Joan Rivers Bashed for Being ‘Very Mean’, Bails on CNN Interview

    July 6, 2014
    Pam Wright
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Joan Rivers is very good at criticizing others, but when she is the target of criticism, it seems she just bails.

That’s what happened when the comedian-author stormed off the set of a pre-taped CNN interview with Fredricka Whitfield after the anchor said Rivers’ critiques on her E! Fashion Police show are “very mean.

“Even with your fashion critiquing, while it’s very mean in some ways…” began Whitfield before she was quickly interrupted.

“It’s not mean, it’s not mean, it’s not mean. I tell the truth,” replied Rivers, 81. “I’m sure I say the same things that all the viewers say to their friends sitting next to them on the couch.”

“These ladies make $28 million a picture,” she continued of the celebrities she often bashes during her commentary. “Do you really think that Nicki Minaj cares I didn’t like her dress?”

Whitfield then questioned Rivers’ lack of sensitivity for people involved in some taboo subjects Rivers jokes about, including Casey Anthony’s baby and Princess Diana.

“Life is very tough, and if you can make a joke to make something easier, and funny, do it, done, that’s all! Darling, I don’t know what your life has been like but I have a lot of people who’ve gone through hell… Winston Churchill said, ‘If you make someone laugh, you give them a little vacation,’ and maybe you take the worst thing in the world, make it funny, and it’s a vacation for a minute from horror,” said Rivers.

When Whitfield turned the tables and questioned Rivers’ fashion choice of fur for the cover of her new book, Diary of a Mad Diva, that’s when Rivers got a little hot under the collar and bailed.

“You know this whole interview is becoming a defensive interview,” Rivers said. “Are you wearing leather shoes? Shut up.”

“You know what, I’m going. I’m really going because all you’ve done is negative,” she ranted. “I’ve made people laugh for 50 years. I was put on Earth to make people laugh and my book is funny.”

The interview aired July 5 on CNN.

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  • La Jarda

    Joan Rives is a C U Next Tuesday!

  • how1935

    I’m sorry, I once enjoyed Joan, and also being her age, she hasn’t mellowed like she should. She has just become a mean old bitch.

  • Bryan

    This CNN moron should have known better,

  • Can’t help myself

    let’s see….hypocrite for wearing fur yet claims to be an animal activist; Fashion Police> interviewer states she is mean; multiple plastic surgeries; her humor startles some people…..
    All of these opinions are shared and known, so the interviewer was making Joan defensive as the slope began to spiral downward. Unpleasant to listen to and Joan should not have had to sit there and react to tabloid assessment…

  • bell012

    She can bash everybody else, but when she starts getting it she bails. What a P@$Sy Bi#@H!

  • SICKA joan!

    That’s the BEST joan rivers has looked (with her mouth wide open) since she’s been looking like a CARTOON CHARACTER!! Maybe she spends ALOT of time like that (D*ck, Foot, SOMETHING in her mouth!) She looks like she’s CONSTANTLY going thru a TIME WARP, or standing behind a 767 Jet Engine, or if someone used a SLING SHOT and hit her in the face WITH A BAG OF NICKELS!! Now, let’s see if YOU can take a joke, joan!!

  • SICKA joan!

    I’m really NOT joking!…She PISSED me off when she said that BS about The President and First Lady!! She has NEVER, EVER looked as good as Mrs. First Lady, and NEVER WILL!!

  • harley93

    Joan was right, the woman was a douche bag.

  • bob

    lmao shes funny?…. yea she is The Joker

  • Nurse M

    Joan Rivers is nothing more than an Old used has been bitch with horrible plastic surgery where it’s finally going south, (And we all know what that means!!!) and one day, somewhere, somehow, Rivers will get her face blown off for pissing off the wrong person or get ran over by a bus!!! She’s not funny, she’s got a big mouth, her brain is the size of a pea, she’s retarded, and needs to retire and drop out of the public site!!! Sorry Joan, your not funny, your arrogant, rude, tacky, disrespectful, big fucking deal if you’ve made people laugh for 50 fucking years!! Hell I’ve been a nurse for 39 years and take care of very sick people…..YOU Need to learn human kindness and stop with the bull shit jokes you pull! NOT FUNNY! VERY RUDE INDEED!!!

  • herbertd

    This is a very sick, old demented Jew who should have quit the business 2 decades ago. She is a disgrace to herself and all Comedians.

  • Monserrate Rodriguez

    When Joan looks in the mirror she starts to cry because she has to wear a lot of make-up and she has to do this every day so she’s angry all the time, so she picks on people that are pretty and she envies , as far as having to dress to her likes she can go to hell because these people have love in there lives and who does she have her daughter who is not at all pretty and who’s husband walked out on her, because of mother dearest, so if she want’s to make jokes she can start with her daughter who really can’t dress and what she wears does not look good on her, so Joan you shut-up and stop envy people that dress to there likes instead of yours, who died and made you expert BITCH…………………………

  • me

    i really have to agree with her when she put the news lady in her place after finding out that she wore leather shoes. when the animal rights activists march around chanting about cruel treatment of animals they better damned well be vegetarians or they are just a bunch of hippocrates.

    • Beverly

      Joan knows how to get the jugular in one fell swoop. I, also, thought Joan at one time was a little too junk yard dog attacker, but now I think she is on top of her game and not going out without a fight. I have a new found respect for Joan. That was not an alzheimer reaction that was a pissed off reaction.

      • jettlover3

        With due cause that girl provoked Joan and was the nasty one not Ms Rivers.

  • Jessie James

    Poor, poor Joan Molinsky seems to suffering from a touch of Alzheimers It is simply time for her to exit the stage gracefully…….but I wonder if that’s possible.

  • jane

    Oh and CNN reporters are never “mean” they just report the news yeah right.

    • MF

      Joan did the right thing, there was nothing positive said, only negative! Joan Rivers is wonderful!

  • jettlover3

    Who the he(( does Fredricka think she is? Insulting an icon like Joan Rivers is not only stupid but shows a complete lack of respect and class.

  • Dana

    ” and maybe you take the worst thing in the world, make it funny, and it’s a vacation for a minute from horror,” said Rivers.” JR IS horror personified. Just a critical bitch and obviously not comfortable in her own skin. Her daughter’s a joke as well.

  • rob167

    I have just never understood her celebrity.

  • Dawn Riggs

    Maybe the hot lights was melting her face.Why is it she can talk about other people, but when somebody just ask questions that was already mention in her book she got upset?……Joan being upset and leaving like she did back fire.Made me dislike her even more.And have respect for the TV host for being up front on her questions

  • Alan Drucker

    I cannot believe you treated Joan so badly, holing her up to your pathetic standards as she is 2 generations beyond you. Any wonder your ratings are in the toilet like your attitudes. And then trying to talk about her cursing without an apology…Bi-ch!

  • Lauretta Payne

    Kudos to Fredricka Whitfield! I’ve NEVER thought Joan River’s mean-spirited comments were humorous. Years ago, before her husband committed suicide, I sometimes enjoyed her humor. But in the years since, she has become mean and hateful and has gotten by with it because she calls it humor. Her daughter is no better. Fredricka Whitfield said what lots of people think…

  • Reeta

    So, now everybody who says Joan is mean bashes her! What hypocrites. She is extremely witty, intelligent and very, very funny…if you don’t like her, listen to someone else. As an American citizen, Joan has the right of freedom of speech and she utilizes it. Good for her for standing up for herself and for freedom of speech.

  • layne4

    IMO she demonstrated cowardice in taking on even an iota of what she feels free to dish out. Poor Joanie…did your feelings get bruised?

  • jleafe

    She went on to promote her damn book, not be grilled about her show or choice of clothing, The interviewer got her 15 minutes of fame and all the name calling on here is beyond ridiculous. Don’t watch Joan, I’m sure she’ll survive without you.