John Cena: Will He Choose Movies Or Wrestling?

    July 5, 2014
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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A lot of professional wrestlers aspire to become actors, and when they finally make their way into the film industry, they often leave wrestling behind. John Cena has appeared in several movies but he always returns to the ring and seems happy to be wrestling in between films.

Cena is currently working on two films which will be released sometime next year and its seems like he is putting wrestling on the backburner for a while.

Vince McMahon is planning some big changes for the WWE and those changes may include some pay cuts for many wrestlers, including some of the big name stars. McMahon wants the WWE Network to be successful, but its debut was not as popular as expected. In order to make the network everything he wants it to be, McMahon is planning to make some changes and budget cuts.

The WWE has already had to make some changes to its schedule in order to accommodate John Cena while filming. Cena also does a lot of charity work and appearances and even when he isn’t working on two films at a time, it can be hard for him to find the time for wrestling anymore.

The WWE is about to go on a tour through Australia, and Cena will not be a part of it due to other commitments. WWE fans are expecting Cena to take on Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam 2014 and wondering how his absences will play into the storyline.

While it seems like Cena is going to stay focused on wrestling while juggling his charity work, social life and acting career on the side, there may come a day when he has to choose between them. If McMahon can’t keep him interested in the WWE, it’s likely that he could follow so many other wrestling stars and choose the film industry over the ring.

Do you think John Cena is a better wrestler or actor?

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  • Guest

    nothing wrong with walking about from wrestling, eventually he’s going to have to save it body from the wear-and-tear

    • Guest

      dumb keyboard.. my post should have read: “nothing wrong with walking away from wresting, eventually he’s going to have to save his body from the wear-and-tear

  • ProfEd

    But wrestling IS acting, isn’t it? If the WWE hadn’t decided to wise the whole world up to the “truth,” then any discussion about a wrestler becoming an actor would be interesting.