Jim Nabors Will Retire Famous Act

    May 21, 2014
    Amanda Crum
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Jim Nabors became a friendly face and voice in our lives decades ago, making us laugh with his goofy charm as Gomer Pyle and moving on to the world of music, where he recorded 46 albums. Since 1972, he’s been the opening act for the Indy 500, but now, he says he’s ready to make a change.

Citing a desire to stop traveling and stay at his macadamia nut farm on Maui–where he’s made a life with longtime partner Stan–Nabors said his last Indy 500 performance will be this Sunday.

“It’s a really remarkable thing for me. It’s the highlight of my year because it’s 500,000 of my closest friends and they do make me feel like I’m their best friend,” Nabors said of the event.

The 82-year old actor and singer says it’s remarkable to look back on his career–which saw his Andy Griffith role spawn its own spinoff–and see how many lives he touched.

“You kind of go back and say, ‘Duh! Did I really do all that?’ I’ve been so blessed. My career and all the incredible people I’ve gotten to know and become friends with. It’s been amazing,” he said.

Nabors and Stan Cadwallader were married last year in Seattle just weeks after same-sex marriages became legal in Washington; Nabors said that the couple had no rights until that point and that after so many years together, it just seemed like the way to go.

“When you’ve been together 38 years, I think something’s got to happen there, you’ve got to solidify something. And at my age, it’s probably the best thing to do,” he said.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • ce

    Best wishes Jim for you in the future! Always enjoyed your tv shows & your opening song at the Indy 500 will never be beaten at the greatest ever! Thanks!

  • Marsha Brady

    Used to like him until I found out he was just another sexual deviant. No more.

    • Sgt Vincent Carter

      Come on Dude…you’re talking about PFC Gomer Pyle!!!

    • rose

      Surprise! Surprise! Surprise. Always loved jim.

    • Florence

      Marsha Marsha Marsha

    • richard

      oh god, not another narrow minded bigot. dime a dozen!

    • lottogirl846

      I really don’t care what he does in his bedroom; I love his music. I have downloaded almost every one of his songs.

    • Lauren Knoll

      Marsha as much as I would like to reciprocate your narrow minded bigotry right back at you I will rise above and try to remain passionately logical in this discourse. Homosexuality is natural no matter the species. In fact it is well documented that animals of many species display homosexual behavior and sexuality. Yet, you call this lovely, talented kind man names. This perplexes me mightily. He is in a long term committed relationship. He never cheated on anyone or treated them as relationship kleenex (use them and then throw them away) like so many in a position of celebrity have done over the last 100 plus years of of celebrity/ vs. papparazzi/photographer dichotomy. He has never acted inappropriately to anyone or seduced children or raped anyone or did drugs or was an alcoholic. His standards of behavior and success are much sought after and he behaves as a bastion of talent and good taste and has always done so… but still you judge. You must be a sad and lonely woman to behave in such a manner and treat others as you do.

      Truly I feel sorry for you. If I did not feel pity and disgust for you then I might find myself wanting to say something as nasty and bigoted as you

      have so unkindly uttered here today. If that is truly how you feel then I must conclude you were raised by people with no regard for those who are kind and talented and do good in the world. I am not forgiving enough to embrace you despite your bigotry, although I can try to maintain my pity for you. However, I can hope that you can learn from your errors and mistakes. Maybe someday you will rise above and be the person your God wants you to be because your vicious attitude is not that of a giving and kind human being.

    • hunner

      Apparently Jim Nabors is happy.
      It seems Jim Nabors does not hurt people.

      Why does Marcia HATE Nice Happy people?

  • C.J.

    What a beautiful voice!! Didn’t realize Jim Nabors could sing like that. I’m sure he will be missed at the Indy 500.

    • Schteveo R

      Seriously C.J.?

      That was his ‘real’ training, not the idiot Gomer character he played.

  • Steven Divver

    The Marines did not know he was gay

  • Richard Sikkink

    I am and always have been a fan of Jim Nabors. Didn’t know his sexuality until this article and knowing will not change that. That to me is as it should be I enjoy his work it doesn’t matter to me his preferences in a partner. I think what most militant gays don’t understand is that most of us that may not accept the lifestyle as something we embrace, is that it is the in your face type of thing that annoys. I have family that are homosexual, as well as many very good friends, and we get along great without having to discuss our sexual desires with each other. I don’t do that with hetero family and friends either. Personally I don’t care if you are gay lesbian bi trans hetero whatever, enjoy your life and don’t cram your choices into my psyche. If more people behaved like Mr. Nabors and lived their personal life quietly the world would be more peaceful.