Joe Manganiello To Open A Male Strip Club? "We're Talking About It"


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Joe Manganiello must have definitely been influenced by his role as Magic Mike's Big Dick Richie, because now he's taking things a step further.

Since the 2012 box office hit film, Manganiello has went on to produce La Bare, which is a documentary that follows a chain of male strip clubs in Dallas, TX. Now, he's looking to invest in the lucrative adult entertainment business himself.

According to E! News, on Friday, Jan. 17, Manganiello was out in Utah for the kickoff of the week-long Slamdance Film Festival. The True Blood actor shared a glint of his interest in the potential business merger, and the possibility of what could occur in the near future.

"The owner [of La Bare] has asked me if I want to go in with him on a new club," Manganiello exclusively told E! on Friday at the Sundance Film Festival's Eddie Bauer and It's So Miami lounge.

"We're talking about it. I never in a million years thought this is the way my career would be going, but here we are."

The 37-year-old actor also explained that the concept behind Magic Mike was derived from the La Bare male strip club.

"My Magic Mike journey was inspired by La Bare," Manganiello explained. "One of my best friends was a dancer there back in the '90s. He did the fireman routine.

"His story inspired Big Dick Richie and then that inspired me to go back to the club and pick up really what was left on the table," he continued. "People wanted to know more about the guys and their life in that culture."


La Bare premiered today at the Slamdance Film Festival in Park City Utah. Manganiello also revealed that some of the club's dancers would be making a special appearance at the festival. However, he wasn't certain if they'd be performing.

"We're thinking about it," he laughed. "It's just how much money is in the budget for bail money—this is Utah after all." Although the business deal hasn't been solidified, it looks as though Manganiello is quite optimistic about presuming the business venture.

 Image via Facebook | Magic Mike (1) (2)