Jill Duggar Says ‘I Do’ To Derick Dillard

By: Lindsay McCane - June 22, 2014

Jill Duggar is officially a married woman and can kiss her husband anytime she wants.

The couple tied the knot on Saturday, June 21, at the Cross Church in Springdale, Arkansas. Because Jill and Derick both adhere to strict religious traditions, they shared their first kiss while standing at the altar.

Jim Bob Duggar, Jill’s father, introduced the newlyweds last year while Derick was doing missionary work in Nepal. The couple started talking through Skype and text messaging, and later decided to enter into a courtship (a stricter form of dating). On March 29, with Jim Bob’s permission, Derick decided to ask Jill to marry him, and she of course said yes.

On the couple’s wedding website, Derick detailed how he met his bride.

“The answer to my prayer came in August 2013, just before I left Nepal for a two week trip to Japan,” he wrote. “During a conversation with Jim Bob, he mentioned how he thought Jill and I might get along well, having similar personalities and direction in life. He gave me Jill’s phone number and we began texting, then emailing, then skyping/ talking on the phone. Over the next few months we became very grateful for modern technology as we continued to get to know each other better. Most of our conversations were centered around our values and life goals.”

“At the end of November, Jill and her dad got to come to Nepal for a couple weeks,” he added. “I had no idea what to expect, but I was excited and prayed that God would give clear direction during this time. By the end of the trip I felt the Lord directing me to ask Jill to officially begin a courtship relationship. She agreed and we continued getting to know one another. It would still be two months before I completed my two year term and would move back home to Arkansas. Upon my arrival home (January 2014), I was met by the Duggar clan; this was my first time to meet Jill’s family in person. Over the next few months, I enjoyed spending time getting to know Jill and her family better.”

Their relationship continued to grow, and Derick explained that he knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Jill. “I shared how much I loved her, how I couldn’t imagine life without her, and I asked her, ‘Will you marry me?'” Derick recalled about the proposal.

More than 1,000 guests attended the wedding including at least 100 immediate family members and numerous guests from over 30 states, and with the help of many volunteers, the couple’s wedding went flawlessly. “I’m so grateful to all the volunteers who helped put everything together for the wedding,” Michelle Duggar, the matriarch of the family, said during an interview with PEOPLE. “Everyone has worked hard and done an amazing job.” Putting everything together included preparing 600 cupcakes, 3,000 chocolate chip cookies and 3,000 root-beer floats for the wedding reception.

So, what did Jill think about her first kiss? She revealed that it was definitely worth the wait!

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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  • Just Commenting

    Such lovely couple. Congratulations.

  • Just Commenting

    This is how marriage is done by so many other cultures too. To eliminate danger, diseases, and heart aches.

  • Just Commenting

    Indian people in India is using the arranged marriage method, no one gets hurt, dumped, raped, …. because everything is arranged by family; the families have to know each other before a “meeting” is arranged. So, reputation is important.

    • balletlady

      Girls/women living in India are RAPED on a daily basis…they have no indoor bathrooms so the girls/guys must go outside to use a “trench” or dig a hole to relieve themselves . Recently two young girls were raped & murdered with their naked bodies hung in a tree. So much for respecting girys/women or for arranged marriages in India…

      • Guest

        Ballet, you are right. Maybe that is why it is so important for each lady to get married early, so that there is a 24/7 bodyguard, who have self interest in keeping the girl safe?

        • balletlady

          Sadly “guest” even married women are raped…sometimes in the presence of their own husband. It’s a sick world at times. I went to high school with a young lady whose step father raped her until she became pregnant., he would tell this girl he’d kill her AND her mother if she told anyone he was raping her.
          HER own mother would not believe her when she asked her mother for help telling her mother she was being raped & who got her pregnant& her own mother threw her out of the house at age 17. She gave birth in a unwed mother’s home & the baby put up for adoption.
          A year after that…HE was arrested for molesting & trying to rape two teen age sisters..one 12 the other 14……he was sent to prison & during a prison riot he was actually murdered.

      • Guest

        Which brought me to another issue, the “norm” American way we dress. We, Western ladies, can dress provocatively, only because our men are usually gentlemen.

      • Guest

        Many men from other cultures look at the way we dressed, will instantly think, “Oh, she is advertising free sex and she wants it.” Maybe that is why so many European women get raped by men from other cultures.

        • balletlady

          Indian women & girls are basically fully covered up..no excuse for rape should ever be made due to the way one dresses.

    • Linda

      Judy, most of these “marriages” are to cousins, some even first or second cousins, which is not very good for the children. I have met many Indian people and this is the norm, from what they tell me. I believe I learned in biology that you never marry that close.

  • Just Commenting

    I feel sorry for today’s young girls having to go out there alone to meet men, it is dangerous sometimes.

  • saneman

    I sure hope she has had her tubes tied.

    • joanie

      are you crazy, this is a very religious family and she wiil have many kids,,

  • danno E

    all marriages are arranged marriages, some are arranged by adults, some by children

  • m.

    Okay … Let’s see a photo of that first kiss.

    • jonny_utah

      Do you think she let him hit it raw that night? Or did Jim Bob have to approve of that as well?

  • Jason Motley

    Looking at some of these comments ou all seem to say this is an arranged marriage. This seems nothing of the sort.

    ““During a conversation with Jim Bob, he mentioned how he thought Jill and I might get along well, having similar personalities and direction in life. He gave me Jill’s phone number and we began texting, then emailing, then skyping/ talking on the phone. Over the next few months we became very grateful for modern technology as we continued to get to know each other better. Most of our conversations were centered around our values and life goals.””

    This does not ring of an arranged marriage. this more looks like what goes on everyday in America. A parent meets someone who they believe will be a good fit for their son/daughter and take it upon themselves to set them up. The only arrangement here was for them to start talking.

  • matmat

    Who is the oldest daughter of the Dugger?

    • whatyouwant

      Oldest daughter is Jana.

      • balletlady

        Jana & John David are twins born two years after Josh was born I think. There are actually TWO sets of twins in the family.

  • dave

    turns out they just had their 20th kid.

    • joanie

      no the diggars are only on their 19th child..

  • http://batman-news.com Pam


  • joanie

    Looks like a very nice loving couple, many years of good times

  • balletlady

    She is an awesomely beautiful bride & it’s wonderful to see her wearing a modest yet gorgeous wedding gown. I’ve been to so many wedding where the bride has a strapless low cut wedding gown nearly exposing “the goods”…it doesn’t look too nice.

  • jonny_utah

    The dude looks a little like Aaron Rodgers. But only if Aaron Rodgers got in a bar fight where his teeth got messed up, then he was tied in a basemet for a few weeks with nothing but water to keep him alive.

  • Linda Henderson

    The Duggars are my favorite TV family- they are such a great example for all of us to follow. Their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ comes through in all they say & do. Jill and Derick are a match made in Heaven. We wish them all the best as they continue to serve the one true God together! God’s love really shines through both of them!

  • Carol Haber-Waters

    I think its great that they waited to kiss and do whatever else they wanted to. But enough is enough, I think we have heard all we need to know about this wedding and courtship, there are more important things that are going on in this world then there wedding.

  • Evelyn Dunham

    congrats to the newly married couple……………………