Jimmy Kimmel Straps Kid Into Lie Detector, Continues To Make Children Miserable

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Jimmy Kimmel likes to put people in uncomfortable situations for our amusement - and that applies to his late night show and beyond. Whether he's harassing old people to comment on Facebook's acquisition of Instagram, coaxing people to unplug the Super Bowl at a crucial moment and capture it on video, or poking fun at the President at the White House Correspondents' Dinner, it always seems to make for great viral content.

But it's when he goes after kids, well, that's the real gold. He's already pranked some unfortunate children by asking their parents to wake them up and tell them they're late for school, pretend like they ate all of their kids Halloween candy, and give them a terrible present for Christmas.

Now, he's strapped some poor kid to a fake lie detector and made him miserable for a good five minutes. Seriously, the kid looks like he's about the cry the whole time and it's great.

Check it out below:

As you probably did as well, I kind of lost it when the kid had to say his favorite bad word. There's quite the debate raging on reddit and YouTube concerning what the kid actually said. Was it "F*ck, and stuff?" "Go f*ck yourself?" Whatever it was, Kimmel seems to think it's rather funny.

I think we can all rejoice in the fact that they uploaded this video as "Jimmy Kimmel Lie Detective #1," which hints at the fact that there's a #2, #3 and maybe even more to come. If there's one thing we remember about Jimmy Kimmel Live in 100 years, I sure want it to be his undeniable skill at the craft of kid trolling.

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