Joan Rivers Gets Called Out During CNN Interview

    July 6, 2014
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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Joan Rivers is good at telling other people exactly what she thinks of them and their fashion choices, but it turns out she can’t handle criticism very well herself.

CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield was interviewing Rivers during a pre-taped show that aired on July 5. During the interview, Whitfield tells Rivers that she seems mean when she is talking about people and how they dress on her show Fashion Police.

Rivers responds by saying,

“It’s not mean, it’s not mean, it’s not mean. I tell the truth. I’m sure I say the same things that all the viewers say to their friends sitting next to them on the couch.”

“These ladies make $28 million a picture,” she said of the stars she and her co-hosts critique. “Do you really think that Nicki Minaj cares I didn’t like her dress?”

Whitfield continued to interview Rivers and as usual, Rivers had a smart answer and quick comeback for every question she was asked. That is, until Whitfield criticized the outfit Rivers chose to wear on the cover of her new book Diary of a Mad Diva. Whitfield was talking about the fact that the outfit was made of fur.

Rivers quickly grew agitated after the question and responded by saying,

“You know this whole interview is becoming a defensive interview,” Rivers replied. “Are you wearing leather shoes? Shut up.”

“You know what, I’m going. I’m really going because all you’ve done is negative,” she continued. “I’ve made people laugh for 50 years. I was put on Earth to make people laugh and my book is funny.”

After her rant, Rivers stormed away from Whitfield and stopped the interview. Whitfield seemed a little shocked by Rivers leaving, but also seemed to enjoy ruffling her feathers. It’s not every day that someone makes Joan Rivers feel bad about what she’s wearing.

What did you think of the interview and do you think Joan Rivers is too mean?

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  • Kevin Douthit

    Fredricka is a horrible reporter. She’s unprofessional and not capable of holding an intelligent conversation so she decided to put Joan Rivers on the defensive to help boost her ratings.

  • Malibu1955

    Ms.Rivers is a horrible guest , she needs to go back in her cave.

  • modern_communication

    For someone who makes a living joking about people, she sure didn’t care for the tables to be turned on her! Get over yourself Joan Rivers!

  • $Richguy$

    Now she see & feels what it’s like to get upset when someone is just joking. The show never fits the same on the other foot. :)

    • $Richguy$

      I meant the “Shoe”…lol

  • Deb

    Joan Rivers:”You are not the one to interview a person that does humor” Truest statement.

  • BadBob

    Yes Joan was serious and obviously the interviewer was not. Just the typical CNN negative interview when they don’t particularly like the person they are interviewing. More entertainers need to be doing this more often when ignorance and arrogance starts flowing from the interviewers mouth.

  • hanalei

    Fredricka’s awkward giggly totally unprofessional interview of Joan Rivers was uncomfortable to watch. She is inexperienced and her baiting of Rivers was transparent and ineffective. I love that Joan dismissed her with a flourish, how does that twit still have a job. She is not intelligent, and doesn’t have the wit to engage her guest. And btw, talk about mean, what does she think she was doing by attacking Rivers. What a dolt

  • disqus_bax6apv5FZ

    If Rivers could she’d change her name to Skank but she can’t spell it.

  • Meshack

    At least Fredricka didn’t make fun of Joan’s totally plastic face…..

  • Garry

    I totally agree – Fredricka is a horrible interviewer and I switch channels whenever she is on. Good job Joan!

  • Experiment 626

    Whitfield’s reaction and facial expressions are pretty weird.

  • Sean

    Joan Rivers is a has been, and obviously suffering from the first signs of dementia. Fredricka’s only mistake was giving this poor, pathetic, has been an interview in the first place. Next.

  • Guest

    Fedricka, are you really that stupid and unconscious? You smirk through the interview like an imbecile and then can’t figure out if your interview techniques have driven somebody off. “Are we serious?” Get a clue and wake up.

  • vcpitts2

    Fredricka, are you really that stupid and unconscious? You smirk through the interview like an imbecile and then can’t figure out if your interview techniques have driven somebody off. “Are we serious?” Get a clue and wake up.

  • linda

    I’m not a huge fan of Ms. Rivers (although those of you who remember her when she was young, her humor was entirely different, and funny) however what the CNN reporter did was rude. I am sure Rivers was invited under the pretense of plugging her book, and there was no cause for the reporter to attack her. People who don’t like Rivers comedy routine do not have to attend a show or watch her on tv. And, Rivers was entirely right about the leather vs. fur – they both equal a dead animal killed by humans.

  • Captain59

    Anytime someone owns Joan Rivers and puts the louse in her place, I love it!

  • John Posey

    good for Fredericka..Joan Rivers has made her living demeaning people…She’s not funny so i don’t know why E keeps her on…I thought her jibe about the president and Michelle was racist..She is an asshole….

  • jmjr

    Ahhh Joannie girl…..you can dish it out but you can’t take it? More likely….good PR stunt.

  • Anne-Marie R. Foster

    Joan Rivers looks awful – and she really is unkind. That being said – her type of “humor” isn’t funny to me at all and I always wondered what the big deal about her was. She now sounds like she has a mouthful of sand and has been drinking since last week. I’m just baffled that she is still around for any reason.