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By: WebProNews Staff - October 22, 2008

I ran into Joe the Plumber this morning. He said he and Joe Six Pack plan to celebrate their newfound fame tonight by gettin’ lit and layin’ pipe.

Those guys!

Another Joe the Plumber, this one in Amarillo, Texas, is about to score big time with his domain. Gets Big Offers
In case it’s possible you missed it, the debate between John McCain and Barack Obama last night was a colorful one, to put it mildly—at one point I fully expected McCain to get up and deck his opponent. From the very start McCain invoked the name of Ohioan John Whatsaburger—Wurstabooger—Whosabacher—well, McCain had trouble with the name, too, transforming Joe Wurzelbacher first into Joe Wurzelburger and eventually and repeatedly into Joe the Plumber.

McCain brought him up as an example of a small business owner who would be affected by Obama’s tax increase on those making over $250,000 per year—the upper two percent, according to Obama. McCain said Joe wanted to buy the plumbing business he worked for but wouldn’t if there was to be a tax increase. You betcha it was as memorable collection of moments since Sarah Palin brought up Joe Six Pack.

The Texas Joe the Plumber is basking in some free publicity as his Amarillo-based business is being bombarded by media phone calls. One report says he’s received offers in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for his domain, and that he’s suddenly not so attached to it anymore.

No doubt, Joe. Take the money and the publicity and run. You’ll never get attention like this again. Sell and reinvent yourself as Jake the Snake, or Joe the Guy that Got a Half-Million Dollars for a Silly Domain Name Just Because a Politician Kept Saying It on National Television.

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  • Guest

    Looks like from all the big offers "Joe the Plumber" is getting… he’ll be in that higher tax bracket to where he could pay a little more taxes.

  • John

    Any word about a sale?

    I’m not sure if that site will have any value after people forget about Joe the Plumber in a few weeks.

    • Steve Schulin

      Obama and McCain are subprime candidates. Joe the Plumber told AP reporter that Alan Keyes could solve the nation’s problems in two years. I’m happy to report that Alan Keyes has left the Republican party and is running as an independent. Folks in California, Colorado, Florida and Texas can click on his name on the voting machines. Keyes supporters in many more states have succeeded in passing the varied procedural hoops to ensure that write-in votes for Dr. Keyes will be counted in more than enough states to win the Electoral College. See Joe the Plumber talking about my favored choice via link at — that’s the website of a new party called America’s Independent Party. It was formed by Keyes supporters across the land and is already the third largest national party as measured by the number of registered voters. 

  • Guest

    At my income level, I am really glad obama is gonna win.  He’s gonna send me a refund cause my income is not high enough.


    Owner of, JoesPlumbing,com, is selling all three for $250,000.  Most recognized plumbing name on the planet.  Very powerful.  Never depreciating in value. 

  • efile

    Sell it while it’s hot!

    Yes he will definately move into a new tax bracket for this year, but a couple extra hundred $k ~ take it and pay the taxes.

  • G991

    Good Idea

  • Debbie Morgan

    Any one who isn’t really glad for this guy is simply just jealous. He fell into something and along with the down side, like everything else, it has a very nice up side too.

    I’d love it if my safety and security domain all of a sudden got very popular. I’d sell it in a heartbeat for the right amount of money.

    Go Joe!

  • Diamonds

    Free Ad for this guy on his new plumbing business, he should take advantage of this.

  • Mekhong Kurt

    This is neat!  I hope "Amarillo Joe" will take the money and run — and do so sooner rather than later, since who knows how long the hype will last.  Though, come to think of it, McCain did make a big enough deal out of Ohio Joe the Plumber that this small episode may be one of those stories that enters the American political folklore.

    I’ll bet Joe — the one from Ohio — sure wishes HE had never been put right in the global spotlight, no matter how short a period of time.  Heck, I’m from Texas but live in Thailand, and McCain’s Joe was all over regional TV in this part of the world!

    Full disclosure (or is it confession?):  I sure wish I owned those domain names!!!  But I’m happy for the guy in Amarillo — who can’t be happy to see someone else have such good fortune?