Joan Rivers Called Out For ‘Racist’ Bieber Comments

    August 6, 2014
    Pam Wright
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Joan Rivers is once again under fire over controversial remarks.

Victor Willis — the traffic cop in the 70s disco group, The Village People — is ticked at the 81-year-old comedienne for allegedly using “racist” remarks about Justin Bieber.

The brouhaha started last week when Rivers slammed Bieber on E!’s Fashion Police.

“That little b***ch just gets on my nerves,” said Rivers about Bieber before looking straight at the camera, directing her next remarks to the Baby singer. “You are not a big black thug, you are just like your shoes – ordinary and completely white.”

The studio audience and her fellow fashion panelists, including Kelly Osbourne and Giuliana Rancic, thought the comment was HI-larious. Willis, on the other hand, did not find a shred of humor in the comment.

So Willis took his beef to his Twitter account, tweeting:

The disco singer also took his gripe to his official Facebook page and posted a link of Rivers’ Fashion Police remarks on the watchdog website, GossipCop.

We all know this isn’t the first nor will it likely be the last time Rivers sticks her foot in her mouth in the name of comedy.

A few weeks ago, she referred to First Lady Michelle Obama as “Blackie O” and used the “N-word” during an appearance on HuffPost Live to illustrate that “the world is so PC it’s stupid.”

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  • http://www.botchamania.com/ Botch Reed

    Mr. Willis clearly lives in a clue-free world. Rivers wasn’t being racist. She was clowning Bieber for moving heaven and earth to be black. That’s it and that’s all.

  • Rain E Day

    As much as I can’t stand her she said nothing racist at all. The stink ass punk tries to act and dress and look b lack, that’s all she was saying, right?

  • silly daily garbage

    thought it was FUNNY! Allthough couldn’t understanding why she was crappy to those girls who were kidnapped. … the celebrity stuff is some good laughs … keep it going Joan these people get paid too much money while so many decent people are struggling in some kind of way so I look for you for laughs … used to be not at someone elses’ expense but like these people give a crap about others. FAIR GAME!!!!!

  • Scott Jacobson

    calm down everyone. She wasn’t being racist!!! She was simply making an observation, and joke out of it. The Beib clearly tries to represent himself in a certain manner, and it isn’t him — joking so, it’s not him!

  • isthisnameokay

    The only racist I see around – is the illegal occupant of the White House.

    • Dora Glasberg

      Ann Romney is STILL
      schlepping around her mansions in her
      inaugural ball gown,
      And let me tell ya, it’s getting a tad GAMEY
      at this point,
      And her intermittent shrieks of “YOU PEOPLE! YOU PEOPLE”
      are really irritating the neighbors.

  • Jessica S.

    geez it is Joan Rivers what do you expect plus Bieber looks stupid he sings girly songs but tries to dress all gangster!!! sorry I think he looks rediculas!!

  • 1LonesomeDove1

    what does this old cuunt care what people think.

    • Dora Glasberg

      Leave Barbabra Bush out of this!

  • bsota

    Racist???? Here we go again. She just said what we all think. Beiber is trying so hard to be black, which why he does it is beyond me, it’s pitiful. He’s as white as they come. He looks and acts like a fool. It WAS hilarious as is everything she jokes about.

  • Problem Solver

    Oh get over yourself Willis. You’re just trying to get some publicity. How pathetic. Joan is much more of a man than you are, Mary.

    I’m jus’ sayin’ …

  • SonnyandCarol Williams

    Sad that it`s 2014 and we still use the RACIST word, So whats to be expected out of a senior citizens mouth, Joan just needs to shut up all together and look in the mirror,

  • Norm

    It was stupid, but not racist. There are big black thugs out there, and she was using as a form of reference towards a tard I would describe as white bread soaked in milk.

  • Jerry Jacob

    To me Joan Rivers is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. He is trying to be taken seriously by acting like what todays music scene is like. There are too many white boys out there that think they are gangsters. All because of the Hip Hop music scene people try to be somebody they aren’t. Honestly I think he is a JOKE

  • ApplePie

    Is the article for real? am I missing something? How do we know if that’s the real Victor Willis, the account is not verified. #2 The tweet currently only has 2 favored and 2 re tweets #3 On Facebook the comment only has 7 likes ….and that basically says : No One Cares.
    If it’s true that the real Victor Willis feels that way, it would have surprised me because Mr. Willis comes from a time where worse things were said and he probably heard real racist remarks. I don’t Joan said a racist remark , she is crass but that’s what she is about.

  • Fozziedabear

    She’s a racist dumb a–.

  • Chelseafcsupporter316

    People need to get a life. Joan has been making off color comments her entire career. I’m brown and what she said isn’t offensive its a observation. Richard Pryor would have said something much worse, and it wouldn’t have made the news. people would have laughed their happy asses off. Calm down village mob, put the torches and the pitchforks back in the closet.

  • Winter Skye

    Please hold onto your hats: there ARE Black thugs in this world. And if the Beav is dressing like a Black thug, then it is what it is!

  • eryche

    Much ado about nothing. What she said is NOT racist. My eldest son, a handsome young white male, when he was about 14 or so, was a “Tupac Wannabe”. Tupac, as we all know, was black and a thug. There’s nothing racist about stating facts. Beiber exhibits the same behavior, trying to be something he is not.

  • ATL_Sassafrass

    Sit down, HAS-BEEN Willis! Bye, Ashy!

  • jacqueline briscoe

    Blaming a comedienne for being racist is Mr Willis way of being in the news and relev ant. He missed the latter.

  • Common Sense

    Now if we want to see a true racist in action one needs to look no further then our activist posing as Attorney General Eric Holder. Although we always have the typical racists such as Al Sharpton. Jessie Jackson and of course the disgrace occupying the White House Barrack Obama. I wonder if his wife is proud of her country yet?

  • Maria- Elena Rodriguez


  • Anthony Swift

    Rancic and Osborne better laugh at Joan’s jokes if they want to keep their jobs.