Jillian Michaels Ramps Up Own Fitness Routine

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As Jillian Michaels of The Biggest Loser approaches her 40th birthday, she is ramping up her own fitness routine. Obviously she has seen up close and personal many cases of what happens when people become apathetic with their own healthy eating and exercise routines. She is determined that won't happen to her.

"I‘m trying to get into the best shape of my life for 40," she says, as she doggedly fights rather than embraces turning the big 4-0.

Michaels recently unveiled a new workout plan for Curves fitness studios, as talked about in the video clip above. It's just one more way she is staying involved in the health field--for her own good as well as for others, too. A big believer that variety is in fact the spice of life, she acknowledges her love of many different kinds of exercise helps prevent her from getting stuck in a workout rut.

"I don't lock into one type of exercise," she says, adding that the many workouts she creates focus on several things, including flexibility, balance, core stabilization, power, speed and agility. "I change the workout every month, so you never adapt and never plateau."

So what exactly does she do for her own workouts to keep from becoming bored?

"Usually I'll do one boxing session, one yoga session, two resistance sessions a week," she says. "I'll also work out with friends and then once a week I'll go for a jog."

Jillian Michaels is about to go on tour throughout the U.S. touting the merits of her own program, Maximize Your Life.

It's hard to believe when seeing Jillian Michaels--whether on The Biggest Loser or on a TV talk show--that she is about to turn 40 or that she is in need of ramping up her own fitness routine. But that's part of what keeps the fitness trainer looking the way she does. She's a hard act to follow, but definitely one that lots of people should.

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