Jimmy Kimmel and the Ol’ Scented iPhone Gag [VIDEO]

By: Josh Wolford - October 31, 2013

So, scented iPhone notifications are totally a thing – as in a real thing that exists. A Japanese company has produced what they call Scentee, a product that attaches to the headphone socket of your device and emits a scent whenever you receive a notification.

The product works with a companion app, which tells it when to give off an odor (usually when you get a text, Facebook notification, alarm, etc.). You buy refillable cartridges of scents, and right now the options include things like cinnamon roll, rose, mint, apple, Korean BBQ, and even corn soup. Yes, corn soup.

Here’s the thing – the product doesn’t officially go on sale for another two weeks and Jimmy Kimmel most certainly doesn’t have one.

Don’t tell these clueless folks out on Hollywood Blvd. Damn, Jimmy Kimmel is really good at making people just incredibly stupid.

Oh my GOD – this is a futuristic iPhone!

Image via Jimmy Kimmel Live, YouTube

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