Jessica Simpson Is Pregnant Again, Twitter Explodes

    November 28, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Yes, Jessica Simpson, who only recently debuted a slim new body after being slammed for months for the baby weight she put on with daughter Maxwell, is with child again.

The singer/actress has used Weight Watchers to lose the more than 70 pounds she put on with her first pregnancy, but with the latest news–coming just seven months after she gave birth–it looks like she’ll have to hold off on losing any more.

Twitter and other social media sites fairly blew up today at the announcement that she’s expecting again, mostly at her expense. While Simpson hasn’t confirmed the news, Us Weekly says a confident source insists it’s true.

“It definitely wasn’t planned. But yes, Jessica is pregnant again,” the source said.

  • Belinda

    So what if she is having another child, its nobody else business but hers and the father of the child people grow up



  • Jennifer

    That’s pretty foolish. Doctors advise anyone who has had a C-section to wait at LEAST 1 year before concieving again. For many sound reasons. She is alot like other stupid women out there, just tempting the fates and figuring that the miracle of modern OB medicine will make everything alright. Just goes to show that with all of that money, access to the very best in food, health care, educational resources, etc. you still get these dope celebs who show their ignorance (and arrogance) every single day. She is only in her early 30’s there is no rush, is there? Oops! I just woke up one day pregnant, without thinking it could happen again so soon?! Gimme a break, Jessica.