Jimmy Carter Calls Out Climate Skeptic Nutcases

    August 13, 2014
    Brian Powell
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In 1979, President Jimmy Carter became the first president to install solar panels on the White House. At the time, the nation was facing an impending oil crisis from the Arab Oil Embargo and Carter was cementing his presidential legacy as the one president, besides Teddy Roosevelt, to give a damn about the environment. Not only did he add 32 solar panels to the White House (only later to be taken down by Ronald Reagan…), but President Carter was also responsible for expanding the national parks system into Alaska, establishing a national energy policy, creating the Department of Energy, and for telling Americans to stop turning up the heat in the winter and put on a damn sweater or something.

Jimmy Carter was an environmental activist as president, and he still is today.

In speaking at the American Renewable Energy Day Summit in Aspen, Colorado, Carter expressed his views and opinions on the current state of energy and the environment in the United States.

Carter began by chastising the United States for its failure to keep up with other countries in terms of providing energy through renewable resources. Whereas Canada provides approximately 64 percent of its energy through renewables, “The United States is right at the bottom, with only 10 percent of our energy coming from renewable sources. So we still have a tremendous opportunity to do what we haven’t done.”

While the United States ranks at the bottom of the list, Carter does not blame the president, who he feels is doing his job but is constantly limited by Congress’s petty grudges. Instead, Carter blames the nutcase climate change deniers:

I would say the biggest handicap we have right now are some nutcases in our country that don’t believe in global warming. I think they are going to change their position because of pressure from individuals, because the evidence of the ravages of global warming are already there.

However bad the current status of the United States is, though, it isn’t doomed. Carter stated that “we [the United States] need something like a carbon tax, which is a reasonable approach.” Due to Congressional blockage, however, Carter believes that there may be a better solution:

I don’t look at the present hold-up concerning changing to renewable energy to be an insoluble problem. I have always felt that the best key to get international support, in this case global warming, is for the United States and China to agree on anything. I think we are going to begin to realize that a superpower is not just who dominates economics and military, but I would say that one of the characteristics of a superpower is to take the leadership or make a pledge to the rest of the world to [address] climate change.

With the leaders of the United States currently being obsessed with conflicts in foreign countries and international concerns, former President Carter’s approach may be longer in the making than he or any other environmentalist could care for.

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  • Ornello

    Jimmy Carter? JIMMY CARTER? Are you kidding me/ How does this man rate being newsworthy? How does ANYTHING this moron says mean anything at all?

    • for realzees?

      wow. really ornello? nothing that carter says means anything? president carter… the guy who mediated the successful peace agreement with egypt and israel. the guy who has thousands of hours of habitat for humanity work (homes and services for the poor) under his belt, not to mention he’s the prime mover in the successful salt 2 talks with the russians (why we dont have so many nukes today… look it up).

      hey ornello, heres where you can parrot your conservative pundants by saying carter was “sum kinda soshalist”. but wait, he’s responsible for the US boycot of the russians out of the 1980 olympics after they invaded afghanistan. the man was a compassionate, honest human being but reactionaries like you voted an ‘actor’ in to replace him. bold move there ornello… hows that trickle down working out for you? don’t lie.

      • libtardssux

        And this ‘actor’ did a great job cleaning up the mess that Jimmy did while acting as a president.

  • Farmer

    Jimmy Carter was not in lock step with the general consensus of the times. He proved that every POTUS is or should be Unique and that he was Human. Yes He made some people think He had no Clue as to the what was Important, but He was WAY OUT FRONT on a lot of things that are being proven to be important today.
    Also, as an unofficial ambassador visiting other countries, He has accomplished where some of the Official Ambassadors have FAILED! Most of the thinking at the time of his Service as POTUS, by those commenting on his actions and inactions both then and now, are absolutely too full of themselves and started the “Politically Correct”(?) attitude that has been proven to be wrong. I think his forward thinking was what should have been followed, not pooh-poohed.

  • Fred Crow

    Jimmy Carter established the right for credit card companies to start charging for their cards and instituting a yearly fee for the use of such cards That was in the early 80s. Guess what, were still paying for them in many cases. Literally billions of dollars has been paid to wealthy corporations through this meaningless fees. This supposedly was in the guise to stop spending by charging and retard the credit using habits of the American populace. It didn’t work and those folks who don’t have great credit are still paying this fee today. Many of us aren’t a part of it, but it has gone on for 35 years and like I said cost needless billions. I for one wouldn’t listen to anything he says. Cant trust his judgment any way shape or form. He was a worse president than Nixon.

  • Pedro Rhodes

    Stupid peanut farmer talking about nut cases? Just because Obama took over the crown of worst president history does not make you suck any less than you did.

  • Scott

    The Arab oil embargo was in 1973-74.
    Nixon was President.
    A huge mistake like that kind of makes the rest of your article meaningless.