JFK Assassination: Secret Service Might Have Been Involved

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The JFK assassination is coming up on its 50th anniversary, and as the date approaches several movies and documentaries will be popping up on television. One of the most intriguing is "JFK: The Smoking Gun", which will debut on ReelzChannel this fall. In it, retired police detective Colin McLaren says he's gone through four years worth of evidence regarding the shooting and studied ballistics evidence with Bonar Menninger, author of "Mortal Error: The Shot that Killed JFK". The two of them agree that Secret Service Agent George Hickey--who was riding in the car behind Kennedy's limo--fired the second shot in retaliation to Oswald's, but inexperience and the movement of the car made him misfire, striking Kennedy in the head.

"What we're saying is that we believe it was a tragic accident in the heat of that moment. We don't suggest that he was in any way involved in a conspiracy," McLaren told the Television Critics Association on Sunday. If what he says is true, then Kennedy might likely have survived Oswald's shot.

With the aid of modern forensic technology, McLaren and Menninger have delved deep into the events of that day and say they waited decades for several documents from the investigation to be released in the '90s.

"Our documentary is going to be the only one that has opened the case forensically and looked at the evidence from the beginning and examined everything that happened that day in Dealey Plaza," director Michael Prupas said.

Hickey passed away two years ago, and since Oswald was killed before he could stand trial, Mclaren and Menninger have lost key people who would know what really happened that day. But they insist they aren't out to initiate a smear campaign against either Hickey or the Secret Service as an organization.

"I'm sure that [Hickey] suffered greatly from this," Menninger said. "The fact that he passed on -- maybe it's time to talk about it."

Amanda Crum
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