John Battelle at Yahoo!

    December 3, 2005

As part of the weekly speaker series that our Technology Development Group runs (well, really Chad does all the work), John Battelle visited to speak of a room packed full of Yahoos.

He split the time between reading from his book and talking about his experiences researching it, his time at The Industry Standard, Wired, and so on. As expected, John was entertaining and interesting. He’s really enjoyable to listen to. And having spent so much time digging into search for his book and on his blog, he has a unique perspective on this industry that many of us are living in.

There’s an idea that he threatened to blog before I do, so I’ll let him do that. I’ll only mention that it’s a search related doom-and-gloom screenplay. :-)

He also spent some time answering questions ranging from privacy to publishing and his vision for the future of search.

One of the things I like about John is his ability to stay down to earth, funny, and self-deprecating while also being one of the most visible figures in this industry.

John, sorry for the picture. I saw several folks taking pictures today, but Chad’s blurry camera phone shot is the only one I can find on Flickr right now. And thanks again for dropping by Yahoo for the afternoon.

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