Jim Novo Answers Traffic, Visitor, and Customer Analysis Questions

    April 23, 2003

You probably get gobs of reports on web site traffic but don’t really do much with them other than track page views and visitors. Increasing your traffic using ads, search optimization, and pay-per-click won’t do you much good if visitors don’t do something once they get to your web site.

Buried in your traffic reports are the answers to increasing the percentage of visitors who take action at your site. Jim can help you with topics like these:

  • Improving conversion of visitors to buyers or other tasks you want them to perform
  • Maximizing sales while minimizing affiliate marketing or pay-per-click ad expenses
  • Focusing search engine ranking efforts on the search engines and phrases creating your best customers
  • Determining where your most valuable visitors are coming from and optimizing your web site to keep them coming back

Reader Questions Answered:
Lacking Local Customers
eCommerce Site Advice
Commission Thieves
Turning Traffic Into Sales
Getting Visitors To Buy
Tracking Typed-in URLs

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Jim Novo has nearly 20 years of experience using customer data to increase profits. He is co-author of The Guide to Web Analytics and author of Drilling Down:Turning Customer Data into Profits with a Spreadsheet. If you want more visitors to take action on your web site, try using the free conversion metrics calculator, downloadable here. If you need to sell more to customers while reducing marketing expenses, get the first nine chapters of the Drilling Down book free at http://www.drillingdownbook.com.

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