Jill Duggar & Derick Dillard Expecting First Child

    August 20, 2014
    Lindsay McCane
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Jill Duggar, of TLC’s reality show 19 Kids and Counting, is expecting her first child with her husband Derick Dillard.

After a whirlwind courtship and engagement, Jill and Derick shared their first kiss at their wedding in front of nearly 1,000 of their friends and family members on June 21. The highly-anticipated wedding footage will be shared on the television show when the new season premieres on September 2.

Now, just two months later, Jill and Derick have revealed that they are having a baby. “We’re having a baby!” Jill told People. “We are so excited.”

Jill took several tests at her and Derick’s home, but always received negative results. It wasn’t until the couple was visiting Jill’s parents that they received the exciting news. One of Jill’s sisters persuaded her to take one of their mother’s tests.

“My sisters were asking if I was pregnant and I’m like ‘nooo’ and they’re like ‘Well, mom has pregnancy tests upstairs and you could be pregnant so you should take one!'” Jill recalled . Although a bit hesitant, Jill took the test which showed what she had been hoping for all along … a positive result!

“It was surreal,” Derick said. “We were shocked. Both of us are so excited.”

Jill and Derick gathered their family to share the news. “About 30 days after Jill and Derick got married they gathered everyone in the living room and shared the news,” Jim Bob, Jill’s father, said. “Everyone was clapping and cheering, and we were in shock, too.”

The couple’s bundle of joy is due in March 2015.

  • katie5280

    oh geeeze, is this even possible? I’m a Duggar supporter but this is a little much. At least they could have waited 3 months to make the announcement.

  • tiredofcrap

    so this be the family with 7 live generations

    • math advocate

      ????? that would required a great-great-great grandparent to be living

  • Guest

    I’m also not one to slam them, but the part where she is going to her mothers stash for preg test is VERY disturbing.

    • balletlady

      Obviously, even though the “specialist” TOLD Michelle & Jim Bob it would be highly unlikely that Michelle would become pregnant again, THEY are still “trying” to crank out another kid.
      Michelle is in a “new season of her life” BUT JB keeps trying to knock her up…no wonder he always walks around with a smile on his face.

    • Anna Lopez

      That’s what I was thinking too… that family probably buys prego tests by the gross…. this baby idolatry is disturbing to me… but hey as long as they take care of them all, I guess :-/

  • Mom

    Really? 6 stories about these idiots on the front page? Are you aware, YAHOO, there is a war going on and children are going to bed hungry, in this country?

    • Anna Lopez

      I guess this is a half-notch better than perpetual stories about the kartrashians, but yes, we need to talk more about something substantial. I think I’ll switch pages now.

  • Walzy Mars

    It would have been nice it they had spent time enjoying each other as a couple first. You know, like having fun, traveling, being freaky and all the other stuff newly weds “should” do.

  • Tina

    I’m speechless wonder what letter they will choose happy for them but sad they are not enjoying that precious time of being newly weds hope they dont look back and wonder what if

  • Lewnassy

    Guess you can get a heckofa discount buying pregnancy tests in bulk.

  • bjs

    I am really tired of the cracks made about the Duggar family. It is they who love and care for their kids, not the taxpayer (important item). They have a paid for house, do you? They have paid for cars, do you? Are they making you have any more children, I think not Let them have the beliefs they have, most are letting God provide This country was based on freedom of religion. Leave them alone, why don’t you pray about it, God will provide!

    • saknows

      Jim Bob gets free government paid medical/dental care for this family plus a pension because he was a one term politican.
      Also they say that their house is a “Church” so they don’t pay any real estate taxes on it.

      • Laura

        Hmmmmmmm?? if their house is a church that does shed some new light on their money situation. They do get a sizeable income for their show too no doubt.

        • saknows

          Not paying for health and dental insurance sure makes a difference too!!

  • Laura

    Well, even though it is exciting for the Dillards, I feel they should have waited to make an announcement. Should wait until after the 10th week as the risk of miscarriage is less. And as far as her parents. They said they were waiting for a sign from God if they should have any more children. I believe they got their sign and called her Jubilee. They need to enjoy the children they have and the grandchildren that they have and will be having. Grandchildren are their blessing and they, Michelle and Jim bob, need to focus on them. At least thats my opinion.

    • saknows

      I thought it strange that Jim Bob and Michelle say they leave it up to God if they have more children BUT they got to a fertility doctor to check if she can get pregnant. Any qualified OB/GYN could have run the same tests. I think that they need another baby to keep the show going so they will do it any way that they can.
      I agree that maybe God is telling them that enough is enough!