JibJab Turns To Google Site Search


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A brand that seems to make a splash at least every few months, getting its videos featured on all sorts of blogs, talk shows, and news programs, has picked Google as a search provider.  As a result, Google Site Search now powers JibJab.com.

Chris Poe, JibJab's engineering director, wrote a short guest post on the Official Google Enterprise Blog this afternoon to explain the development.  The overarching reason was simple: "This, hopefully, will allow our visitors to find more of what they're looking for on our site - good laughs!"

As for some more specific details, Poe wrote, "[W]e chose Google Site Search for its ability to help users find the perfect eCard or video, fast, while allowing our developers to control the look and feel of the results.  We also appreciated the fact that Google Site Search provided XML results for full customization of each search query, and gave us a hands-free search solution that requires little-to-no custom maintenance."

The Google/JibJab combo sounds like a win for JibJab, then, and the timing of this move is also hard to fault.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas aren't too far off, after all, and JibJab is almost sure to release more viral videos to celebrate.

Unfortunately, neither Google nor JibJab disclosed any financial particulars or got into traffic expectations.

Still, the development should be at least be a symbolic win for Google given JibJab's high profile.