Jobs Unveils iPhone 3G

    June 9, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

As widely predicted, Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the new incarnation of the iPhone, iPhone 3G, at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference in San Francisco. According to the new features Job listed, Apple listened quite a bit to user feedback.

iPhone 3GiPhone 3G

In addition to hardware design features like making it thinner and making the headphone jack flush with the body, the new iPhone will download considerably faster. In comparison to downloads on the EDGE network, the 3G iPhone can bring up Webpages in significantly less time. A photo-heavy National Geographic page, for example downloaded in 21 second on 3G while an EDGE download of the same page took a while longer.

Jobs claimed that Apple’s 3G phone was 36 times faster than competitor 3G phones from Nokia and Treo. Released in 22 countries on July 11, the iPhone 3G will cost $199 for 8 GB, and $299 for 16 GB. Besides Venezuela and China, it will be available in total in 70 countries.

Another improvement is to location services. Jobs demoed the satellite tracking of an iPhone as it traveled down San Francisco’s Lombard Street.