Jenny McCarthy Out, Nicolle Wallace and October Gonzalez In on The View?

    August 8, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Jenny McCarthy said goodbye to The View on Thursday as rumors about the hiring of two new co-hosts hit the media. Nicolle Wallace and October Gonzalez will supposedly soon join Rosie O’Donnell and Whoopi Goldberg–taking both McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd’s spots on the daytime talk show.

Whoopi Goldberg was absent on McCarthy’s last day. Speculation had her tying up loose ends regarding the new hires.

“When I chose to come to The View one year ago, the opportunity represented two things for me,” McCarthy said during her final broadcast. “First was that, after 20 years in the business and paying a lot of dues…., working as a talk show host alongside the single most respected female news journalists of all time, Miss Barbara Walters. All I can say is ‘Wow, am I grateful!’”

Jenny McCarthy continued. “Second, was continuing to do what I’ve always tried to do in any situation I’ve ever found myself in, which is to learn.”

“My time here was short, but the memories and lessons learned here will stay with me forever and for that, and to you guys at home who have supported me, I am grateful,” McCarthy said after singing the praises of The View’s Executive Producer Bill Gedde.

“Working with you, I can now say I have worked with the best in the business — you are one of a kind and thank you,” she told Gedde.

It will certainly be interesting to see if an official confirmation regarding Nicolle Wallace and October Gonzalez is announced in the coming days. Whoopi Goldberg returned to The View on Friday. On Monday the show will feature a taped goodbye from Sherri Shepherd.

Will you miss Jenny McCarthy–the soon-to-be Mr. Donnie Wahlberg–on The View?

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  • Donna Mentrasti

    I’m just glad Sherry will be gone and Rosie will be back. Don’t know either Nicolle or October, but will miss Jenny.

    • Carolyn

      Yes I will miss Jenny but not Sherrie – But I am not happy that Rosie back as far as I am concern she is the most rude loud mouth there is. CAN’T STAND HER. Not sure if I am going to watch the VIEW or not

      • Ruth

        I posted the same opinion about Rosie yesterday and they removed my post

  • Jack

    Dont care about Jenny or Sherry. I really think ROsie is funny but i hope she is not the same angry person from when she was on it last time. Loved her show in the 90s..

  • berfa

    sick of the whole ordeal won’t watch this crud

  • Donna

    Yes, I will miss Jenny the most. She lent a breath of fresh air to The View.

    • 1Max_Wedge1

      And she was hot.

  • Jeff

    Won’t watch it anymore, not as long as Rosie is on there.

    • bhudda

      Amen , my thoughts also . Another re-run staring rRosie is aExactly what I don’t need .

  • txl

    Never heard of them!

  • http://Aol.com Mbakey

    Jenny was out of her mind long ago. She has so much blood on her hand, with all that vaccine sheet. Brainless idiot

  • Freesia

    Don’t know either of the newbies but knew there would be at least one Hispanic on the panel. They need a ratings boost so time to pander to that sector. I don’t watch anyway so makes no difference to me. I do like Whoopi but not on The View.

  • Lauren

    Of course they have 3 people who are on the left. Why couldn’t they have people who are in the middle. We already know the liberal stuff Whoopi and Rosie have going on. both very angry women. Why not go with a new, open minded group of women who aren’t just going to try to help elect Hillary. Give me a break! My opinion of Barbara has gone way down. I won’t watch any more.

  • Charlotte DiLondon

    Sherrie was beginning to bring too much drama to the show, and besides how smart is she really? Hope these new people work out. The show depends on it…………….

  • 1Max_Wedge1

    So the chick how doesn’t want anything to do with her kid and the hit chick are out. Why watch the show anymore?