Jimmy Wales Wants To Go Tabloid

    February 13, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

His Wikia company launched three new projects where people can collaborate on topics in a community of like-minded, active users.

Entertainment, politics, and your hometown are in Wales’ sights.

Wikia announced three new “magazine rack” websites. These communities will build upon Wikia’s earlier work at creating fan-driven communities like its sports-focused ArmchairGM presence.

The magazine rack has these titles open to contributions now:

The Entertainment Community ( http://entertainment.wikia.com ), which provides T.V. and movie lovers with a place to create episode guides, movie and actor reviews, or blog about all-things Hollywood.

Your Local Community ( http://local.wikia.com ), which features individual sections for nearly every town in the United States–users can search for their town’s section using their zip code. On the site, anyone can post local news, information on local events, blog about local happenings or create a place for discussion around issues facing their community.

The Politics Community ( http://politics.wikia.com ), which features national, state and local sections where users are able to search and contribute by state and/or zip code. Contributors can share and discuss their political opinions, build out historical resources and voter guides, or simply just read and comment on the others thoughts and learn about political issues.

Politics should build up a community in short order. The topic has always been one of the hottest on the Internet. With so many people carrying cameraphones, the Entertainment community may pick up a lot of fan shots along with the other content Wikia envisions.

Your Local could be the slow starter. While there is certainly competition for attention in all of these content areas, Local may be the least compelling draw. Big cities have a host of online services pandering to their online needs, and smaller ones have probably turned to places like Topix.net for their local community focus.

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