Jesse Ventura Wins Lawsuit Against Chris Kyle Estate


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Jesse Ventura has won his lawsuit against the estate of Chris Kyle. Ventura sued Kyle back in 2012 for defamation and alleged that Kyle had based a character in his autobiography on him.

Chris Kyle wrote a book called American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History. In the book he described many events from his life. One of the events describes an altercation between Kyle and an unnamed man in a bar. The books says that the man made a comment about the Navy Seals deserving to lose a few men during the war. The book goes on to say that Kyle punched the man.

Although Kyle did not name Ventura as the man he had punched in the bar, Ventura claims that Kyle was referring to him in the book.

Ventura admitted to going to the same bar as Kyle and said that a lot of Navy Seals frequented the bar as well.

He said that he did not make any comments about the Navy Seals deserving to lose a few men nor was he punched by Kyle or anyone else in the bar.

Ventura had originally filed a lawsuit against Kyle, but Kyle was killed last year. Venture decided to continue the lawsuit against the estate of Kyle and his widow. Ventura has received a lot of criticism for his lawsuit, especially after deciding to pursue it after Kyle's death.

He claims that he would not have went through with the lawsuit if Kyle would have admitted that he had lied about the story before his death. Many people believe that one of Ventura's reasons for filing the lawsuit was to get attention.

Ventura claimed that the book caused his career to suffer and that he lost money and was no longer offered opportunities for his entertainment career as a result of the book.

Ventura was awarded over $1.8 million in the lawsuit. Do you think he really came out a winner or did he hurt his career and reputation even more by going forward with a lawsuit against a widow?

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