Jimmy Kimmel Pulls Prank On SXSW Attendees

By: Amanda Crum - March 14, 2014

Jimmy Kimmel is a known prankster (remember the twerking girl who caught herself on fire and went viral?), and while he’s in Austin this week for the South by Southwest music festival, he has a rather large audience to pull from when it’s time to be mischievous.

The talk-show host decided to make up some hilarious band names and send a “reporter” out into the crowds to ask what they think of their music. The results were pretty funny. Take a look at music lovers trying to describe non-existent female DJ Heavy Flo:

The music festival needed a bit of levity this week after a tragic incident on Wednesday, when a drunk driver careened through two police barriers after being pulled over and drove into a crowd of people, killing two and injuring 23. The driver, 21-year old Rashad Charjuan Owens, was evading police and was reportedly aiming for people rather than trying to avoid hitting them. He faces two charges of capital murder–among others–which means he will be eligible for the death penalty.

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