way you’re acting makes it seem like a sin to be a wrestling fan. It’s like telling a huge video game fanatic, “I don’t know why you like and play them. You know they’re not real, right?” You play them because it is a form of entertainment and you enjoy it. I know WWE is scripted, but I just don’t care. I enjoy watching it and nobody can never tell me otherwise, especially some guy on the internet who thinks he’s better than everybody else because he doesn’t watch WWE and is apparently so much smarter because you know it’s scripted. Whatever. I got better things to do. I wasted way too much time on you as it is.

        • Midgardian

          Thanks for proving my point, kid.

          • 700Level

            Thanks for being another internet asshole without anything intelligent to say.

          • Midgardian

            Go hug your John Cena Brawlin’ Buddy, kid.

    • Kyle

      She is actually right, John Cena is not really injured at all…The only parts I don’t agree with is 1. He won’t blame/accuse Bray Wyatt of the injury and 2.Bray Wyatt had nothing to do with the injury in the first place..It was supposively when the Wyatts threw Cena to the ground since he was obviously limping when he was running after Rowan right before Bray did that running charge that he does…and yes this injury is going to be used as a storyline leading to Wrestlemania..I know this bc I was at the event and actually saw them try to sneak it down the side of the ramp BEFORE he got “hurt” sorry..This wasn’t intended to you YOU were right about how Cena got “hurt” and SHE was right that it is a storyline injury lol



  • Shawn Patrick

    “Most people however, know that it isn’t real and although professional
    wrestlers are amazing athletes that are extremely talented, wrestling is
    as much a show as it is a sport”

    That’s a pretty stupid statement. No one has pretended or tried to pass it off as competitive and unscripted for decades. You might as well have said “Most people do not believe that cartoons are documentaries based on real life events.”

    • Midgardian

      Uhhh… You’d be surprised how many dumb rednecks still think WWE is real.

      • 700Level

        You’d be surprised how idiotic you sound to intelligent people.

  • Quita

    Sorry Ellisha, but Robert is right. That is exactly what happened. I really don’t care if the injury is real. Wrestling is pure entertainment for me and I love it. I hate when people talk about how fake wrestling is, its a tv show most tv shows are stories, pure entertainment. I mean I watch Teen Wolf religiously, too, but I don’t believe in human werewolves, LOL.

    • Midgardian

      *chortle* You watch Teen Wolf. I bet you’ve never seen the movies.

  • Lynette

    I’m a big Cena fan. I’m upset that he’s hurt. hopes he get better. hope he’s can get back into the ring have a one on one match without any interference with the other members of the Wyatt Family. they only fight together cause they could NOT! fight separately. Wyatt Family are just haters. I don’t like them. who in their right minds want to follow the pervert family buzzers!

  • Midgardian

    Wrestling isn’t fake. It’s just choreographed. The hits are real (most of the time; razors, glass and barbed wire excluded); the wrestlers just know they’re coming.

    • Robert

      Hey look at you, it’s the first smart thing you said in the entire comment section. lol.

      At least you know the difference between fake and scripted/choreographed. Less educated people call it fake which gets to me. A lot of the hits are fake though if you actually sat through a few matches, you’d see the missed hits and the pulled punches. It’s funny sometimes how badly they miss their moves and still pretend they got hit with full force. With that said, there is a lot of things you can’t fake. Yes, the tables and ladders are pre-broken and made of flimsy material, but going through one still hurts like all hell. It’s also kinda of hard to fake jumping 15 feet off of a steel cage onto somebody. Cody Rhodes did a backflip off the top of the cage a few weeks back and he seriously hurt his arm and shoulder. Big Show got hit like 50 times with a chair by Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble and we haven’t seen him since. Now I’m sure he’s not injured or anything, but that sure wasn’t exactly a picnic to go through. His entire body is probably worn down and black and blue. Any normal man in that situation would probably be dead. lol.

      • Benoitdeadson

        wretling is like dancing with the stars

  • Denny

    Yes we know it is scripted as any 6 year old would tell you. Tho these athletes do train and push their bodies to the limit. I personally believe it was an injury shoot and if you watched the show it as Erick Rowan and not Bray Wyatt that landed wrong on his knee and hyper-extended it. Tho if his knee is really injured (which I believe it is, since his knee looked like a camels back) Do you really think that Mr.Vincent Kennedy McMahon would tell us the truth 6 weeks prior to Wrestle Mania. I think not!

  • Droppo

    Another thing this article gets wrong is that the John Cena character will not EVER make excuses for losing a match at Wrestlemania. He won’t blame Wyatt for the injury before or after they meet at WM30. As corny as he is, he will rise to the occasion, fight hard, and not let the little Hulkster… uh I mean, Cena fans down. Hustle, Loyalty, Respect, ugly shorts, and drink your milk.

  • Eric

    Mr Elvis, u ask who cares about John 666 CENA right? Please I do care and like him so very much that nothing can stop me from loving. He is awesome and very decent guy. Let’s go cena, the champ is here! !!!!!