Jimmy Kimmel: Should He Be the One Fired for Remark?

    November 10, 2013
    Lacy Langley
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There have still been many protests over the weekend because of the ABC network and Jimmy Kimmel situation that occured last month on the show. People are touting signs all over the country that say things like, “Fire Jimmy Kimmel” and “No Fake Apology”. The question is, who should really be fired, if anyone, for the events that transpired? The fallout came from a segment on Kimmel’s show called “Kid’s Table”, where he asks kids about current events in order to garner their adorable opinions.

When he asked one child how the U.S. should deal with its out-of-control debt problem, the kid said we should kill all the people in China. What happens to be the problem, is that Kimmel didn’t make the remarks, a child did. He also reportedly tried to defuse the situation. What people have a problem with, is why the segment was even aired at all, when there was an obvious risk of backlash, according to Yahoo. Is that Jimmy Kimmel’s fault?

The trouble doesn’t stop at protests in the streets and signs that Kimmel and his colleagues may never see. ABC has already agreed to no longer air the “Kid Table” segment amidst the outcry, and now the White House has a We the People petition with 103,000 signatures of people who seek a “sincere apology”. Because regulating apologies is a job for Uncle Sam to be concerned with, apparently.

The other concern is how deep will the scorn reach? ABC is owned by Disney. So, what will happen if people start to protest Disney or if advertising boycotts ensue? In as sensitive a society as we live in today, there is no telling what will happen as this situation unfolds. However, Disney could be in some pretty hot water soon if some serious damage control isn’t ordered soon.

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  • Wow

    What is sad is that the kid’s response is a typical American response. The child obviously heard that from an adult and repeated it. That is the American response to everything — always use our military and violence. Kind of remind me of what the Nazis said about the Jews. Well, in fact, that was exactly what the Nazis said about the Jews.

    Only difference is that the Chinese could easily team up with the Russian against the US. They easily could come up with a 10 million man army. Heck, the males are already pissed off over there because there aren’t enough females. Before you think I am joking — I am not — and history has shown that whenever that is the case, wars have resulted.

    I hate to tell America we are making enemies everywhere and even are allies are speaking out against us due to spying. In fact, China just held a conference during our shutdown where they openly talked about moving away from the US as the world’s central economy.

    Why anyone would fire Kimmel is beyond me. He didn’t make the comment.

    • zephon

      The child spoke his lines in a scripted performance. It is not a “live” performance as advertised.

      ABC/Disney and Jimmy Kimmel need to take direct responsibility for their remarks encouraging racist genocidal remarks.

      • kofi

        This segment was not scripted the entire point of the bit is to get children’s honest response to real news stories that they obviously no nothing about. The kids answer was stupid because he’s 6-years-old and cant possibly even begin to understand the ramifications of his suggestion. The whole entire thing is a throwback to “Kids Say The Darndest Things” a show from 1945 for them to script the answers would be missing the point entirely.

        • Serena Park

          Even my 4 year old knows its wrong to kill people and to steal money. Joking about genocide is no joke,. What if he made a joke about the Newport shooting like it doesn’t mean a thing.

          • Chen

            Are you kidding? Maybe I should call you Tiger Mom. Kids say the dumb stuff and anyone thinking ABC is endorsing genocide is beyond help. It was probably in poor taste and people have apologized. Trying to make this bigger than it actually is simply shows how weak you are. I find it interesting a country that has a history of abusing civil rights and censoring free speech are up in arms over a comedic sketch…

    • Xiao Hua

      Fire Jimmy Kimmel

  • alexs

    Joking sometimes is nothing but joking, which is meant to entertain instead of ridicule, but a joke can be a dark message disguised as a joke. The talk of killing, scapegoating and race baiting have no place on a national tv.

    Look at Vincent Chin, a Chinese American who was killed days before his marriage by two Detroit unemployed auto workers who mistook him as a Japanese for causing their jobs in the 80s

    The US debt issue by with China raised by JK is nothing but a red herring, actually China only holds about 7% of the total US debt, why scapegoating only Chinese? what about the other heavier bond holders like Japanese, Brits, Arabs and above all Americans? Chinese holds much less per capita than any of other major US bond holders. Should we kill them all to be debt free?

    Furthermore, the show was not live, it was scripted, recorded, and edited before broadcasting, there are teams of overseers and media professionals work on each episode, a big business by itself and nothing was left to chances. JK knew exacly what he was talking about and was doing. At the best, he tried to attract eyeballs at the expenses of Chinese, why not Jewish, or Black people? It certainly goes beyond JK, lots of blame should go to ABC.

  • Will

    ABC and Disney is hoping this will blow over soon, which is not happening, as they’ve done some wrong calculation (assume they are capable of doing so). Soon disney’s name will be tinted, and bottom line felt the pinch,that’s when they’ll wake up.
    Do you think you could sell to your biggest potential customer, by upsetting or humiliating them?

  • Mitch

    This is stupid. I’ll worry about fiscal policy or foreign affairs when they are based on the ideas of ACTUAL children and not grown men acting like them.

  • Weinberg

    Jimmy Kimmel sucks.

  • Sammy Stone

    The White House released a statement saying Obama was going to make the nation’s “hurt feewings” all better. http://dandygoat.com/nations-feewings-hurt-by-lil-jimmy-kimmel-daddy-gonna-make-it-all-better-okay

  • CA

    Should we also remove the book “Lord of the Flies” from every library?

    Maybe we should ban the 1994 Michael Moore movie “Canadian Bacon,” in which the U.S. president (Alan Alda) tries to create an American enemy in Canada in order to improve his own popularity. I’ve often heard jokes about the U.S. attacking Canada. That must really insult Canadians and make them very nervous when that happens. It’s shameful, really.

  • Diane J

    I have never taken the time to comment online in the past. But it is very upsetting when a talent like Jimmy Kimmel, or even ABC or Disney is ridiculed for a comment a child makes. If some very sensitive people now are trying to stir up problems – perhaps it shouldn’t have been “aired”. But should “I” be up in arms if a 4 or 5 year old said that all heavy-set ladies should be shot – so then there would not be heavy children! Or maybe I should be offended if a joke was made of gray-haired ladies. Isn’t there more important things going on? Get over it already…… What would be upsetting is if anyone’s job was terminated over this.

    • Frank

      When a company publicly endorses the idea of killing (not joking) everyone in a country/race, do you think people of that country/race will be thrilled to be customers of the company?

      If Jimmy Kimmel stays, many Chinese and Chinese American will boycott Disney, and the Disney Shanghai project is likely to see some trouble. Disney will suffer in revenue and will be forced to lay off its employees.

      It is up to the Disney management (and the share holders) to decide who to let go: millions of customers or Jimmy Kimmel.

  • Bruce Lee

    Hopefully someday we can live in a world where no one is able to say anything at all. Where we can completely hide our racism and only shout it anonymously on the internet. I look forward to this fake, bland and boring world where everyone pretends to be shocked at every silly little thing. A world run by adults with the minds of humorless children, which will hopefully lead to the complete annilation of anything creative, killing off any chance at developing great movies, music and new comedy.