JFK Assassination Changed Secret Service

    November 15, 2013
    Lacy Langley
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Times have changed for the Secret Service since the ill-fated day of November 22, 1963, when John F. Kennedy was shot. Riding in the back of a convertible is absolutely unthinkable these days, after numerous assassination attempts since JFK have made it impossible for a president, or even a candidate, to be unprotected during appearances.

When Kennedy was shot, his bodyguards were powerless to help him, according to Yahoo. There was nothing they could do. “It isn’t something that we’re marking. It wasn’t a good day for us or for the country,” Secret Service spokesman Brian Leary said. “It was a dark day.”

That “dark day” began round after round of changes in order to do the absolute most that the Secret Service could do to protect our country’s leader. It began with JFK. After his assassination, there were obviously no more convertibles. As the years went by, and Robert Kennedy was killed, followed by an attempt on President Reagan, things have become very, very different for the Secret Service.

Now, Obama rides around in a limousine-shaped fortress, called “The Beast” that is reportedly outfitted with its own oxygen supply, as well as blood transfusion supplies. Just in case. The fuel tank is sealed in foam so that it won’t explode. It’s also sealed against biological or chemical attack and the doors weigh as much as those on a Boeing 757!

“The Beast” is never alone. There can be dozens of vehicles in the presidential motorcade, and the arrangement changes all the time, depending on the Secret Services perceived threat. He could be absent from the motorcade altogether, in a helicopter above, for example.

Of course, there are times when a president just wants to step out and wave to the people, like Obama did on Inauguration day in January. A past member of the Secret Service said their “collective blood pressure spikes” during those surprise moments.

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  • Really

    The JFK assassination changed America not just the Secret Service. In fact, on that day, it was not a Secret Service fault that killed Kennedy. They were told to stand down and not run along the car. You can literally see that on film. The Secret Service men were really ticked. I don’t blame them at all.

    Make no mistake America. All the government corruption we see today started with Kennedy. Yes, there has always been corruption, but what that day signaled is this: Factions within a government can do anything they want — even kill a beloved President — and the people will do nothing. They will be sheep and believe anything. Even a magic bullet theory where one bullet caused 7 different wound in two different people. On that day, it signaled that the powers in charge can do anything they want and get away from it. The people will do nothing.

    • @Really

      Good comment. You are right. Deep down inside here is what people are afraid of. If a group of people can plot and kill Kennedy, then it is also highly likely a group of people could have done 9/11. After all, if you show no regard for a President, you will show no regard for the average person. The evidence disputing the official Kennedy story is overwhelming. The evidence disputing the events of 9/11 is also overwhelming. Believe me — these two events are linked. Decades of wars were fought because of both these events. Select people made billions off of both events. When I look at both events I focus on two things. In the Kennedy Assassination, who had the means to change the parade route and tell the Texas National guard to stand that day. On 9/11, who had the means to tell Andrews Air Force Base to stand down that day. My God, AAFB is only 10 miles away. Its soul purpose is to protect the Pentagon. This is the Pentagon for goodness sakes. Not your local Walmart. I can sure a heck tell you that Oswald did not have the means and a group of amateur terrorists with box cutters didn’t have the means either.

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    JFK did NOT order the agents off the limousine! This was a SECRET SERVICE DECISION. It is time to stop blaming the victim. Read my new book “Survivor’s Guilt”: based on 20+ years of research and interviews with over 70 former agents. Vince Palamara

    • Really

      You are absolutely right. I think my comment was not complete enough. When I said it was not a Secret Service fault, I am talking about the agents directly. The guys around the car. They were visibly upset that they were told to get off the limo. I mean you can literally see this on film.

      They were told to stand down. Just as you said. One has to ask the fundamental question — who has the power to do that? It certainly wasn’t Oswald and prior to Dallas, Kennedy had many threats on his life. Heck, at one point, man strapped dynamite to himself and waited outside of Kennedy’s house. That is how real the threats were. He most certainly did not want them to stand down.