Jenny McCarthy Twitter Slammed Over Anti-Vaccine Beliefs

    March 16, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Jenny McCarthy was slammed hard on Twitter because of her strong crusade against childhood vaccines. The cohost of The View has an 11-year-old son named Evan who she believes developed autism as a result of having his childhood vaccines. This past Thursday she took to Twitter in hopes of gaining positive feedback but instead received lots of unkind remarks.

McCarthy asked her Twitter followers what they would look for in a mate. She didn’t expect to be the target of a backlash of people slamming her anti-vaccination beliefs.

That’s what she received, however, and the following includes Jenny’s tweet as well as a small sampling of the remarks Twitter users posted.

See if you think it was fair of Twitter users to answer her question in such off-track ways.

Of course some of those who replied to Jenny McCarthy’s question were a bid rude, too.

It’s pretty plain to see that Jenny McCarthy’s crusade against childhood vaccines is so firmly attached to her name that she can’t even ask a simple question without it being thrown back in her face.

Do you think she deserves this sort of Twitter backlash? Do you think people are uneducated about the perils of childhood vaccines? Is it possible that Jenny McCarthy hasn’t done enough research on the topic she is so vocal about?

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  • Winston

    Only liberal progressives want their children subjected to be guinea pigs for vaccines which includes poisons as preservatives. She’s a smart lady by taking a firm stand.

    • Tyler

      your kinda ignorance is dangerous…

    • Taking a stand

      Please, do your research. The additives are minimal or were removed years ago. For poisons and preservatives check your food labels.

  • Terry

    I’d take Jenny’s word over those creepy vaccination trillionaire companies any time. There is a vaccination or a drug for anything but doesn’t anyone suspect the vaccinations could be extremely harmful? What about the fluoride and other poisons in them, also mercury? Jenny on the other hand is nice!

    • Rachael

      I suppose Jenny is the only one smart enough to see through the enormous government conspiracy – and all of the independent research – and the eradication of all of the diseases. OR she’s stupid enough to put her son and those who aren’t able to vaccinate (or babies that aren’t fully vaccinated) at risk.

      • J’entend le Moulin

        How does she put those who AREN’T ABLE to vaccinate at risk? That doesn’t even make sense. Oh wait…Get your baby a couple of vaccines, and then just stop because Jenny likes to mix it up, cocktail style! Wow, JM has soooo much power, she can make me do anything! FOHWTBS.

  • DungenessSam

    DEAD conservatives will solve this problem.

  • wolfiekins

    medical company peoples make money off the vaccinations.. of course they are going to say its safe.. there is too much money in it for them not to.. It’s the same reason the cure for cancer will never see the light of day.. they make too much money off of it.

    • Gentle Reader

      Actually, there isn’t very much money in vaccines. That is why most big pharmaceutical companies abandoned vaccine R&D years ago. The research was too expensive and the pay-off was too small. There were twelve companies in the vaccine business 25 years ago, now there are only four or five, and one of those is looking to get out.

      • pHD2

        your insane.

      • wolfiekins

        is this what it means to be educated? 😮

    • Bill Cynecki

      …and this is what people believe ladies and gentleman. Good night.

  • suki

    Live with polio for a lifetime and then whine about vaccines. Some people just shouldn’t reproduce, they pass on faulty genes which produce things like autism and Jenny McCarthy is definitely one of those. If you don’t want to vaccinate…fine, BUT fund your own schools and keep your kids away from those whose parents responsibly vaccinate.

    • Rachael

      I vaccinated my children (and continue to do so) even though they both have varying degrees of autism. I can handle an autistic child, but not a child with polio. That being said, I don’t appreciate being told that my faulty genes produced my autistic children.

      • Debbie Goldthwait Clemeno

        That was very insensitive for Suki to say that to you or anyone who has an Autistic child. I apologize to you on behalf of any ignorant person who believes just that.

    • Fritz

      If your kids are vaccinated suki, then they should be safe around unvaccinated children, no? If you have faith in the vaccines then why are you worried about unvaccinated children in your school? I don’t get your logic.

    • PHD2

      HI Suki! Your a complete utter failure as a compassionate intelligent human being. If you could read you could find out the incredulous crap that is put out as truth on vaccines. But then how could you watch TMZ? Azweepay!

  • Debbie Goldthwait Clemeno

    Childhood vaccines protect children from a variety of serious or potentially fatal diseases, including diphtheria, measles, meningitis, polio, tetanus and whooping cough. If these diseases seem uncommon — or even unheard of — it’s usually because these vaccines are doing their job.

    • PHD2

      Your apology for suki was very gracious Debbie.
      Your post on vaccines is not completely true Debbie, Polio started to get wiped out here when the USA started vaccinating. It was getting wiped out simultaneously in Europe yet they weren’t vaccinating.
      Your beliefs are understood completely because all you’ve been given is the same mantra on it. Your Drs. are trained in “Medicine” not the body working together as a whole, also medicine relieves symptoms but doesn’t cure. You would probably get scared if you started getting the whole picture.
      NJ has the highest rate of Autism in the country and the highest # of ‘MAndated by the state vaccines. almost 60 to enter Kindergarten!
      There are no follow up studies on children who get Autism or other permanent diseases. The FED has a very large pot of money for people who sue and win.
      ADD, ADHD and dozens of other childhood diseases weren’t here when I was a child. Neither was the amount of vaccines. It’s not proven but it’s somewhere to look. Putting that all aside, The truth on vaccines is not out there. Ask your DR what’s in the vaccine. See if he can give you a comprehensive not general answer.
      We fired our DR. a very good diagnostician because we wouldn’t comply with there demanding parents to vaccinate according to the State mandate.
      How about ‘Well Visits” Our dr drove a nice new Porche. I bet he wants 2 well visits per child per year.

      • Debbie Goldthwait Clemeno

        I do understand what you’re saying PHD2, although I DO believe that ADD and ADHD was around when I was growing up but we just called them hyper children or blamed it on that they had too much sugar. I also believe Autism was around before anyone understood it, these children were labeled unfortunately as mentally challenged or slower than average. We just have better research these days than we did back then to know the difference. I have not found anything to back up that vaccines have anything to do with causing Autism, however, I do understand how parents would want some kind of answer of why.

  • David Colville

    In the case of her stance on vaccines, she is helping to kill and maim innocent children. Ironically, those parents that are following her idiotic beliefs are the ones that should be removed from the gene pool.

    • J’entend le Moulin

      …How is that ironic?

      • David Colville

        The irony is that those claiming to know the most actually know the least.

    • PHD2

      F U asshole! Read a book. You watch the 6oclock news your a well informed geniuis! Jack ass.

      • David Colville

        Do you mean “you’re” a well informed genius? Let me guess; you’re blaming the vaccines for your poor grammar. Please use birth control. We don’t need you procreating.

  • Terry

    I still vote for Jenny. How many polio cases are actually caused by these dangerous vaccines? How about flu vaccines that are more harmful than the flu or are not helpful at all but still contain the mercury, fluoride and chemical crap that makes people stupid and hurts their immune system? Go Jenny!

    • Tyler

      “How many polio cases are actually caused by these dangerous vaccines?”…. ZERO!

    • PHD2

      TRUE!!! Good Post!

  • Word

    I say she has a point. So why aren’t they looking into it? That is the question? If the pharmaceutical companies think the vaccines are trustworthy, then why such a fuss? Why not test it? Study it further?
    I have seen so many normal kids change after being vaccinated. A lot of the illnesses today were in fact created. You Go Jenny McCarthy!! You did what was right for your son, and shed some light to people. Evil always wants to destroy what is light.

    • Tyler

      She DOESNT have a point. There HAVE been SEVERAL SEVERAL studies, tests, etc on the safety of vaccinations. And ALL of them have found these vaccinations to be safe with NO link to autism.

      Do yourself a favor and actually look into some CREDIBLE resources before making such uneducated comments.

    • profmoriarty

      It has been looked into with several studies. At one time it was thought thimerosal in the vaccines was linked to autism, however when thimerosal was removed from the vaccines, the autism rate stayed the same. Just Bing or Google “studies linking childhood vaccines to autism”, you’ll find the results are heavily AGAINST any link. A Hollyweird celeb that thinks she knows more than many eminent scientists, doctors, etc. who have studied the issue. Wonder what medical school she graduated from?

  • Michael P Smith

    I think that what it comes down to is that most people choose not to do their research about vaccines. It is a personal preference, and if someone chooses not to go through with them, then that is their right. I also think that some people will never understand until it affects a family member in some way. We have a right to choose, and that should be something that people respect instead of putting people down for what they believe in.

  • gotta

    She’s a bimbo…whadaya expect……

  • jenn

    I am very disturbed by these comments. #1 Jennny doesnt say she is against vaccines all together. She just wants them to be safer with a more personalized vaccine schedule. Not all children are the same and one size does not fit all children. The child born ten weeks premature on a ventilator should not be receiving the same vaccine schedule as the full term baby that is perfectly healthy. She has always said that she still wants vaccines, she just wants them safer and not such a heavy schedule. #2 The people that think she is some idiot that puts her child in danger….her child died and was resuscitated from vaccine damage. She talks about all of this in her books, she wants vaccines, she just wants a safer schedule and less toxic material in the vaccinations. There are ways to make vaccinations without toxic ingredients, but vaccine makers choose to continue to make them with toxic ingredients to save money. That option should at least be available for our children, I would feel a heck of a lot better if I could request a pertusis or mumps vaccine without aluminum for my child. #3 Every person that I have known that does not follow the typical vaccine schedule has not just blindly made the decision just because Jenny McCarthy said so. They have researched and thought deeply about the options. I think it is disturbing that so many people seem to think that the population that isnt 100% on the vaccine train must be complete idiots. In all reality many of these people know exactly what is in the shots and have heavily weighed the decision. I personally think the schedule is rough. I agree with Jenny on this issue as I have spent hundreds of hours researching. Children should be given one at a time, they should have titers so they aren’t getting more than they need, and thus overloading their system. There are certain medications that should never be given before or after vaccines that Doctors routinely recommend. Children should never be given vaccines when they are sick, they are already fighting something else, their body doesnt need the extra stress. For those that have actually looked into Jenny’s actual beliefs you would see she is not anti-vaccine, she just wants them to be safer with a better schedule.

  • Bill Cynecki

    This stupid bimbo has no idea what led to her child’s autism. Winston, Terry, Rachael…have you all bumped your heads????? Get your kid vaccinated or bring back the Whooping cough and Polio.

  • Cheraud

    The backlash has to be coming from the people who are pro drug company policy. Nobody can confirm that vaccines are bad, because the drug companies keep that quiet or else they would be stuck with a lot of old vaccines. How can Thimerosal which is mercury, along with other poisons be healthy for you? People do not know what they are being injected with. They assume it is safe and works because it is driven into us everyday.

  • Tyler D

    As a parent who has lost an infant child, you cannot fatham the fact that preventable diseases are killing children because people will not vacinate their own !! pure ignorance. there is no direct link of vacines causing autism no one knows what causes it, and while i do feel for her there is a direct link between no vacines and child/infant death!! whooping cough for example. be smart, not ignorant.

  • Tyler

    Diseases prevented by vaccinations: Diphtheria, Small pox, Polio, Whooping cough, Measles, Typhoid fever, Yellow fever, Chicken pox, etc.

    Educate yourselves. There hasnt been a single CREDIBLE study that has linked vaccinations to autism. People like Jenny McCarthy are dangerous and SHE’S the one thats gonna get kids killed by preventable diseases.

  • Terry

    I say let the parents decide, do we allow the vaccine containing vile chemicals and strains of the virus alive or presumed not alive to be given to innocent children? If your vaccinated child is protected you needn’t worry about the others infecting them. Governments are getting more and more militant bordering on forced vaccinating as they always kneel to big business who are making enormous profits. Right to refuse their vile poisons seems to be the important issue at this time.

  • Kaylee Carson

    when you stand up against something like vaccines-expect some serious backlash-i would like to see her sons doctors medical report-that firmly states-vaccines caused his autism….