Jodi Arias Files Restraining Order Against Nancy Grace?

    April 20, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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Jodi Arias may have been convicted of first degree murder, but her story is far from over.

Ahead of her retrial, scheduled for September of this year, Arias is taking desperate steps to garner attention and sympathy.

Arias lashed out at Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who Arias bitterly blames for her allegedly deteriorating health. She also believes the law enforcement official has secret cameras hidden in her cell.

TMZ reported that Arias has hit Arpaio with a restraining order. In the documents, the gossip organization learned that Arias apparently feels the sheriff is to blame for her contracting Hepatitis C. Arias said she was infected after being given a tuberculous shot with a dirty needle.

Arias also claims that her left breast implant has started to leak and has caused a fungal growth to develop. She said that she’s not getting proper medical treatment for her ailments.

Arpaio seems puzzled as to what she expects the restraining order to accomplish.

When it comes to her claims of illness, Arpaio said, “This is something that comes under the correctional health, the county. They take care of our inmates.”

The sheriff said that he would look into the matter next week.

In a bizarre twist, Arpaio was not the only person featured in Arias’s restraining order. Television personality Nancy Grace was also named.

Arias claims that Sheriff Arpaio leaked sensitive letters to Grace.

The sheriff said of Arias’s post-conviction antics, “I know that she wants publicity and the only way she can get publicity is to go after this controversial sheriff, and she’s won because I am talking to you.”

He believes that this is just Arias’s desperate way of drawing attention to herself ahead of the sentencing phase to begin in the fall.

The upholding of the restraining order would mean that neither Sheriff Arpaio nor Nancy Grace would be able to infringe upon Arias’s privacy during sentencing.

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  • Benjamin Brutalliano

    This bitch needs to be put against a wall and shot .

    • Django

      i agree the world is far better off without Nancy grace

    • KC_LawandOrder

      Instead of shooting Nancy, can they just sew her mouth shut?

    • blueangel

      which one?

      • Lovenia Johnson


  • guest

    I can’t stand Nancy Grace, but I’m thinking Jodi Arias is getting her just deserves. Prison is supposed to fun. Who gives a damn if she is getting medical attention? I am enduring many medical conditions that are being untreated, it’s called middle class America.

    • bill

      It’s called “lower class America”, the American middle class the Republicans destroyed could afford their medical bills.

      • sodagrrl

        I’m sorry – exactly who do you think has been in power for the last 5+ years?? It damn sure isn’t the Republicans.

        • sodagrrl

          Oh – and Disqus is an ass for not displaying DOWN VOTES.

      • francesansiclen

        bill get your head out of your butt- its the dem liberals that have destroyed the middle class- plus obamacare – they want all america under their thumb you dumb ass

        • J, Dial

          It remains incredible to me that those who blame Democrats can’t seem to make a point without personal insults and name-calling. Could it be the educational level of “the madding crowd” who subscribe to today’s so-called conservatism?

    • Bob young

      “just desserts”

  • Kelli Oconnell

    Oh poor SHEDEVIL….her fake boob is leaking and she has hep C….WAH WAH WAH! You are a vicious MURDERER and NO ONE has any sympathy for you!

  • guest#1

    hey guest,
    I’m not crazy about Nancy Grace but she has alot of people watching her and she is making the Big Bucks. So I ask you who’s the winner. Grace “WINNING”

  • Wize Man

    I wanna see her and Nancy Grace duke it out in MMA fight I bet Nancy will beat the hell out of her, then she will have a reason to file a restraining order cause her face will be purple…lmao

  • ElmerJFudd

    Wow, cameras in a jail cell? Sorry you murdered someone, sucks to be you doesn’t it?

    • Ellen

      Elmer….I could not have said it any better

      • Porky Pig

        They should remove her toilet paper, and replace it with sandpaper.

    • skyblu

      i thought she like cameras, she “snapped” those pics of the murder.

  • Michele Bracken

    I wish I wouldn’t have even read that.

  • J, Dial

    No sympathy for Arias. But I’d file a restraining order against Nancy Grace if I were in the same town with her and had any grounds at all. She’s not a murderer — but every bit as self-absorbed and eye-rolling and unaware of her own overly righteous annoying arrogance as Arias.

    • 4evernascarfan

      You’re an idiot. How’s you’re stupidity working for you? Nancy Grace does everything she can to fight for victims and against criminals!!!! She is tough and speaks her mind, as she should!!! Who the **** are you fighting for? Obviously either no one or the criminals!!!!!

      • Doc

        I can tell you watch Nancy Grace. Who’s the idiot? Some viewer that is so brainwashed that they think NG is anything but a fame junkie. That’s rich.

      • J, Dial

        4ever: It’s a shame you can’t make your point without profanity and name-calling. There are many fine people who fight crime — a number of them in my family, as a matter of fact — who are able to do so without Nancy Grace’s condescending and hateful attitude. Those people simply work hard and do their jobs the best they can, and don’t act as if spitefulness makes them better at it. In fact, it gets in the way of making good, strong cases. May you have a very blessed Easter.

  • Daniel Pickering

    This little princess (s-l-a-t) is only lashing out to get attention. That is all it is. This is exactly why she is in prison and why she is up for the death penalty. Until she is put to death, we will constantly hear how she is being “mistreated”. The problem is she is mistreating everything around her. A two-word message to this tramp: SHUT UP!

    • big c

      Thank god she is behind bars. Its good she has a restraining order against the sheriff. He should feel lucky. It might save him from being stabbed 20 times, shot, and then have his throat cut and then drag back into the shower.

  • rbyrd

    what gives her the right to get restraining orders against anyone. she’s in jail for God’s sake. as for her implants leaking…deal with it, I hope the bitch fries

  • Guest

    Nancy Grace is the bomb & I think she is doing an excellent job reporting the truth.

    • Christopher L. Douglas

      NG is biased against injustice as she sees fit. She can be down right RUDE!!!

      • 4evernascarfan

        As she should be! How much are you doing to fight for victims against crime????

        • Christopher L. Douglas

          Those deserving of punishment should be punished. The Judicial system in this country is fair most of the time.

        • GetReal

          @4evernascarfan – Nancy Grace is exploiting horrific acts so that she can line her pockets with money. Fighting crime…get a clue. If she wasn’t making tons of money, you wouldn’t hear from her. This world could do without NG.

    • infoservinc

      Nancy Grace wouldn’t know the truth if it hit her in the butt. She was a very poor prosecutor who was sanctioned many times. In her opinion, anyone accused of a crime is guilty and should be executed. The sheriff isn’t much better.

      • Lovenia Johnson

        We all know how she got tons of make-up & special TV treatment from Oldjoe.Now he sounds like he wishes he’d kept his pants zipped.

  • charles

    Arias is truly a piece of work, and a true psychopath. Don’t understand the Az justice system, she should be sitting on death row by now and done with court proceedings. Except for the never ending appellate process…..

  • Lenora

    Poor Jody… She has not one to kill! She is all alone in her cell! Deal with it !

  • bill

    Nancy Grace is smarts ass bitch and can burn tn hell for ever

    • Denis Pantle


    • Lovenia Johnson

      If that lard ever catches fire it will seem like forever.

  • Christopher L. Douglas

    STFU NG!

  • S

    I lived in AZ and watched the ENTIRE trial. Jodi Arias, plays the victim VERY well. During the trial she tried to come off as an abused, emotional, pathetic woman who didn’t know why she was being persecuted. With the little girl hairstyle and the thick ugly glasses and the old lady clothes that were a size too big. She is playing the media and trying to get more attention as the “victim”. Sheriff Joe is the only sheriff in America that actually treats criminals like the criminals they are! Bleeding heart organizations think he is too tough on them, but he has been re-elected since the 90’s. Nancy Grace may be annoying and loud sometimes but you know what? She is there for real victims! She has helped bring attention to victims that normally wouldn’t have someone loud shout for justice. Imagine how grateful those victims families are. Do you think Travis Alexander or Caylee Anthony or the other victims find Nancy Grace annoying? Who knows, maybe? But, would you know their names or who they are without her?

    • Lovenia Johnson

      And living in Arizombie is relevant how??????? Nobody that elected John McClown & Vinegar face Brewer is very astute.

    • J, Dial

      You know, there’s a middle ground here. I frankly thought Arias did a poor job of “playing the victim” and the jury saw it. As much as I could tell, from only seeing on TV, Arias was rightfully convicted. However, none of that counters the fact that Nancy Grace is indeed annoying. And while I believe Arias should be punished, whether life in prison w/o possibility of parole, or the death penalty — whichever is meted out by the courts — I don’t believe anyone ought to be subject to NG against their will.

  • Lucy20123

    Jodi Arias probably just having her PMS or something right now. Do not care if Jodi Arias is complaining about Hepatitis C. The reason I say that…”Free” medical while in prison. Jodi Arias is just trying to put her name in the news again so they are not able to get another Jury to hear the penalty phase to decide death or life in prison.

    Then on Nancy Grace everyone has the rights to say how they feel. Sometimes I do not like Nancy Grace how certain things on the new is handle. But then on the other hand no one wants to hear the truth.

    • Michael Wilkins

      I appreciate having read your comment

  • $8625005

    She needs the attention.

  • Michelle

    Can’t wait to see the outcome! I went to high school with her!!! She was quite and weird then to!!!

    • Lovenia Johnson

      Quite what????

  • suzan

    Does this mean it won’t be on TV?

  • Pickles McGee

    I would love to have access to those cameras. What a body on that girl!

    • Lovenia Johnson

      Geez Pickle it’s all on the internet.Jerk that gherkin & live large.

      • Pickles McGee

        I wanna see that clam LIVE!

  • GREG

    nancy grace and jodi arias should make a lesbian porn…who else wants to see them 69?

    • guest


  • kammy

    Nancy Grace is a lot of things and yes she gets on everybody’s nerves but at least she is not a MURDERER. The Arias woman is an obvious narcissistic sociopath
    that got what she deserved.

  • The truth

    The Hep C she got from all the butt sex she had, she is just trying to setup a defense plea and avoid the death penalty. As for her boob implants, let her cut them out as she cut Travis’s throat. She is a manipulative bitch who will stoop to any level to get what she wants. Throw her in solitary and be done with this nonsense, tweeting from jail, filing legal briefs, give me a break.

    • Lovenia Johnson

      So Travis Alexander gave her hepatitis by screwing the dirt road???? Where you reckon such a fine upstanding Mormon minister caught it???????????

  • Rosie

    Wow…..this chick is getting crazier by the second! Did she think she was going on a tropical vacation or what! I’m so sick of paying for these people!

  • Ruthie

    People are going to say bad things about Jodi Arias.. she is a horrible human being… this bitch deserves every bit of this.

  • Kim Scott

    And just when we thought this whack job was silenced, she has found another way to try to get media attention…lol..sorry but TMZ is not exactly headline news.
    IF she has Hep C she did not contract it because of the Sheriff. IF he is watching her in her cell, she is a danger to herself or others and it is for her protection ( doubt she is being watched). When it comes to her “boobs” leaking,omg , keep complaining and they will be removed, no problem. You don’t need them on Death Row, and I’m sure Sheriff Joe has NOTHING to do with that problem.
    As for Nancy, do not care for her “style” but she has a following, but I doubt a Judge will entertain either of these filed papers due to lack of foundation of the complaints.

  • John Kugelfischer

    The way these people GRIN clownlishly really CREEPS me out, especially that “Sky.” She grins from ear to ear while talking about one of her best friends being eviscerated. This is creepy as hell.

  • Bobby Boucher

    I still think she’s hot

  • jazzie

    It is not about Nancy or the sheriff, it is about her inability to see that she did anything wrong considering how Travis treated her. I would hope that they would put her naked in a shower, and then begin the stabbing and do an exact duplication of what she did to that man. His family has suffered for so long. The last jury should have given her the death sentence. They were asked in the beginning if they could do this, they answered yes, then a few get wet feet because she is going to sell her pictures to aid women of domestic violence. Please, spare me..

  • Traci

    By leaving these comments, we are ALL (and I include myself) feeding that evil bitch precisely what she wants:attention. Kharma is giving her something too-Hepatitis C!

  • Chad Bradshaw

    would Jesus not have forgiven even arias? Do you know what her life was like? If we are all made in the image of god , then is he not also a sometimes very bad entity? If there is no hope of forgiveness for sins, no matter how bad, then what is the point of an all loveing, forgiving god?

    • Guest

      you are mis-applying the scriptures dude. Jesus died so that we may gain everlasting life. This woman wilfully killed Travis, after thoughtfully planning his death. The judicial system must proceed with due process/punishment. Jesus is not judging this process, it’s “imperfect” man. I am sure that many of us on this board have had a terrible life (broken marriage, been cheated on, unemployed, have gone hungry, homeless, been whipped as a child, etc.) but we have not killed anyone because of any of that, since we are here, and not in jail. You do the crime, you do the time. Let the Judicial system takes it’s course. If Travis was your brother, I bet you would be singing a different song

      • Traci

        That was a miscommunication on my part–I thought you were speaking of forgiving Jodi Arias–which Jesus is truley the only one capable or able to do that, and therefore He knows the whole story which is why she is where she belongs. I meant NO disrespect toward Travis nor his family, and to answer your question, yes I’d be incredibly enraged and sad and want Arias to pay her debt fully…does that make better sense?

  • Chad Bradshaw

    where is the forgiveness? what if this was your sister, or daughter or friend. Only a fly on the wall would know the whole story

    • Traci

      Jesus forigives, of course. Far from being a fly on the wall, He DOES know the whole story, and perhaps the consequnces are fit.

  • Lovenia Johnson

    Girl,Old Joe won’t film anything I didn’t see on the internet & his last erection was before John McClown started wearing Depends.

  • rbeck

    Privacy? What privacy? She’s been convicted of murder and is in jail for it! There isn’t supposed to be any privacy in prison (as far as I know)! DUH!

  • Dawn

    Has this bitch not wasted enough of our tax dollars?!!!! Bitch needs to just be fried already!!!!

  • Sharon

    She repeatedly stabbed her ex boyfriend and almost decapitated him. Who cares about her leaky boob. I hope they take out the implant and leave her with nothing. What psycho.

  • Dawn

    Im glad Nancy put her in her place!!!!

  • jice

    Get over it Jodi. If you contracted Hep C, then maybe you will die that much quicker. Filing these idiotic restraining orders is just another ploy by you to gain public sympathy. Well, you don’t get any from me. The sooner they stick a needle in your arm, the better. You are a murderer. Travis is dead because you butchered him. You are the most vile person I have ever seen.

  • disgusted

    Obama care to the rescue Nice! Jody rot in prison.

  • Maureen

    Wow, can’t believe Jodi is trying to call out “I’m the victim here!” by trying to get someone else in trouble. What a joke.

  • Leonard

    In this case Arias is succeeding only in resurrecting Sheriff Arpaio’s reputation. She is the most twisted sociopaths of the new century. And reminding me of the classic joke:

    “A man convicted of murdering his parents threw himself on the mercy of the judge declaring he needed sympathy. That because his parents died he was now an orphan…”

    This woman needs the death penalty so bad!

  • Denise

    Good maybe she will die a long, very very slow, painful death. Really r we suppose to feel sorry for her. The ones I feel sorry for is Travis Alexander’s poor family and what they have gone through and still not over burn in hell Jodi

  • Elaine

    Jodi is doing this as a legal strategy. The more press she gets before the penalty phase begins again, the easier it is for her to prove that she cannot possibly get a fair and impartial jury. (Because of all the press attention)

  • guest 100

    if you dont like nancy grace use that thing we people call a remote and change the channel. wow!