Jimmy Kimmel’s Best Kid-Trolling Prank Returns for Another Year

    November 5, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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A few times a year, Jimmy Kimmel asks his viewers to massively troll their loved ones, capture it all on videos, and upload it to YouTube. Every time it’s great. Earlier this year, he asked men to mess with their significant others on Valentine’s Day by giving them horrible gifts. Some insane people actually did it, and it was hilarious. At one point, he asked people to unplug their TVs during a key moment at their Super Bowl parties. Unsurprisingly, people were pissed.

But in my opinion, Kimmel’s original YouTube prank is still the best. For a few years, he’s been asking parents to tell their children that they ate all of their Halloween candy, record their reactions, and post them on YouTube. Every year it’s gold, and this year is no exception.

Image via Jimmy Kimmel Live, YouTube