Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Stalling On Wedding?

    August 18, 2014
    Val Powell
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Jennifer Aniston has been preparing for her wedding to actor Justin Theroux since getting engaged to him two years ago, but recent developments indicate that the couple may be stalling on their wedding. Aniston bought an 8,500 square foot mansion in Bel Air two years ago with the prospect of starting a family life with Theroux, but Globe Magazine has recently reported that she’s preparing to sell it and find a smaller home for herself.

The Friends actor had bought the house so she could live there with Theroux, but the Mullholand Drive star is rarely at home since he is based full time in New York City to film his hit TV show The Leftovers. The couple has rarely been seen in public, appearing only once on the red carpet in 10 months, news which, along with the mansion sale rumors, lead to speculation that they may not be making wedding plans anytime soon.

Aniston’s BFF, Friends co-star Courteney Cox, is reportedly not happy with Theroux’s failure to follow through after two years of engagement. A source told British magazine Heat that she talked to Aniston about it, but her friend took no notice of the comments.

“They didn’t fall out over it and Court seems to have pulled things around with Justin now. She tolerates him and they get on OK, but as far as she’s concerned, he’s on probation,” the source said.

However, the couple recently flew to Bora Bora to celebrate the second anniversary of their engagement, and the trip was planned entirely by Aniston as a birthday present for Theroux. She and Theroux stayed at The Four Seasons, a luxurious beach resort, and the trip may have been a scout for possible wedding locations, according to a source who spoke to Us Weekly. Last month, the couple’s wedding planner, Kevin Lee told Radar Online, “Jennifer and Justin are getting married right by the ocean, so it will be a beach meets California modern-chic sort of thing.”

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  • blackswan

    I may be wrong, but i don’t think Aniston is all sold out to marry Theroux or
    any man for that matter. I just think she is still hoping & waiting for Brad Pitt.
    She shld have moved on.Its been a while, & she’s been with several men.
    It’s not going to happen…I do feel sorry for her…Money is not a problem for
    her. If she’s that serious with Theroux, she will join him wherever he is, and
    what ever it is. Distance wont be a question- good Luck !

    • SapphireNoire

      why would she want Brad Pitt? I dont think she cares for Angelina’s left overs they have been divorced 8 years ago i believe. I believe she really love Justin,he’s the one whose dragging his feet

  • BTrue2Self

    “To Thine Own Self Be True” Wm. Shakespeare’s great advice. This is all Jen needs to do – she already has everything she needs for an incredible Life.

  • Cindy Fedack

    I don’t think their relationship is going to last much longer looks like she’s paying for everything and its been a 2 year engagement if they keep stalling then something is wrong they will probably end up divorced if they do marry

  • hoyt

    Why buy a COW ? when the milk is free? She is just another mousy BLONDE with a chin like Jay Leno.

  • H. Brillstein

    You realize that most of what you just reported as fact is indeed fiction? Theroux is in NY while shooting his series. The rest of the time, he’s at Their home in LA. It doesn’t take more than 5 months to shoot his show. There are episodes in which he doesn’t appear, and he returns to LA when not working. Their house is not officially for sale. They will only show the home to qualified buyers with a 40 million asking price. That’s an attempt to flip the house for profit. They intend to purchase another home in LA if their asking price on the current home is met, and they will also purchase a more private home in NY, as his series has been renewed. Possibly north of the city. Not being seen in public is their choice. They prefer to live a normal, quiet life unless work requires an appearance. They’re very social though, and if you bothered to investigate, they’re constantly with friends or throwing parties of their own in LA. They are both very ambitious and career driven. Marriage has not been their top priority, but their relationship is extremely solid. Don’t count on a split. They’ll get around to marriage eventually. Why the rush? They don’t have children at this point. The longing for Brad Pitt crap is fiction. That’s old news that only blogs such as this and tabloids continue to report. You’d think Pitt was some sort of higher being. He’s just a person with flaws like everyone else. Theroux has much more to offer Jen, and she’s smitten with him, as he is with her. Stop with the fairy tales and let this very private couple live the way they’ve chosen.

    • SouthBchBlonde

      First of all he ISN”T in LA that often at HER home…Her name is the only one on the deed..You can check that out by going online and look at the Property Tax Records..Jen has NEVER stayed out of the public..and if you are a friend of hers…like YOU are trying to come across..she will disown you for running your mouth about her private life…She did to her own Mother..!!..And if JEN’S REAL FRIENDS liked Justin you would see them together..But, COX is a friend of her’s since “Friends”..and I would believe her remarks over yours…For some reason I just can’t place your name……

  • SouthBchBlonde

    The other article about Jen is about her upper arms..and then we hear about “The wedding that will never happen”…LOL…If, by any chance, her therapy works, we might see her at Clooney’s wedding..She is having trouble coming face to face with Brad/Jolie together in a small, close setting..She was on stage and they were seated in the front row at the A.A’s and she couldn’t handle it…REPORTEDLY..lol..She is TOO NEEDY and men can’t stay very long..The home SHE purchased is in HER NAME only..Justin doesn’t have anywhere near the MONEY she is use to..and her “B” movies are just about over..how many times can she play RACHEL.?..LOL

  • big user

    The second anniversary of their engagement??? This woman does not want to be married and I doubt she wants kids. Just stalling until her clock runs down. On the bright side, this affair is doing Justin’s career wonders.

  • Well-Hg

    He was hoping her p-hole would shrink a little by now!

  • Debi Glass Miller

    I think Jennifer needs to dump Justin, apparently he doesn’t want to get married because it doesn’t take long for a man to show up for a wedding so apparently he is stalling for some reason. Jennifer, ….. get out there a find a man thought would appreciate you. Adopt a baby on your own or go get an artificial insemination cuz you don’t need to have a man to be a mommy. :)