Jenny McCarthy Clarifies Her Stance on Vaccinations

    May 9, 2014
    Pam Wright
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After publicly stating her opposition to vaccinating children, Jenny McCarthy is changing her tune a bit.

“Everyone should ask questions, but I’m certainly not against them,” McCarthy said during an appearance on Good Morning America Wednesday.

McCarthy began her crusade against vaccinations after her son Evan was diagnosed with autism in 2005. She came to believe there is a link between vaccinations and the behavioral disorder.

The View star recently wrote an op-ed piece for the Chicago Sun Times in which she insisted she was “wrongly branded as ‘anti-vaccine.'”

McCarthy told GMA host Lara Spencer that people need to read the op-ed piece in its entirety to fully understand her stance on the controversial issue.

“I think people should read exactly what I have said instead of reading headlines, and that’s why I wanted to write that piece,” McCarthy said. “Everything that I have said and everything that I believe in is in that piece, so I hope people will go and refer to that so they know exactly what I’ve been saying.

“This is not a change in my stance nor is it a new position I have recently adopted,” she wrote. “I’ve never told anyone to not vaccinate.”

“My beautiful son, Evan, inspired this mother to question the ‘one size fits all’ philosophy of the recommended vaccine schedule,” she continued. “I embarked on this quest not only for myself and my family, but for countless parents who shared my desire for knowledge that could lead to options and alternate schedules, but never to eliminate the vaccines.”

McCarthy questioned vaccinations during a 2008 interview with Larry King.

“Isn’t it ironic, in 1983 there were 10 shots and now there’s 36 and the rise of autism happened at the same time?” she asked. “We need to get rid of the toxins, the mercury—which I am so tired of everyone saying it’s been removed. It has not been removed from the shots.”

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  • freedom

    Yelling fire in a crowded theater.

    • youngexecutive

      You mean scaring parents that their babies will die if they don’t get vaccinated before they leave hospital?

      • Brian Hard

        im not really concerned about their babies, thats their business. my concern is with my own children and whether one of their unvaccinated children is going to expose my child to illness, some of which are potentially fatal, that he otherwise wouldnt be. if you dont want to vaccinate your kids, fine, but they shouldnt be allowed in public schools and there should be potential consequences should you decide to take your little typhoid mary out into a crowded public space and expose others in that fashion as well. i live in central ohio where, right now, as we speak, there are skyrocketing levels of measles and mumps, attributed almost entirely to unvaccinated children/college aged students.

        • freedom

          young executive is a bit too young (read: naive).

      • freedom

        No….causing innocent people to die of measles because their babies were not vaccinated and then spread the disease—then some people who were vaccinated but unfortunately never developed immunity get sick, the pathogen mutates, infects general population, people die en masse….just because “young executives” think that the healthcare system is “scaring parents.” That is yelling fire in a crowded theater. *The innocent people dying are analogous to the innocent bystanders getting trampled*

        • youngexecutive

          “Causing innocent people to die” LMAO. What was that you were saying about yelling fire in a crowded theater?

          • freedom

            You’re laughing at the deaths of people from the measles and mumps outbreak in Ohio. How does it feel to laugh at pain and misery and anguish?

          • youngexecutive

            You’re laughing at the deaths/harm of people who have had adverse reactions to vaccines? How does it feel to laugh at pain and misery and anguish?

          • freedom

            My goodness, are you from the Middle Ages? Next thing you know, you’re going to tell me that Satan has laced the vaccines personally.

          • youngexecutive

            Except I’m not the one with the overflowing faith in the 100% safeness of vaccines. I mean seriously can you stop preaching about how vaccines CAN’T cause harm to anyone ever?
            But by all means keep going on and on about Satan or something.

          • freedom

            You are using a straw man argument, meaning I never said vaccines were 100% safe, but you pretended that I said that, because you are lazy and it is easier for you to argue against something that I never said.

          • youngexecutive

            When you keep disagreeing with a man that says vaccines ARE NOT 100% safe it follows that you think they are 100% safe.

            No straw man. Just logic.

          • freedom

            you consider that logical? please let me know what company you’re with, so that i know not to invest in it.

          • youngexecutive

            My company is a 100% safe investment…

  • Moi

    Call me naïve, but I just thought the increase of anything has to do with the rise in population.

    • Saratini11

      I won’t call you naive, just trusting, trusting that our government wouldn’t possibly do this to us/unborn children, et al. THEY WILL & THEY DO. Just look at your food, drinking water, skies, environment…..

      • eryche

        Of course, it’s a conspiracy. That’s why so many children have been saved from measles, mumps, whooping cough, rubella, tetanus, etc., etc.,

        • youngexecutive

          Nothing the pharmaceutical companies have produced has ever killed anyone ever. Nope.

          Dude. Nothing is perfect and what makes you stronger may kill someone else. Vaccines or anything else medial is not 100% safe. It just ain’t.

      • disqus_p6hJ2yoKYN

        Yep, we now have drinking water that is safe enough even for people with compromised immune systems to drink. And our food is the safest in the world. Bad gubment! Bad gubment!

        • youngexecutive

          Safe? LMAO. Only if you don’t understand what healthy means.

          • freedom

            I am not sure what healthy is. I can tell you that my girlfriend’s father is turning 90. His mind is doing quite well, but he’s slowing down a little physically. must be the tap water lololololol

      • bear75

        Right because our government is all powerful and has countless time, money, and resources on Its hands A. to come up with a pointless conspiracy and B. to make sure that it can impossibly stay secret.

    • Ken Wood

      It also has a lot to do with the rise in education and our understanding that things like autism exist, the rise in technology and our ability to detect certain things, etc. Is there potential for a link to toxins and the cause of autism and other things, yes, but there’s a lot of different things to factor in. Lots of scientists and medical professionals are working on it, and as of right now there is no link to autism and vaccinations.

    • walkintalkinbenny

      Increases, from a scientific point of view, is based upon a number/a population size. In other words, a rate( e.g 500/10,000 children between newborn and age 13.

    • youngexecutive

      Total numbers but not percentage

  • george smithson

    Here’s the problem: no one should even care WHAT her opinion is on the topic…

    • mojorisin69

      “She came to believe there is a link between vaccinations and the behavioral disorder.

      “Came to believe” is not medical science. It is inferred, assumed or made up. It simply amazes me how many people that believe that anecdotal evidence is the same as observed or empirical science.

      • youngexecutive

        6 Billion people on the planet. Vaccinations in praxis are not safe for everyone. Your faith based “science” is cute.

        • mojorisin69

          Who said they were safe for everyone?? Comprehension is hard.

          Autism caused by vaccinations is completely imagined

          • youngexecutive

            Hundreds of Millions of vaccinated infants and not a single one had their autism triggered? Yeah you do suck at comprehension and science.

          • freedom

            Please explain the biochemical mechanism involved in a vaccination causing this “autism triggered” effect.

          • youngexecutive

            Before Watson and Crick noone could explain DNA… so please keep holding your breath. One less anal fool the better.

          • freedom

            Rosalind Franklin had a clue. Watson and Crick would have accomplished precisely nothing without her. That’s how science works. Constructing a model is much more difficult than destroying it with ignorance.

          • youngexecutive

            Vaccines are not 100% safe. Now suck off.

  • Tini

    Caving to the Man, McCarthy? You gained a lot of respect in my eyes when you spoke up & out, now this retraction/ change in stance?…. is Holloywood/fame really that important to you over the thousands of lives you may have saved and the eye openings you gave to so many? Selling out, so soon? ….what would your son say?

    • Ken Wood

      I’m not going to try to pretend to know what anyone would say, but I think a lot of people would be happy if people would stop worrying about things that are nonsense so we can start focusing on real issues in the world.

    • eryche

      Perhaps you should work on your reading comprehension. She has not retracted anything nor has she changed her stance. As she said, instead of just reading headlines, read what she actually said and wrote.

    • Lucabrasi2345

      She didn’t save lives, she jeopardized them. She believed in a doctor who has been proven to have falsified his studies to create this hysteria. She’s backtracking not for selling out, but because she knows shes an idiot for running with this idea.

  • Jack’s Mom

    First of all, she will say or do anything to garner publicity for herself, including using this child. First she said he had autism because of vaccines. Then she said she put him on a gluten free diet and “cured” him. (FYI – you can’t cure autism) Then when Jim Carrey smartened up (scary that he was the more mature adult in this scenario) and dumped her, she said that he abandoned her autistic son. So, I guess the cure didn’t last? Then late last year there was a report that the kid doesn’t even have autism, he has a neurological problem. But now he has autism again. I think the bleach finally sunk into her brain.

    My son is on the spectrum. Has been and always will be. It is not vaccines. I know someone in my autism mom support group that has three children. None of them were vaccinated at all. All three are on the spectrum. A more likely culprit is the additives in our food. When we take our kids to their 2 year check up, yes, they get shots. But we are also ordered to no longer allow them to drink whole milk, it has to be skim. We are told if we give them juice, it has to be “light.” Everything needs to be diet, low-cal or light. Guess what, Aspertame is the key ingredient in all of the above. Diet drinks didn’t really take off until the late 80s. But the huge popularity came in the 90s and continues today. It is in more and more food. Could the kids be having a reaction to it? Could it be the pesticides our government allows on our food? High Fructose Corn Syrup instead of natural sugar? It could be one or all of the above.

    But here’s something else. When I was a kid in the 80s, no one paid attention to things like this. Kids were labeled as bad. If I look back on the kids I went to school with that were always in trouble, my guess is half of them had some sort of spectrum disorder that was never diagnosed. Back then, autism was Rain Man. If you didn’t sit a corner stimming, you were fine. So could it be there were always this many kids that fell somewhere on the spectrum and no one diagnosed them? Maybe there isn’t an epidemic at all, maybe doctors, parents and teachers are just smarter these days.

  • Dr.JM

    Assuming anyone cares what Jenny McCarthy thinks. If you are taking medical advice from that moron then vaccines are the least of your worries. Ridiculous that this clown has any kind of platform when her only talent is having big boobs.

    • AddisonDewitt

      oh but but but she’s wearing glasses now so she must be intelligent ! / sarc

  • Armando

    Truth will set you free,,,,,Damage control and short term memories will make it all better.

  • deeare

    Isn’t ironic that she has no idea what the word ironic means?

  • Vito Alexander Pavlovic

    Let’s see, nothing has changed at all here, what she said previously is what she is repeating ‘Constantly’, nothing has changed, “Nothing” however the problem lies with people only reading the headlines, all she is asking for is safer vaccines which she believes cause autism, and so does 33% of the adult population in the U.S. at this time, and there is plenty of research to back her up.

  • Vito Alexander Pavlovic

    The problem that we have is that 1 in 6 children now have a chronic disability, we have traded in acute diseases for chronic lifelong disabilities, such as autism, adhd add, and other autoimmune diseases, clearly the science is not settled on vaccines, if anything they are very dangerous, even Jenny McCarthy understood that for those of you that try to make her look as if she were ignorant.

  • chris

    Bull…Vaccines like the HPV vaccines are useless thy have NO proof is works and actually (look it up yourselves) has shown they do NOT work.
    There is NO needed for the crap they put in the vaccines and it is true that the more vaccines more crap and more autism more health issues….why do people question those who want our children free from any and all harmful additives to vaccines? Please call me crazy or call me a conspiracy nut but I want my kids safe from all things the Government does not care.
    I want my kids safe and healthy i WILL question everything.

    • Kenzie

      They don’t put ‘crap” in vaccines at random. The government does care about what goes in them. (Federal employees have children as well.)
      Please question everything, but find the actual data. Vaccines with no proof are not legal for use and is criminal to sell. You should be able to get it from the FDA who regulates everything that goes in the body except tattoo ink.
      When I received a disc implant I read all the application and research data submitted to get it approved for use in the USA. Wasn’t hard to find.

    • Reason

      You are 100% correct. You should also fix your car, build your house, fill your own cavities, teach your kids, defend yourself in court, elect our politicians for us, perform your own surgery, and pretty much everything else in your life. Who needs experts when we have someone as smart as you. I feel very warm and fuzzy about the future of you and your children….Great things await

  • AddisonDewitt

    oh yes…let’s all take ” life advice” from a sllutt whose poor son will have to endure other boys oogling over his mother’s naked junk in men’s magazines…of course she has come out with this ” I never really said…..” clean up act because she now has a new book she wants to sell and she knows her reputation regarding the vaccine issue is in the toilet…if you have to read a self help book from Jenny McCarthy I really feel sorry for you…

  • chris p moore

    so Jenny, how many drugs did you do before you reproduced? do you ever wonder if that might have been and issue and not the vaccines. Have you disproven a link between cocaine abuse and autism… nope didnt even explore it huh?

  • Guest

    I’m all for the anti-vax folks not protecting their kids. The sooner these dopes die off the better.

  • Gagge

    She’s a liar.

  • sukiyhtaky

    Bad genes passed on by parents is more likely to be the cause. Parents have the right to make that decision for their children; but their children should not be allowed to go to public schools where they can bring in the diseases we vaccinate our children against. Their children should also be allowed to sue them later for faulty decisions that led them to have things like polio and really suffer their entire lives. I was sad to see The View take a massive step down when they hired her. One day with her over the top antics and I switched the channel. Could she have been intentionally hired by Barbara Walters to insure the program faltered so it appeared that she had been the glue that held the show together?

  • Chris Mack

    I’m glad I need something in the background to work, because the interview with Atlantic City is one of the worst interviews ever. Not because of her answers, but because of the reporter. Horrible seque/timing/responses to her answers. Droll at best.

  • don

    she wrote 2 books bashing vaccines; blamed her son’s autism on them. Many women took her word and did not vaccinate their children. Rate of some diseases have risen, as a result, in the U.S.
    Now she doesn’t want to take responsibility for her actions.

  • Joe Imbriano
  • bobwhite11

    Babies are born with very weak immune systems that develop over many years. Hitting them at 6 weeks of age with dozens of vaccines so they can be rushed into daycare, rather than phasing in vaccinations over a number of years, is the problem, along with poisonous preservatives like Thiomersal (mercury based) and adjuvants like aluminum salts. Air based germs cannot possibly hit a kid as hard as mainlining something into their little bodies….

    • youngexecutive

      Kind of simple isn’t it.

      • freedom

        More like: kind of simplistic. ” Air based germs cannot possibly hit a kid as hard as mainlining something into their little.”

        Try telling that to the parents of the little ones who have been infected with measles and mumps in Ohio.

        • youngexecutive

          But, but, but the measles virus doesn’t cause measles because not every one who is exposed catches it… even if they don’t have the vaccine.

          • freedom

            As it turns out, infant mortality is exponentially lower due to modern medicine. It is silly to destroy things that you don’t even understand.

          • youngexecutive

            As it turns out making everyone eat no meat but baked fish, would also have an overall positive affect on the health of the population… but those people who are severely allergic would die!

            Public health is not equal to personal health… dumb ass.

  • cccourt

    This IS not what she has said for nearly a decade…and has caused so many problems due to her fat mouth.

  • fornowanyway

    Don’t bother talking to you doctor since Jenny McCarthy is so much smarter.

    btw – a lot of things have changed in our environment since the 80s besides more vaccines. This dolt needs some logic 101 lessons.