Jericho Fans Go Nuts Online

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The cancellation of a CBS drama series has prompted outraged fans to try and save their beloved series by grabbing some nuts and flinging them at senior CBS executives.

Jake Green has inspired fans of the series Jericho to put their nuts where their passions are, and let CBS know they want the series to continue. His closing line, “Nuts,” in the final episode, has been the impetus for a fan-driven effort to bring the show back.

One company has benefited from this sudden, viral campaign to save the series. After noting how their firm was suddenly shipping lots of nuts to Senior Executive VP for Programming Kelly Kahl at CBS, NutsOnline moved quickly to take advantage of the spike in interest.

Company CEO Jeffrey Braverman and his staff set up a dedicated Nuts for Jericho page after fans suggested on a wiki that they should place a massive order at NutsOnline to send along to CBS. NutsOnline set it up in a way that people can pay $5 or $10 increments to be part of a massive group nut shipment.

On their Jericho page, NutsOnline said they have shipped a thousand pounds of nuts as a group order. Also, another 509 pounds of various other items have been ordered with CBS as the destination.

“Sometimes, a CBS comedy just writes itself,” Braverman said. “Jericho fans have been shipping peanuts, almonds and even the occasional organic cashew – now that

Jericho Fans Go Nuts Online
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  • barbara

    thanks for the mention Save Jericho

    • Sherry P

      I had no idea that they were cancelling Jerico. Thanks for the information. That is one of my favorite shows and I record all of them.

  • michelle

    Thanks for the article!! SAVE JERICHO!!!!!!


    I’f you Google “JERICHO”,I’m shure you will be getting a few more hits now,than you would before the sevententh of may. You will have gottin a few hundred thousand more if I’m correct.Point is never before has a show brought this much action this fast,and we are just gitting going.
    JERICHO was a great show , dont take my word for it watch it yourself, its on the web.I listened to a web show last night i did not know existed, and herd oppinions from many die-hard fans from countries i did not know could even understand our culture.I’m amazed at the boundries that have been broken in this small time period, ther is a story here, and some one needs to let the many people unaware know the story.
    sincerly jason tulsa,oklahoma

  • K.S.

    Thank you for your interest in our little campaign! We really appreciate it!

    • Leslie *Go Nuts*

      I have to say this was the second best show on TV this year second only to Heroes…

      Go NUTS! Bring Jericho Back!

  • ray perne

    thnx a lot for the article by brother..im sendin peanuts n mails to cbs too.. SAVE JERICHO..

    thnx again

    ray perne – ontario canada..

  • Jerry Kolata

    Thanks so much for spreading the news — we are all hoping to see our favorite show back for season 2!

  • Mangofish

    Great article!! I hope CBS takes note. Please save Jericho!

  • Heather

    Save Jericho!

  • Dustin Harper

    Thanks for the support! :) NUTS!


  • incrediblehelp

    link baity, viral, everything that is right in marketing going on here.

  • Daniel

    Thanks for the mention.


  • camille ney

    thanks for the article,
    Jericho’s the best t.v. show in avery long time

  • JerichoMike

    Thanks for the mention, you are way ahead of the curve. This story is growing by the minute. Just wait till the ton of nuts show up at CBS tomorrow and the following (already ordered) and the following day ……
    Thanks again

  • L. Ludvicek

    Thanks so much for giving us this much needed publicity!!! We are SO SERIOUS about SAVING JERICHO! We want it back for it’s SECOND SEASON! It’s the only show my entire family gathered to watch..and well, it’s been a long time since I’ve had everybody in one room watching the same show in total enjoyment..not to mention the conversation that went on afterwards! We’ve been glued to the series since Episode 1!!! We’re also boycotting CBS until we get Jericho BACK in this home!

    The NUT TOTAL is now over 2 TONS and this is only the COLLECTIVE TOTAL for pooled contributions!!!


  • Alex biro

    Many many thanks, David!

    • Rob Chester

      Many thanks! Jericho is the best new show on TV and “failed” due to the poor marketing and decision making of CBS. A dedicated 8 million viewers for a 1st year show is actually quite good — not to mention it had to compete with reality TV’s worst show ever — American “fake” Idol.


  • Frnank

    Just wanted to say thank for the mention of the show Jericho, we desperately want it back for another season

  • Tricia Kate

    Thanks for your article.

    Save Jericho!

    http://www.jerichorallypoint.com – forums

    http://www.jericholives.com – main info hub

    http://www.myspace.com/savejerichonow – myspace portal

  • om

    Thanks for the mention. I think there are many others out there that feel bad about Jericho being gone but dont know what theycan do thanks for the mention it may help others to find out what they can do.

    • Jeff

      Thanks for the coverage! Jercho fans are on a mission – the show deserves another chance. NUTS to CBS! Save Jericho!

  • Donna

    Hi David! Thanks for your coverage of our Save Jericho campaign! You ain’t seen nothing yet! There is another 2400 lbs being shipped to CBS on Tuesday! It should make great media coverage!
    for the latest on the war campaign
    :-) Donna in San Jose, CA

  • Brittany

    Thank you for showing interest in our campaign. Bring back jericho only season 2 will do!

  • louise

    thank ye very much for mentioning save jericho :)


    N.U.T.S. TO C.B.S.

  • Monique

    Thank you for your help to get the news out there!


  • RobJ

    Wow, thanks for the nice article, I loved it!


    • auntvonna

      Thanks so much for the wonderful article and for helping to get the word out!

      NUTS for Jericho!

  • Heather

    Thank you for the article and the attention to our cause!
    We will not go quietly into the night…we will fight for our Jericho!!

    NUTS to CBS!!!!

  • Chad Boyd

    Thank you David for the coverage of the fans fighting for their show!

    Save Jericho! NUTS CBS!

  • Cindy

    We want season 2
    Nothing less will do…

    CBS – you must bring this show back, or at least sell the rights so another network can pick them up and continue this great show!!

    You did it with JAG (you snagged it from NBC) and you had 9 great seasons of the show…

    Let it go, or bring it back!!!!!

  • Kat

    Thank you for showing support in the Save Jericho Campaign.

  • Carla

    I’m just going to stop watching tv…series held responsible for a weak tv company…they should make sure that enough shows are produced so that the public isn’t bombarded with reruns…weak shows are allowed to stay on forever and the good ones are pulled…why not tell the pubic before you resort to such underhanded business…no wonder CBS is such a weak broadcasting company…may they forever stay in last place out of the big three…I was just starting to watch that sorry broadcasting company and now I can stop and find something better to do with my time.

  • N

    Good article. Save Jericho!

  • sheryl

    Thank you so much for mentioning our efforts ot save a wonderful TV program. Jericho is quality TV…..I have never been involved in anything like this before….but I feel so compelled to make a stand for family TV. We watched every single episode with our five children (ages 10-17) and NOT ONCE did i have to “cringe” because of images, content or language. It was a show that appealed to every single one of us. As a mother, I feel I have to do something to keep an amazing show like Jericho on the air for at least another season! Suddenly, my family’s time has become way too valuable to watch anything on CBS!!!!

  • Lisa

    Thank you for this wonderful article on our efforts to save our favorite show. CBS made a very bad move in cancelling this quality show.

  • Hans

    Just sent my nuts… now didn’t that come out wrong.

    But anyway, hope it helps! Save Jericho!

    • Jill

      Thanks so much for all of you who are helping us try to convince CBS to bring JERICHO back for another season.


      NUTS TO CBS!
      Emails, letters, phone calls, etc.

      “You never know when you might need a tank.” JOHNSTON GREEN RIP

  • lara schultz

    please help the fight. go to your friends tell them about why you love the show and get them to help.
    we are at war!!! fight!!!
    go to jericholives.com

  • Stephanie

    Thank you so much for the mention. We all are rooting for a season 2 of the show. We aren’t just fighting for Jericho alone. It’s also a fight for the viewers to have a choice. The networks are not looking at all the people, the internet downloads, tivo and all the people that go and watch it on CBS’s site when can’t see it live. Thank you again for giving us a voice. We are still fighting and aren’t giving up.
    Save Jericho

  • xabistuff

    I wanted to let you know that YouChoose also has an active petition to Save Jericho. We also allow signers to create their own personal page in support of the show. As we are the first social network to combine networking with activism, we would appreciate your support and a change in your link to our petition on YouChoose.

    We also offer

  • Scott

    I’ll have to tune it in to learn more about the rave reviews that you’re generating about Jericho. Good luck!


    “Are you tired of business-as-usual on the internet?” Get real answers => www.IMNavigator.com

  • hunter

    Please whoever is the director of jericho please make more episodes please they werE doing a GREAT JOB IT WOULD MEAN THE WORLD TO ME PLEASE MAKE MORE EPISODES IM BEGGING YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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