Joe Arpaio: The Jailhouse Rock King Wants More


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If you're feeling more rebellious than usual, you should probably stay out of Arizona. Once your antics inevitably place you in jail, you run the chance of being under the watch of "America's Toughest Sheriff" by the name of Joe Arpaio.

Mr. Arpaio is 81-years-old, but don't expect him to give a Andy Griffith- Barney Fife jailhouse experience. Arpaio prides himself on running a strict jail system-- he has gained notoriety for trying to prove President Obama a foreigner, restricting adult content possession for the inmates, making inmates wear pink underwear for questioning the president, serving only two meals a day and more. He's now in the news for putting 38 inmates on a bread and water diet for two weeks for burning American flags now placed in each jail cell.

Technically, the meal is a un-delectable mix of dry fruits, vegetables, milk powder and other nutritious but nasty things called a Nutra-loaf, but the message is clear-- go by his rules, or jail will be even worse than jail already is.

Arpaio has dealt with lawsuits about his actions; he's currently dealing with a trial right now that questions if his actions are constitutional.

He even has the honor of a song dedicated to him entitled "F*** Sheriff Joe." He also has a parody Twitter account of with over 1,500 followers featuring tweets such as these:

...where it is pretty obvious that the administrator of the account is not a fan.

Either way, Republican Arpaio has just raised millions of dollars for another attempt at a governor's election in order to spread his joy even further. Time will tell if his controversial ways will gain him a victory.

Image via NDN