Jesus Look-Alike Kicked Out Of Darts Tournament

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Looking like a celebrity can be a blessing or a curse, depending on whether you want to cash in on it. If the famous person has enemies, anyone who resembles them is subject to bear the brunt of ill-will from total strangers.

But what happens when you resemble someone everyone knows and millions revere? If it’s Jesus we’re talking about, a resemblance might not help you. Australia native Nathan Grindal found that out the hard way when he attended a darts tournament which was being televised and ended up getting escorted out because he was a “distraction”.

The Cash Converters Players’ Championship, which was held in England, was being televised when the audience realized they had a look-alike in their midst. When chants of “Stand up if you love Jesus!” began, the coordinators of the event kicked Grindal out to avoid an angry reaction from the players, and Grindal says he was treated unfairly.

“It was distressing. I was emotionally distraught. The crowd were bullying me and picking on me. It would have been OK if security hadn’t made a fuss getting me out,” he said.

Apparently the ruckus didn’t happen fast enough to appease at least one of the players; Phil Taylor allegedly said after the match, “If I ever see Jesus again, I’ll crucify him myself.”

Image: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Jesus Look-Alike Kicked Out Of Darts Tournament
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  • dean

    He’s just a guy with long hair and a beard. He wasn’t carying a cross or wearing robes or anything. I thought we were beyond this. This is mob bullying. They should have cleared the house and let him watch or stop the game, but letting the baboons have their way is always more profitable.


    People just hate Jesus and anything involving Christianity these days as foretold in the Bible, esp Revelations. They could care less to learn anything about Him or what he taught. His education, his background, etc.

    We ARE in the last days. I think we need to call in the Amish Mafia to take care of these folks. Before all ya’ll go off on that last statement, read the OT. God is a loving God towards his people but he maintains JUSTICE and won’t put with this against those who won’t accept his son.

  • jfur

    Well i think if people came out n said that jesus looked like a small momar gahdafi i dontt think it would be widely accepted by the white christans aka the catholic money….but i may be wrong….

  • jfur

    or maybe he looked like osma bin?? unless n e of us r around 2020 years old i doubt we can say for sure…but geographically….it just dont add up….

  • joe

    This is chilling. This video reminds me of what it must have been like 2000 years ago when a crowd of Jews mocked the real Jesus Christ and had him crucified. The Jews suffered greatly because of it and so is the United States of America. We have ceased to be a Christian nation, we continue to kill millions of babies through abortion, and generally are spitting in the face of God. Natural disasters have never been more frequent or more powerful and socially and politically we are on the brink of complete ruin. But I will bet that few of you relate these events to our countries declining relationship with God, but in the end you will find out that relationship it is the only thing that is really important.

    • aaron

      Joe I am with you 100% People don’t have a clue what to come.

      • aaron

        Joe I am with you 100% People don’t have a clue of what is to come.

        • dub

          Aaron, you are in the 100%, which means you don’t have a clue. @Joe I love that you point out the godless abortions but not our governments random killings of middle eastern civilians.

    • Rich

      Joe, you make hell sound pretty damned good!(careful there’s a pun in there) Beside I don’t think I’d know anyone in heaven?

  • Wanda

    Funny, he doesn’t look Jewish.

    • kmonet

      Yes but he looks like Jesus

      • J Peterman

        He does? You’ve seen Jesus, then?

  • kmonet

    Unfair and he should sue every member in attendance or the organizers. It is so sad how he was treated – basically the same way Jesus was treated. Have people become such heathens that they no longer respect Jesus? People are sick – it is sad. Poor guy and he looks handsome too.

  • Teresa Bates

    Well all I have to say is, they should all be ashamed of themselves. Really, let people be, do your own thing and don’t judge people, he has every right to be anywhere he wants to be. What happened to rights? You can be a man or a female, black or white,straight or gay, it doesn’t matter anymore, but you can’t have long hair and look like someone? People are really taking things too far. All I am saying is leave it at home folks, if you don’t like how someone looks, don’t look at them, look in the mirror, because apparently you have some issues. Thanks.

  • Teresa Bates

    I will say one more thing. The point isn’t really what he looked like. The point is that he was treated unfairly. The underlying truth is that Christians are not accepted and no matter what we look like or feel Jesus looked like, our faith should not stop us from attending any function at any place at any time.
    We can not argue with each other over things, we must remain strong with the belief that Jesus is the love and guidance and strength that will always be there for all Christians, no matter what they look like.
    If you love and accept him unconditionally, he does you too.
    Love each other and help others to see that love too!

  • sucurro

    Earlier in the old testament,those who talk shit used to get the punishment immediately, I wish Phil Taylor receive these signs 1st by getting his tounge stuck to his nose. so that others see this miracle and believe in him so as to save other flocks of jesus which is on the straight path.

  • Annamaria

    LOL, Nah, NOPE. I do not see. A beard and long hair just does not make him look like Jesus. Maybe he likes the Middle Eastern look. I have seen many people with the same style. These people must be the relatives of the Elijah that crucified Jesus.

  • OD of the moral high ground

    The idiocy and small-mindedness of humanity continues to astound me.

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