Jeremy Toeman Says Riya Marketing To Wrong Group

    November 9, 2006

Interesting point on Jeremy’s blog. Hey, Jeremy, you must have missed my video interview with Munjal Shah. He just came back from a press tour where he talked with tons of fashion and consumer magazine editors (he told me that he’ll have tons of great PR in that world coming soon).

Jeremy’s right. Riya needs to focus to fashion and clothes buyers (although I think he underestimates just how much men do play a role here). One thing, though. Most guys I know have women in their lives. Like me.

I might never use again. But I definitely told Maryam about it. I bet she uses it (although she doesn’t like buying things on the Internet, she told me, and would rather go into a store).

So, by hitting all these geeky male-oriented blogs I bet that Riya sees quite a bit of passalong and hits today from women.

Also, there’s another effect that’s good. We (the audience) just beta tested and stress tested Now we’ll move onto the next cool thing to come up TechMeme. That’ll leave those 250 servers waiting for the PR from all those fashion and consumer blogs and magazines. They typically are a bit slower, so now the site is tested out, the engineers can tweak things based on the load we all threw at it this morning playing around, and it’ll be ready for business.

It’s a brilliant marketing strategy if you ask me. Not to mention that now we are doing a second wave of conversation about whether or not the strategy itself is brilliant or just totally lame.

Well played Munjal!



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