Jeremy Lin Says He's Working Hard On Defense


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Jeremy Lin has been working hard all summer and says that he is ready to show everyone what he's got on the court.

Many Lakers fans have questioned his skills and ability as a point guard, but Lin says he isn't worried and knows that he has what it takes to help bring his team to victory.

Over the summer Lin has shared photos and videos of himself training. At the end of the season last year, the Lakers coach said that he planned to make the team's defense one of his top priorities in summer training.

Lin has been hitting the weights hard this summer, as evident in his recent photos. He also posted a message to fans about his training and excitement for the new season.

"This offseason I have been working really hard on my defense, footwork, and explosiveness. A huge component that I needed to work on is my core stability (having good posture, being able to stay low in my defensive stance, and being able to stay balanced while absorbing contact). Only 19 days left till training camp...can't wait to get back on the court! #LakersNation #PurpleandGold," he posted on Instagram.

Even though Lin has been working hard, he still managed to make some time for fun last week and tricked many people into thinking he was a wax sculpture of himself.

It's nice to see Lin working so hard and also taking the time to have some fun. Hopefully all of his hard work will pay off and he will be able to impress everyone when he gets back on the court.

Do you think Lin will have improved by game time?