Jimmy Carter's Grandson Running: A Dynasty Born?

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Political dynasties are a part of America’s storied history. Right from the start there were the Adams, John and John Quincy, the second and sixth presidents of the United States, respectively. By the 20th century, we had the Kennedys. We are all familiar with Bushes, father and sons. And of course, there are the Clintons.

But there may well be another name to add to the ranks of dynastic political families — Carter. Jimmy Carter is well-known to Americans as our former president. But now we have his grandson, Jason Carter, running for governor of Georgia, his grandfather’s old job.

The former president says he is only playing a minor role in his grandson’s campaign. And most commentators will allow that Jason keeps his grandfather at arms length, distancing himself from some of the elder Carter’s stances.

“I love my grandfather, but we disagree,” Jason Carter says. He specifically points to his own stance on the death penalty. Jason Carter is a Democrat, but he supports the death penalty.

The former president has admitted that Jason has turned down offers for his grandfather to speak at events in support of him.

"There are a lot of people in Georgia, which, as you know, is a red state – has been in the past – who look with great disfavor on my administration as governor and president. And I recognize that, without any hesitation.

"He wanted the people of southwest Georgia to see that he was a man of his own. He didn’t want the attention to be focused on me and Rosalynn."

Jason Carter serves in the Georgia state senate, and is currently running neck-and-neck with the state’s current Republican governor, Nathan Deal. Deal has been under fire for alleged problems with his 2010 gubernatorial campaign.

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