Joe Arpaio, Arizona Sheriff to Await Delayed Ruling

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Joe Arpaio, Arizona Sheriff to Await Delayed Ruling
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U.S. District Judge Murray Snow delayed a ruling in the racial profiling case against Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s office Friday as both sides remain at odds over key remedies to ensure the agency adheres to constitutional requirements. Snow found in May that the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office singled out Latinos and deputies unreasonably prolonged detentions, marking the first finding by a court that the agency covering Arizona’s most populous county engages in racial profiling.

In June, the case was delayed to give the two parties more time to reach and agreement, though Friday it became apparent that neither side was ready to give in. “I presume that you’re now leaving it up to me to take your outline and create an order, and that’s what I intend to do,” Snow told attorneys. He said he would issue a final order shortly after the Sept. 18th deadline for both sides to turn in any additional briefs.

The case arose after a small group of Latinos sued the sheriff’s office, claiming that their constitutional rights had been violated. They claim that they were detained by the agency simply because of their race.

There are a couple of key points they are hung up on. One requires deputies to note to dispatchers why they have stopped a vehicle before they make contact with the driver. Maricopa County Chief Deputy Jerry Sheridan told the judge it would be burdensome and risky since “traffic stops are one of the most dangerous things that deputies do.”

However, Cecillia Wang, an American Civil Liberties Union lawyer who is representing the plaintiffs, stated, “It takes less than a second to say, `I’m pulling this car over because it was speeding.'”. She added that such a requirement is needed “given the record … of racial profiling of Latinos in this county.”

Another key point that neither side will give on is the appointment of a monitor to oversee the agency’s adherence to the judge’s eventual order. Arpaio claims that allowing a monitor means every policy decision would have to be cleared through the monitor and would undermine his authority.”Obviously, my client opposes the appointment of any monitor,” Tim Casey, one of Arpaio’s lawyers, told the judge.

Casey said in addition to undermining the authority of the sheriff, the agency is concerned about how much power the monitor would hold, and how exposed the monitor would be to sensitive information, including ongoing investigations and search warrants. “Basically, the concern is one of safety,” Casey said. “The more people who know, the greater the risk of being burned.”

Despite the objections, Snow indicated that a monitor would be appointed and would have significant authority.
“It will be the monitor’s obligation to determine when the MCSO is in full compliance,” the judge said.

Arpaio’s office also disagrees the plaintiffs’ proposal to create an advisory board aimed at improving the department’s relationship with the Latino community. Casey argued that the Sheriff’s Office already has a community outreach liaison, and that “the sheriff recognizes there needs to be some improvement.There’s a positive effect if my client goes to the Latino community voluntarily,” he said, adding that if it appeared forced it would be “throwing fuel on the fire.”

While the judge’s May ruling doesn’t prohibit Arpaio from enforcing the state’s immigration laws, it does limit what the sheriff can do on his patrols, some of them in heavily latino-concentrated areas. The restrictions focus on using race as a factor in deciding whether to stop a vehicle with a Latino occupant and on detaining Latino passengers only on the suspicion that they’re in the country illegally.

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Joe Arpaio, Arizona Sheriff to Await Delayed Ruling
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  • Hmm

    America simply is not a moral nation and there is so much hate in our country. Hate for people we don’t even know and have never met. The comments on this article proves that.

    We have 5% of the world’s population and 25% of the world’s prisoners. That does not even count people on parole, probation, or detained. Multi-billion dollar industries exist in every state that make money off of slave prison labor. Small town America is supported by the fines and fees collected from arresting people and ticketing people. We incarcerate more than any other nation in the history of the world and more than the Soviets did under the Gulag system.

    We are not the land of the free. We are the land of hypocrites. The worst ones are people like Joe. People that claim to be moral and upstanding. Yet, all they do is ruin the lives of people. People like Joe simply go out of their way to cause suffering.

    The most ironic thing is that if the average person knew just how dirty the average cop was they would become totally disillusioned. That really is the problem. The average american doesn’t understand how courts really work, what prison is like, and how messed up our legal system really is. They never spend any real time around cops to see just how crazy they really are.

    The average American goes by what they see on TV and on commercials. That is all. TV and commercials are nothing but illusions.

    • Rhonda

      The problem is if you are not a citizen you are not protected by the Constitution. If I am a foreigner or an illegal you do not have the rights of a naturalized or born American. Get real.

      • FRED

        This is not a problem. The Constitution was written for American Citizens! There is not one single country in the world that treats foreigners or illegals as good as America does. Every country I know of arrests illegals and tosses their butts in jail or shoots them! I put my life on the line in the Military for Americans, not illegals or foreiners.

      • Randy

        If you are a white American as I am you are already an illegal. The white man came over here and the Indians fed us and showed us how to live here. What did we do? We stole his land, His language and put him on a reservation. So that was not good enough. Then we went and brought the black man over here to be our slaves. (All men are created equal) Not in this country. OK now we decide we want California, Airzona, New Mexico and Texas, So let’s ride off and steal that from Mexico. Well we did and killed hundreds of thousands in the process. So the next time US white people want to see an illegal go look in the mirror and be so proud of all you and your ancestors have accomplished,

        • ar

          That was powerfull…..

        • @Randy

          Don’t try telling people facts in America. America just wants to make things up and be self-righteous. The reality is that all you said is the truth. Yet, you will get a bunch of thumbs down. This is a nation full of hypocrites. Why do you think the world hates us? It isn’t that they are jealous of us. I assure you.

        • Erie

          Tell them the truth!!!!

      • @Rhonda

        Who are you kidding Rhonda? Americans are not protected by the Constitution. Have you been watching the news lately?

    • Sean Thorton

      In the gulags the usually died sooner than later so the numbers a misnomer.

      • @Sean

        The numbers we are putting in the prison system are greater than those that went into the Gulag system. Much greater. Look up the statistics. Also, the number of people dying in American prisons is huge as well.

        Try not to deflect the issue. The reality is that everything is well studied and well documented. Most people who talk about crime don’t know a single thing and don’t research.

    • Gail

      One reason for our overcrowded jails is that we actually put criminals in jail. Many other countries just kill them as soon as they are convicted (and sometimes before). Some just disappear. Criminals in the US often live better and longer than poor citizens in third world countries. I believe all criminals should earn their living like honest people do.
      As for “profiling”, criminals check out(“profile”) homes and people to attack so why not the reverse, “If it walks like a duck” etc….

      • @Gail

        That actually is not true. Do some real research instead of just repeating what you have always heard.

        Many criminals want to earn a living and want to work. However, you try getting a job with a felony on your record. What you are saying is hypocritical. You want criminals to work and then you put every possible barrier to getting a job in front of them.

        Also Gail, you are very naive. Someone could follow you around for a week and charge you with a felony. Even you, Gail. Although, from what it sounds like, you are perfect.

        I have met lots of hypocrites like you. Casting the first stone and never putting yourself in other people’s shoes.

        • http://yahoo Daisy

          She was talking about having prisoners work while they are incarcerated not after they are released. She is not a hypocrite, just giving her opinion.

          • @Daisy

            They are working. Working like dogs and making states billions. Where the hell have you been?

            Do research before you speak. The prison industry is huge. There are 23 industrial plants in the state of Georgia alone. Prisoners are working 40 hours a week and not getting paid a dime.

        • Gail

          As you just said “having a felony on your record” means they are already criminals. You cannot blame anyone for not wanting to hire a criminal. I’m certainly not perfect but in 78 years I have not committed a crime. Earning room and board while in jail could teach them a useful skill and responsibility. That might be helpful when they go back to the normal workforce. It would also remove the burden of supporting them from the people they have already victimized.

          • @Daisy

            You are greatly mistaken in your views and I believe you have not done any research on the subject you are speaking about.

            Prisoners do work in prison and the vast majority do not get paid. Some states do pay about 25 cents an hour. How do you make a life on 25 cents an hour? My God, billions are made off of the labor of prisoners. Private prisons are listed on the NYSE because they are so PROFITABLE. You have some prisoners paying restitution even though they don’t have victims in their crime.

            If I put your life under a microscope Gail, I am sure we can find something wrong in it. Have you ever even read the law? The shear number of crimes a person can commit? Anyone can be charged with a felony.

            That is okay though. Live in your dream world and just keep saying the same things you have been saying for 5 decades even though things have changed. Try doing some research or God forbid — actually visit a prison and talk to prisoners. It might just change your whole outlook on things and also educate you on the system.

          • Erie

            The reason why people go to jail is to pay for what the crimes that they have committed after they have gotten caught and hopefully be rehabilitated. There are some that have been rehabilitated and there are those that have not. Just because you haven’t committed a crime that would have put you in jail, doesn’t mean that you have not broken any of the 10 Commandments. Most of these laws comes from the commandments. How dare you judge another person? Again, “He who is without sin, cast the first stone.” No one is without sin and yet we throw stones at everyone else every time we open our mouth.

          • @Gail

            You obviously have no idea how American courtrooms work. Innocent people go to prison every day.

    • jackie

      Hey- Most of America is aware, just will not face it.

      And the fact that Americans want to blame one person for the United States faults show how egotistical MOST Americans are.

      ARE YOU LISTING D-Ohio!!!!!!

    • fcirec

      What in the world are you talking about? All the words on your post seem to me to be psycho-babble.
      First of all, most of the HATE you cite is directed against the sheriff.
      Secondly, your argument about the percentage of population, which I believe could have come out of your head, may prove we incarcerate lawbreakers not shoot them on the spot.
      Next, we ARE the land of the free. You and me being able to express our opinion this way without having our heads chopped off or being stoned to death proves that. Hypocrite? Only honest self-evaluation can determine that, my conscience is clear.
      Finally, the average cop is dirty??? These are men and women putting their life on the line every day to protect people like you and me. They keep anarchy from encroaching on our way of life, the greatest way of life on the planet.
      No Hmm, we need more people like Sheriff Joe Arpaio to protect us.

      • dixie

        Haters reap what they sew, now, don’t they!

      • @fcirec

        No. The facts are correct. Look them up yourself. You might actually learn something. Just Google — America has 25% of the world’s prisoners. The sources are quite well documented from the NY Times to the Economist. The rest of the world has done studies on this as well.

        So no — I did not make up things.

        But I guess you have because you don’t even know the basic statistics. Then again you don’t want to live in reality. You want to live in your dream world. You are also very naive as to what happens in our jails and courtrooms.

    • http://yahoo Daisy

      I suggest you move to Latin America and observe their laws re: illegal immigrants. We are soooo politically correct and common sense that former great presidents possessed is nowhere to be seen. God bless Joe A. who wants to protect the sovereignty of his state. How dare the Fed. govt. for interfering with that. You are a reverse racist, not him, in your belief that it is ok for the hard-pressed, hard-working middle class to support people here illegally. Why not have their lobbyists/lawyers fight as hard in Mexico for their rights as they do here…in a country where they don’t belong.

    • R.G.

      You are a dumbass…The problem is not with the cops, it is with the courts.. we have laws, and the cops enforce…but then the courts interpret, and with all the liberals in the judicial system it is no wonder that these criminals are not afraid of anything. We are a nation of laws that ARE enforced, but NOT upheld in the courts. Joe ruins the lives of ILLEGAL’S asshole, not yours. I am from Florida, and we are a state of pussy’s. Our media is now afraid to state if a suspect in a crime that is being reported is black….I would love Joe to come here and rum for Gov. it would be a landslide. Next time you or your wife or daughter go out to the store after dark, think about who you would rather be the sheriff in your county. I go out to the gas station after dark and all I see are niggers waiting for the easy target…in AZ. it is the illegal mexicans…why do you not want to live in a nation of law abiding CITIZENS ?

      • @RG

        I half agree. Cops are very corrupt though. Dont think for a second they arent. You have to look behind the scenes though. Work with them for a while and you will see.

        It is really very disillusioning. Heck, I have even had a cop tell me that if you wanted to not be charged with a crime you have to know the judge and pay. This came from a cop!!! I am not making this stuff up.

  • tommy

    Jerk Joe is such a waste of time and money. If not for the older population in AZ, he would not be in office. He is a racist and an ass—-. Get rid of him.

    • Gilley

      You must be one of the criminals or Spanish against him. He is the only sheriff in America that upholds the law. Why should criminals get a/c, free food, free tv, etc? Non-criminals have to pay for these things!


        GO SHERIFF JOE…..THE ONLY MAN IN AMERICA WHO ISN`T AFRAID TO NOT BEING POLITICALLY CORRECT…..!!!! I think he should run for president…..!!!!!
        I just wish he was in California….there are more mexicans in California than ANY other race put together….!!!!
        They are breeding us out…!!!!

        • Fara

          Lol, the kind of people who support that ‘sheriff’. ^

          • Alex T

            And what kind of person are you Fara?

        • bill


          • Dalele

            U r right. If we had more lawmen like him, we would still control our countr, the crime rate would go down and Americans would feel safe in our homes. I would vote for him as president. God knows we need a real man in the white house instead of a trouble making punk. GO JOE. The. only people that don’t like him r scumbags and people that have never been victims of a violent crime.

        • robert gadd

          I can’t seem to get this story across. But we all better stop this bickering. You have a more present danger. If this goes bad over there with Obama it might just be a free for all for nerve gas. There isn’t any good guys over there. Just like 9/11 the party might come here.

      • Charlie

        The primary responsibilities of the Maricopa County Sheriff are the operation of the jail system, the execution of arrest warrants, and law enforcement in outlying area.

        Arpaio has lost $43M in lawsuits over the condition of his jails, all but three cities (Guadalupe, Sun City, and El Mirage) have their own police force, and the warrant database has been whittled down to *only* 32,000 outstanding warrants issued by county courts.

      • Bob

        you are 100% correct. Criminals have more rights than the victim.

    • http://yahoo Daisy

      Tommy, Totally wrong statistically; a large percent of younger Americans agree that this is a distinct nation separate and apart from Mexico. These states, impacted negatively in every way from illegal immigrants pouring over their borders, have every right to protect their sovereignty, even if the Fed. govt. won’t. You are a racist and an ass.

    • AL

      YOU ARE THE ASS…..and your head is up it. You don’t have a clue as to what is going on….not just in Arizona, but the entire nation…..we are under attack and it comes directly from the White House. We are so pro-politically correct and oblivious to our own downfall that we are literally dying on the vine. God help us.

      • Erie

        You are an ASS too with that comment!!!

  • State of America

    So much hate in America. It reminds me of pre-WWII Germany.

    No wonder the rest of the world can’t stand us. America lives in a messed up illusion. That we are a moral nation. People wonder where the anti-christ will originate from. You don’t have to look far. He will come from this nation.

    • D Ohio

      Your anti-christ was golfing after punting Syria to Congress.

      • @ D

        You could very well be right. Look at what he has done. Totally got everyone fighting. From Trayvon to Syria to Joe…. nothing but disunity.

        I don’t know if he is, but he is certainly paving the way.

    • Jeff Holdorf

      You are a idiot!

  • Truth

    I hear all these people saying God Bless Joe. Well, Joe would have deported Mary and Joseph when they were fleeing. He would have gave them back to the very people that were trying to kill Jesus.

    After all, they were illegals.

  • Obvious

    Only a fool would support the blatant hate that comes from Joe. It is nothing but hate and it is obvious. Times are tough so we got to find someone to hate instead of looking at ourselves in the mirror. Sounds like Germany and the Jews.

    Don’t blame immigrants for America’s problems. Blame the last 3 presidents and congress. They are the ones who deported your jobs, took away your rights, and has made us fight needless wars that have drained the economy.

    What? You don’t think all this fighting costs anything?

    • Sean Thorton

      Only a fool supports a justice department and INS that won’t enforce immigration laws. What part illegal don’t leftist/liberal/socialist under stand?

      • @Sean

        What part of an insane, hate-filled, crazy fool do you not understand? Just because it is the law it does not make it right. It isn’t moral what we are doing.

        People follow the law blindly. I just hope you don’t find yourself in trouble one day. You will find out just how our court system works and unless you have lots of money, you will not like what you see.

      • @Sean

        Naive. So very naive Sean.

  • Miller

    My question is, Are the latinos being represented by the ACLU illegal immigrants? If so, why do they qualify for Constitutional rights. Constitutional rights are reserved for true legal American Citizens!

    • ArbyBrown

      Wrong Buckingham – legal protections granted in the Bill of Rights apply to everyone on US soil regardless of their immigration status. You tea party types always get that wrong.

      • Sean Thorton

        Brown, Whoa, Whoa you make assumptions that he is tea party then I will make the assumption that you are leftist/liberal/socialist.

  • ArbyBrown

    Arpaio represents a small but dangerous Right Wing element in our society. His thuggery appeals to the pin-headed tea party types who think sheriffs have the right to ignore federal law. It’s way past time for Joe to go.

  • Marie

    So glad to see this ruling for a monitor. Jerk Joe and his team are out of control.

    • Juliann

      I see you as the jerk this man is trying to keep out illegals who are here to take our jobs and live off of welfare why they send money back to be spent in their home countries I am fully behind Sheriff Joe

      • @Juliann

        All your jobs were shipped out via NAFTA and by corporations. Politicians like Joe took your job. Politicians that are greedy and only think of themselves.

        It isn’t the immigrant picking fruit in a field that is taking your job. Hell, you wouldn’t even want to pick fruit. It is beneath you.

  • Marie

    Watch for Rita McVey as well

  • JOE


    • Ocean 34

      If by patriot you mean complete asshole, then he is the biggest patriot of them all! LOL BTW, how much time do you spend watching O’Reilly Factor? I bet you actually spend a lot of your day playing “patriot of pinhead!” LOL

    • @Joe

      Yeah. God is going to bless all those people that do not have compassion for their fellow man.

      God doesn’t care about countries, but if he did, our country would not be in good standing. Liberal or conservative, we fight more wars than anyone. We are greedy. We simply cause so much suffering.

      We are hypocrites.

  • http://yahoo LOREN

    I believe in everything this man does and making hard calls that NO OTHER OFFICAL will make to help control illegals from ruining his city. I think he should run for a higher postion that would help control illegals from coming in to this country you ROCK JOE!!!!!

    • Ocean 34

      Many people, and I do mean many people, felt the same way about Hitler. I’m glad that he gets your stamp of approval. Quick question, how many swastika tattoos do you have on your body? Illegals should be stopped from being here, all illegals…not just the brown variety…but all of them. Don’t worry, many of these people will not be illegal for long…they will get amnesty from the government when enough white people need them for cheap labor and severe exploitation!

    • @Loren

      Hitler made the hard call on the Jews. Boy that worked out well.

      The hard call is to be compassionate to all men and be giving. To take away some of your comfort to help other people in life.

      The easy call is to lock people up. Joe is doing the easy thing. The lazy thing.

  • Sean Thorton

    The justice department targeting a local sheriff department for enforcing laws the INS refuses to enforce.

    • Ocean 34

      The law isn’t in place to mistreat people, the law is in place to protect American people’s interest. There are ways to go about getting what one wants without becoming a bad person in the process. I wouldn’t doubt it if this guy gets money under the table from the far right-wingers there in good ol’ AZ! I have family that live there and they tell me they have had run-ins with this pos, and that he is nothing more than a racist man given too much power. He will have to answer to a much higher authority than any authority he will ever have to answer to in the next few months. R.I.P. Joe’s career!

      • @Ocean

        I agree but you are also naive. The reality is that detainees are locked up in prison for sometimes years. It is horrible.

        Yes, a lot of people will have to answer to a higher power. God does not care if you are an American or a Mexican. In fact, he will ask how did you treat your brother.

        We are all in need of Christ’s mercy because frankly, our country is messed up. It is full of hate and vengeance.

  • Juliann

    hey Arbybrown if you and Obvious are so for the illegals why don’t you 2 get together and we will let you finance them you pay for their healthcare their schooling their home and any thing else they may need that way the true Americans who want illegals sent back to their own country don’t have to pay all the bills these have they get welfare foodstamps hosing payments plus not paying taxes

    • @Juliann

      Look at your grocery store. Prices have double and tripled in 4 short years. This is not the fault of illegals. It is corporate greed.

      Your not suffering because you are helping feed children with food stamps. (Yes, contrary to popular belief there are many hungry children being fed with food stamps.)

      It also couldn’t be the fact we have been fighting useless wars for 12 years. Nah, it can’t be that. It has to be the person who needs food stamps. They are the cause of all our problems.

      • Joseph J. Girard

        Where does juliann shop? doubled or tripled? In my state we have EBT cards which allow the parent to buy food. However, there is no possible way to insure that mommy spends that money on food. Hence, we have the so-called “starving children”

        • @Joseph

          Bitter man aren’t you Joe. You want to punish everyone and take things away because a few people abuse the system.

          Many kids need food stamps.

  • Sara

    I’ve lived in AZ for almost 30 years, most of that in Maricopa County. Arpaio is an absolutely disgusting sociopath. I was unfortunate to have lived in one of his converted hotels he pushed off as apartments. He never fixed anything, drug dealers everywhere, demanded illegal rent increases and even before he was elected sheriff, he was shaking down local businesses for protection money. I’m white, republican and female without a criminal record and I would never vote for that pos. His idea of justice is guilty until proven innocent. It doesn’t matter if your brown, black, yellow, purple or other, he doesn’t give a damn about anything other than his reputation. So, for all of you who think he’s so great, come to AZ, wait till you’re arrested (it won’t take long), fed moldy bread and green bologna, held for days on end with complete disregard for procedure and denied medical attention then tell me what you think of him.

    • Joseph J. Girard

      Gee whiz Sara, why did you live in one of his apartments? Did you rent it sight unseen? You’re an idiot, and probably a criminal

      • Sara

        Well Joe, it appears you don’t read these posts completely. I don’t have a record of any kind. I wound up in that hell hole because I lost my job and was about to become homeless. I’d bet you don’t live in AZ. You’re probably just another one of those simpletons that doesn’t know what the @%^& they’re talking about and just feel like putting their irrelevant two cents in. Next time you post something, you should have something to say.

      • @Joseph

        Hypocrite. You assume all criminals are bad people. The reality is that I could follow you around for a week and pin some sort of felony on you.

        In fact, you response to Sara could be construed as a verbal assault and defamation of character, which in some states is at least a misdemeanor and could result in a felony.

        Plus, you don’t ask the fundamental question. How does crazy Joe make enough to even own apartments? Don’t you realize how corrupt our police force is? Stop drinking the kool-aid and begin realizing you life in a dream world.

        We incarcerate more people than any other nation. Have multi-billion dollar industries making money off of prison labor. There are stories of police corruption every day on the news. We are arresting people for victim-less crimes left and right now.

        Before you start making assumptions, I too am white. I am highly educated and worked within the correctional/legal system for half a decade now.

        My advice to you is to never get arrested ever. You will not win in court and you will see just how corrupt the system is. You could find yourself being a felon quite easily and then your whole perspective would change.

        Sara is right.

  • Walter77777

    Tort law seems a fairly good remedy for sheriff Joe’s excesses. Maricopa County’s insurance company raised the deductible to $5,000,000 in liability actions. A few wrongful death actions and a number of other actions in the pipeline just may get the attention of voters in Maricopa County.


  • alsoran

    For people hating sheriff Joe,Maricopa County populus keep voting him in.Love the guy,need more like him.
    He’s called racist among other things.Here in NM our guv is called racist when she went after illegals getting drivers license.She is Hispanic or Mexican.
    Trying to do what the feds wont do on illegal immigration isn’t popular or easy.
    Corporate America to blame.

    • Ocean 34

      The point is the way he is going about it, if documentation is to be shown then all people should be truly checked and not just a single group of people singled out…that is discrimination! Another thing, Susana Martinez is a complete idiot! How do I know this, because I’ve had to deal with your on a few occasions back in Las Cruces, NM when she was the DA…what a cunt!

  • Ocean 34

    It is time for white people to stop living in denial, grow a pair and have an honest dialogue about what is truly happening in this country with regards to race and ethnicity. White people are raised to not talk about their white privilege, to act as though racism doesn’t exist…yes, people have caught on to your game of playing ignorant and the gig is up. It isn’t enough to live a life of privilege for you people is it? Nope, you must oppress and attempt to dominate everything around you. Times are changing and for you white people’s sake, you should start praying that karma doesn’t come around full circle and kick many of you in the @$$! Make up your minds, do you or do you not want Mexicans here? When you want someone to raise your children, wash your cars, mow your lawns, pick your fruits and vegetables, scrub your dirty toilets, etc…then you want them here. However, once you feel you no longer need their services you want them gone! Doesn’t this sound all too familiar?! You wanted work done in the days of slavery, so what did you do? You got black people to do everything for you, short of wiping your asses, and that may have even taken place. The moment people start to get comfortable and perhaps you feel as though the brunt of the work is done, you wanted slaves to “go back to Africa!” It’s the same thing, take someones land and then only want them over when you want them to clean your dirty underwear. White America, many of you are good people…but there is such a high percentage of you that are just horrible people that it becomes hard to distinguish one from the other! And yes, racism exists in all races…but no other race in the world has taken it to the level that white people have, can any of you here deny that? Please do, I wish I were wrong…I’ve never wanted to be more wrong in my life. This country has serious issues of denial, but again times are changing and all of this will come to light!

  • Angel

    I think Sheriff Joe is great! I don’t live in Arizona – I live in Texas. But, Sheriff Joe would get my vote every time he ran for an office if I did live in AZ. My husband is a retired lawman of more than 30 yrs. When racial profiling came in to existence in Texas, he quit pulling people over because of monthly reports that were so rediculous that had to be sent in to the state. And someone on the state level would have given him hell if he had too many of the nationalities that are crying the loudest. Vehicles now have tinted windows. A person can’t tell what or who is in a vehicle. The only ones screaming are the Mexicans (and Tx has plenty of those) and the blacks. So, who cares if they are polka dot. If you do the crime, you should pay the fine or do the time. Sheriff Joe needs to go to the national level and help clean up this entire country. And, by the way you might want to look up and read the “Wetback Act of 1954″. President Eisenhower did a lot to help the illegals. He had them picked up, put on ships, and sent 500 miles deep in Mexico and left them off in their own country where they belong.

    • @Angel

      Your husband probably has done so many dirty things over 30 years and you just turned your head.

      Lots of cops are dirty.

      You sound like an old bitter person that blames all the world’s problems on the less fortunate. But then again, you are a cops wife. Paranoid about everything and not realizing you are part of the problem.

      • Angel

        If you knew my husband, you would eat your words. As for the less fortunate, I could have been classified as less fortunate at one time. I was a single mother for 22 yrs. I worked hard (LEGALLY), and now own a ranch, that is free and clear of any debt. I, also, worked hard and now own property and built a new building on it in 2000. That property is on town square. I’m only about 120 miles from the border and the wetbacks come through and damage buildings and steal. They kill my animals to eat them. The animals are income for the ranch. If they are hungry, bring money with them and purchase something at the grocery store. I married my husband 12 yrs ago. And, that’s not a long time. So, no one can take credit for what I’ve done for myself – only I can take that credit. You sound like an illegal who crys a lot and wants free things that you want the legal U.S. citizens to pay for. Either that or you steal it. Why won’t the illegal aliens stay in their own country and clean it up? Laziness seems to be a trait of those wetbacks. Oh, they may work “menial jobs” here – but, if they would stay in their own country and make something of it, get an education, they and you too, would make a decent country to live in.

        • @Angel

          No, I am not an illegal. Not even close. You are taking all of this way to personal. You wrote a whole long paragraph on your own accomplishments when we weren’t even talking about your accomplishments.

          I have never stolen a thing in my life. Your suspicions are wrong, but what else can you expect from the wife of a cop. Everyone commits crimes but cops apparently. Even though every day we hear stories about dirty cops.

          You sound like a racist and have no compassion for anyone.

    • Ocean 34

      Cops stop all different types of vehicles in situations where the race of the occupant is unknown. However, once the stop is made the race of the occupant is quickly identified and racial profiling kicks in at that point. Do you realize what fuels the presence of so many Mexicans here? You lazy white people…that is right! You don’t want them here when the economy is down and out, but the moment the GDP increases and unemployment drops the first thing you white people want are Mexicans here doing your dirty work. If blacks were still slaves, you wouldn’t need Mexicans right? Am I lying? You speak of Eisenhower sending Mexicans back to Mexico, but how many times has this government given amnesty to Mexicans so that they can come to the US and clean after you and raise your children. I live in Texas also, and it’s ignorant people like you that give Texas a bad image.

      • Joseph J. Girard

        Sorry, Ocean, we don’t want them here at all. Not a single one of them. They undermine blue collar wages. How does an honest contractor compete with somone who employs illegals? I worked at Home Depot for over a year. Every morning illegal workers would be out there looking for work in the trades.

      • Angel

        If they can’t go the proper route and get the legal paperwork to work in .this country, then I don’t want them here at all. The GDP has nothing to do with it; and you know it. Since you refer to “You lazy white people…” then the assumption can only be that you are not “white”. As for dirty work, I’ve done more in my life than the average person – because I wanted to own something of my own. And, I succeeded. One other thing, if you are so against things being done legally-like entering this country legally-why don’t you run in the next election where you can legislate making crime legal?

  • Chuck

    When will they put this douchebag in jail himself

    • Norseman

      Don’t worry. That ignorant douchebag Eric Holder will be behind bars as well as these too soft on crime judges.

  • Shame on Us

    Look at all the hate we have here.
    Look at yourselves.
    So much hate.
    This man caused all this.
    And we say we are a moral nation and are under God.

    God would be so disappointed that his son died for this. We have lost our way in this nation and those of you that are holier-than-thou should put yourself in other people’s shoes because believe me, your life can change in a heart beat and you may find yourself in a position one day where you will need help.

    • Joseph J. Girard

      Hate? For enforcing the existing laws? Name another country that allows people to enter it illegally.

  • Norseman

    Sheriff Joe is upholding the law! These too soft on crime judges as well as Eric Holder are so incompetent that they need to be disbarred for being ignorant of our existing laws and looking the other way. Upholding the law is not a crime…ignoring the law is!

  • http://yahoo big fish

    Joe retire and take your pension and leave them to figure it out.

  • Joseph J. Girard

    Imagine that, a sheriff in Arizona profiling Mexican drivers who are, in many cases in this country ILLEGALLY. God Bless him for looking out for the American tazpayers

  • http://yahoo walter groux

    I wish our Sheriff had his balls!

  • Mark

    I think anyone with the brains of a 6 year old Mongolian idiot knows exactly what this clown is doing. He is targeting a specific group of individuals, and unfortunately for him, you can’t do that in America. Period. End of story.

    • http://Yahoo Greg

      yeah well you don’t stop a car load of Japanese to see if they are illegal Mexicans ??? JOE I know you personally Keep up the GOOD Fight !!!! Semper-Fi

  • http://bellsouth gcg

    Joe you are doing a good job keep up the good work .I just wish we had you in our county, the judges should be in jail themselves. Come to KY and get by with murder .and really there are more blacks then whites doing the crime

  • http://Yahoo Greg

    Let’s see we are trying to catch Mexicans that are not LEGAL Citizens ?? Lets see if I stop a White male WOW that’s not LATINO . Hmmm Guess if I stop a Latino he MIGHT be ILEGAL ??? Does it make sense to anyone that you don’t stop Chinese or White people to see if they are Illegal Mexicans .NO YOU STOP LATINOS !!!!! DARN lets get the illegals out of the country that I fought for and get some of our Veterans and Citizens to work !!!!!

  • Sidesaddle

    yes, illegals get government aid. I know, I worked w/Mexicans (legal & illegal) @ an orchard. They not only received foodstamps, but checks, WIC, help from churches, salvation army, food pantrys…… in the forms of FREE food, gas, clothes, housing, medical care, education….. Then when payday came, the “legal” worker would take his pay, his cut of the other illegals who worked for him, then pay them Then most of their pay would be sent to Mexico. They kept enough to go to cantina.

    • sieben

      Did you do your civic duty and report this ?????? I bet you sat back and did NOTHING

  • sieben

    I cant wait until the DOJ has enough evidence to put his arrogant,racist ass in jail where he belongs

  • @Welcome

    Welcome to hate filled America. A country in rapid decline and all these comments just proves it.

    Bravo America. Bravo.

    So much hate over immigrants — despite the fact that immigrants built this country and every damn person in the country is an immigrant. We stole this country from the Indians and slaughtered them. People don’t even know their damn history.

    Bravo America. Bravo

    • Winston

      Are you completely blind to what the debate is all about? It’s NOT about legal immigration, but criminal illegal immigration… illegal insurgents. Get it right and stop showing your racist ideology.

      • @Winston

        How can I be racist …. I am white. Also, I am also telling the truth. I am sorry you don’t know the history of this country. You want me to ignore the truth? Sorry, I will not do this.

        There are lots of laws in this country that are not moral and that I do not agree with. Also, here is the reality, 95% of illegal immigrants work hard, are family oriented, and do the jobs most Americans think they are too good for.

        Joe is a nut and full of hate. He seeks publicity to puff himself up. He is not a moral man.

  • native pride

    White people always get scared when they feel like their “top of the food chain” position is challenged. So funny to read these comments about how bad mexicans are and they commit all the crimes. Same with blacks, asians, indians and ect.. but the “good ol christian white man” is never committing crimes and is always the victim… blah blah blah… Shame people still think we live in the 1800’s with thier simple minded attitude. Go back to europe if you dont want to live in the U.S.

    • Winston

      That is the most hateful racial statement I’ve read in a very long time. Such hatefulness against a white people and especially “Christian white people” is straight from the pit of hell and the father of lies – Satan. America is NOT “white” as your assinine posts suggest, but God is color-blind but He does hate the evil of those who break the laws established by our non-biased Founders.

  • Winston

    The problem lies with the corrupt Justice system and the White House temporary resident which push the pseudo-rights of criminal illegal aliens OVER the rights of legal American citizens. The American justice system and many politicians are completely UPSIDE DOWN in thier erroneous view of illegal aliens and in giving them amnesty which slams the immigration laws already in place. When will real Americans get off their bu##s and push back against the corrupt few running this naiton into the ground and demand the rights of the many.

  • Mercy

    Everyone wants Mercy and Compassion given to them but so few people want to give those things to others.

    Life is short. It is so short that one day you will wake up and realize all you did was hate and make things worse for others instead of finding ways to make things better.

    The funny thing is that so many people here are being so hateful and then claiming they follow God. God isn’t a fool people. He sees what is in your heart.

  • L. Bowser

    If those who feel warm and fuzzy about giving constitutional rights to illegal aliens, why don’t you feel this way about the detainees at Gitmo, Cuba. There isn’t any difference between being taken to American soil or crossing the border ILLEGALLY. The detainees at Gitmo are not under our constitution because they are criminals. It is also a felony to enter the United States illegally. Just as it would be if you try to go to Mexico or any other sovereign nation. You will most likely be deported or jailed or both. Americans need to find a different weed to smoke or wake up from their coma. The government is brainwashing everyone to think wrong is right. Wrong is still wrong. Next they will say that marrying a goat or pedophilia is perfectly ok by constantly repeating it. Ant the public will slow grow immune to it as well and accept it to be o.k. as well. The favorite phrase of the government to use is “it is the will of the American people”. They say that even if the majority does not believe it.

  • Alan

    I see some things never change. Such as:
    1) Racism is still alive & well.
    2) The Republican party still has followers with little or no education.
    3) The GOP still wants it’s minions to be cold-hearted bigots.
    4) Money means more than a human life, for many of you haters.
    To hate or disrespect someone just because they look different than you, speaks volumes about you.

  • http://Yahoo Tyler

    Do something all you cry babies. Read all this crap and laugh as I do bc that’s all you can do is read this stuff and laugh at all you idiots wasting your time like what you say matters. It’s life. It sucks for some, better for others but your words don’t mean a thing. Everyone has an idea or opinion but not one if you will get up tomorrow w an agenda. Get use to talking about what you’d do if….bc that’s all these post are good for.

  • Bill Rayburn

    To all who think Sheriff Joe is such a bargain what about the less than legal way he goes about enforcing his beliefs? What about anyone who opposes him getting investigated by his office or arrested? Like the counsel members or the seated Judge. He gave it his all to bring illegal investigations against them to try and destroy them if possible. And to the extent that the prosecuting attorney and his minion were disbarred for less than ethical behavior in all that. He certainly doesn’t sound like the harmless 81 year old just trying to do his job when you read all that, he sound more like Hitler.

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