Jewish Groups Concerned Over Google Results

    March 19, 2004

Searching the term “Jew” on Google has brought up some disturbing lead results. The number one listing is the anti-Semitic site,

This news comes as a surprise to David Krane, director of corporate communications at Google. But, the search engine has no plans to manually change the listing.

Krane stated in an article on that, “Google merely reflects what is on the Web and does its best to algorithmically rank pages. Unless [a Web page] violates a country or local law, we don’t make any tweaks.”

When asked how the hate site can garner the number one position, Krane pointed to Google’s ranking algorithm that bases rankings on site relevancy, which is determined by the number of forwarding links to the site.

While the ranking for the word “Jew” will not be manually changed, Krane stated that he would alert Google’s engineers to further refine the search algorithm, which might alter the results for the word.

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