Jennifer Lawrence Nude Photos To Be Art Exhibit

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Jennifer Lawrence and other celebs affected by the nude photo leak last weekend could be seen later this year in an art exhibit. A person who calls themselves an artist intends to blow up some of the photos into life-size images and print them on canvas for display at a gallery in St. Petersburg, Florida.

This artist, who goes by XVALA, and Cory Allen Contemporary Art are going ahead with the so-called "art" despite the obvious outrage from some of the victims, like Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence.

CACA will display the photos of Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton, along with other images from seven years of mining Google for leaked photos of celebrities at their most vulnerable, in his exhibit called "No Delete".

The artist says of his "Fear Google" campaign of the last seven years, “We share our secrets with technology,” said XVALA. “And when we do, our privacy becomes accessible to others."

XVALA at least acknowledges that the outrage is valid, but that won't deter him.

"It's encouraging to see the outrage in people's responses to this project we are doing, especially in an age when we give away so much information," he told E! News in a statement. "It's great to see people still care about privacy and will stand up for it."

Cory Allen says the goal of the exhibit featuring Jennifer Lawrence and others is to draw attention to the problem of privacy invasion.

"We hope the conceptual value of this project will help address issues that will help find better ways to protect an individual's information," he explained. "To gain back our privacy."

Allen also said of displaying Jennifer Lawrence's photos on canvas,

"Our goal was not to do anything illegal. It was for XVALA to create art; to follow through with his vision for this project and for me to promote it," Allen explainded. "We have not been contacted by anyone."

Jennifer Lawrence has lawyered up, however, so even though this artist plans to go through with his show, there could still be some ramifications.

Lawrence's rep told E! News, "This is a flagrant violation of privacy. The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence."

What do you think? Should this artist be prosecuted?

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