Jessica Simpson Joins Instagram For The First Time


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You would think a famous singer, actress and fashion designer would be all over social media, so it was kind of a surprise when Jessica Simpson announced that she just opened up an Instagram account.

Just this past Wednesday the 33-year old joined the photo-driven website and the first couple of pictures she posted was that of her 19-month-year-old daughter Maxwell Drew, her sister Ashlee Simpson and her soon-to-be brother in-law Evan Ross. Simpson also made the announcement via her Twitter page and said she needed to join Instagram before the world moved on to some other cool way of communicating online.

"It's official," she wrote. "I've just joined Instagram before it's not cool anymore," which is a common feeling for a lot of people in their 30s and over, because it seems that every day a new social media site opens, quickly becomes popular and then the world moves on to something new. It's happened with Friendster, Formspring and of course Myspace, which was the go-to site from 2005 to around 2008. After that Facebook took over, but even that site is no longer popular among teens and folks in their 20s.

Besides the family pics, Simpson also posted a photo of herself on the cover of Redbook Magazine. In the issue, readers have the chance to win clothes from the Jessica Simpson collection for a whole year. But it's the images of Ashlee and Ross that have spread around the Internet the most, as people have developed a huge interest in the young and newly engaged couple, and the comments beneath the photo confirm that.

"Love this picture. Congrats Ashley and Evan," one person wrote. "Aaaaaaaaw," another person gushed. "Love it." And in just a few short days the photo received 3,091 likes and has garnered Simpson a large number of followers with just three posts. Which probably means she'll become even more involved with Instagram in the days and weeks to come, because once you start posting photos and they get tons of comments, you feel compelled to post more. And that's how one catches the Instagram bug.

Image via Wikimedia