Jimmy Kimmel: Should He Be the One Fired for Remark?

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There have still been many protests over the weekend because of the ABC network and Jimmy Kimmel situation that occured last month on the show. People are touting signs all over the country that say things like, "Fire Jimmy Kimmel" and "No Fake Apology". The question is, who should really be fired, if anyone, for the events that transpired? The fallout came from a segment on Kimmel's show called "Kid's Table", where he asks kids about current events in order to garner their adorable opinions.

When he asked one child how the U.S. should deal with its out-of-control debt problem, the kid said we should kill all the people in China. What happens to be the problem, is that Kimmel didn't make the remarks, a child did. He also reportedly tried to defuse the situation. What people have a problem with, is why the segment was even aired at all, when there was an obvious risk of backlash, according to Yahoo. Is that Jimmy Kimmel's fault?

The trouble doesn't stop at protests in the streets and signs that Kimmel and his colleagues may never see. ABC has already agreed to no longer air the "Kid Table" segment amidst the outcry, and now the White House has a We the People petition with 103,000 signatures of people who seek a "sincere apology". Because regulating apologies is a job for Uncle Sam to be concerned with, apparently.

The other concern is how deep will the scorn reach? ABC is owned by Disney. So, what will happen if people start to protest Disney or if advertising boycotts ensue? In as sensitive a society as we live in today, there is no telling what will happen as this situation unfolds. However, Disney could be in some pretty hot water soon if some serious damage control isn't ordered soon.

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