Jessica Dorrell: Phone Records Indicate She was Heavily Involved with Petrino

By: Heather Campobello - April 12, 2012

We reported to you earlier that Arkansas Razorbacks coach Bobby Petrino hired Jessica Dorrell, his mistress, as the Student Athlete Development Coordinator four days before the motorcycle accident that revealed their relationship.

Petrino was fired and has shamed his wife Becky and their four children.

But apparently his relationship with Dorrell was more than just a fling. According to phone records, “Petrino and Dorrell exchanged more than 4,300 text messages and nearly 300 phone calls over the past seven months — on game days, before dawn and even as the police report that hastened his downfall was being released to the public.”

The true victims in this entire affair are Mrs. Becky Petrino and her children.

Before he was fired, 51-year-old Petrino was earning an average annual salary of $3.5 million; that is money that will be sorely missed — and if Becky decides to divorce her philandering hubby she will probably not get as big of a pay day. Too bad she didn’t find out before the accident.

Check out this new ballad about Petrino:

Twitter users laugh at the ex-coach’s expense:

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Mrs. Petrino has been very quiet throughout the scandal.


Bobby is not in one single picture on his wife’s Facebook page.

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  • Zeddy Cocker

    from my experience, the amount of texting in one day could only meant one thing – sex messages. I feel for the wife but a young guy like Josh must have noticed fiancee obsession with texting…But the thing most befuddling me is why an attractive woman like Jessica sleeps with a guy older than her dad. It just makes me sick.

  • jenna largo

    As usual, another pig who cant keep it in his pants. I havent seen his pic- but I bet he is nothing to look at. He was interested in the hot sex, she was interested in becoming the next Mrs. Petrino. Gold digger, I am sure. My mom always had a saying I love til this day– if he was walking down the street with 2 nickels in his pocket, he couldnt get laid to save his life.
    let a man have prestige, fame, money and all of a sudden they are “hot”? and lusted after…. give me a break.
    Like what does Donald Trump have to offer anyone besides a lavish lifestyle? goes to show you…..

  • USMCvet

    Jessica is a slut and a golddigging whore. Petrino is a slut and trashy, nasty, whorish old cocksucker. He deserved his firing, public humiliation; being stripped of his huge salary, and most importantly….

  • USMCvet

    I feel bad for his kids and Josh Morgan, the fiance. Neither Petrino, nor horse-faced Jessica, were thinking about the other people in their lives.
    This was a hugely selfish nasty, disgusting, self-serving, vile, vulgar, sinful, hypocritical act of lust and ignorance. Both of them deserve the public humiliation they’ve been getting.