Jennifer Aniston Beach Wedding Revealed

    July 28, 2014
    Mike Tuttle
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45-year old Friends star Jennifer Aniston may finally get her “happily ever after.”

Aniston’s fiancé, actor and screenwriter Justin Theroux, proposed to her on August 10, 2012, after the two met on the set of Wanderlust, a 2011 comedy film by David Wain. Now it looks like wedding plans are underway.

Wedding planner and close friend of Aniston, Kevin Lee, who organized Aniston’s $1 million wedding to Brad Pitt in 2000, recently spoke to RadarOnline.com about the details.

“Jennifer and Justin are getting married right by the ocean, so it will be a ‘beach meets California’ modern-chic sort of thing,” Lee said.

After the media circus of her first wedding, Lee says that Aniston and Theroux plan to marry “out of the country.”

“Beach weddings are a lot of fun because there are ton of beautiful venues and ocean views. It is the ideal location. There is definitely a trend in summer wedding right now. This year we are doing with more a vintage style. It is more grey, comfortable and earthy tones with the flowers.”

Lee, however, will not be planning this particular wedding due to it being outside of the U.S.

Though an official date has not been set, there is speculation that the wedding could occur on August 10, exactly two years after the proposal, also the date of Theroux’s 43rd birthday.

Whether any of Aniston’s “Friends” will attend the wedding is unknown, although Aniston was recently seen at an unofficial reunion with Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow at an upscale Los Angeles restaurant. The trio even included Matt LeBlanc via FaceTime.

However, it is unclear if David Schwimmer will be included after the two co-stars had a bitter argument a few years ago when Schwimmer claimed that Aniston humiliated him on the Late Show with David Letterman by saying she had “no idea” who he was marrying.

“David was not impressed that one of his supposed friends didn’t know who he was marrying,” said a source. “He has been with Zoe [Buckman] for a couple of years and was offended Jen couldn’t remember her.”

But Lee had nothing but good things to say about Aniston.

“Jennifer is a very, very sweet woman,” he said. “She is very romantic and family-oriented.”

Aniston also speaks highly of her fiancé.

“He’s just so beautiful and handsome to me. He just gets better every year. He’s just like a lost gem in the sand, and he’s always been there and been brilliant, and now this is just in a different light.”

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  • TheBride

    I hope the do last.

    • Frogdingle

      So do I. She appears to be very nice.

  • emmysmomn

    I pray she invites Jennifer Lopez so they can both hog the camera.

  • disqus_PLo7cLiqVJ

    We will believe it when we see it.

  • Lisa Mullner

    Smart gal, smart in love…protect your assets. She is doing the right thing. NEVER rush into marriage!

  • Hemma

    Why does every one seem to sympathize with Jennifer about her divorce. The public did not live with her and Brad. I have never finished watching a movie she has made. To me she doesn’t have much of an acting talent. I am sure my children could get into acting if they had family and a godfather to talk for them.

    • Frogdingle

      That might get them a chance, but if they have your apparent personality, they wouldn’t be acting long.

  • SelenaMillieux

    oh this is just a ploy those two will never marry

  • Tenderjoy Wild

    When i see wedding pictures I believe cuz they said July 26th of this year !!!!

    • Marny F

      I saw wedding pics of Zellweger, Bullock … and too many to name — and then POOF! – Over and out.

  • Marny F

    “lost gem” – strange thing to say. Well, I guess it’s good that he is now found.
    Hope they can make beautiful music together. Takes work … by both parties.

  • andrea

    Why do we have to hear over and over and over about this women wedding that is never going to happen and if it does maybe just for 5 years. And made her wedding the most beautiful wedding ever what happen too princess Diana wedding and Katy I ready believe their is nothing to report anymore on Jennifer and that is why we hear the same thing over and over and over enough already, its boring like HER!