Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux: Over?

By: Kimberly Ripley - February 23, 2014

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are sparking rumors that their relationship may be in peril. Is it possible that things are over for the former Friends star and her fiance? Sources say the two have put their wedding plans on hold.

“There is absolutely no wedding talk or planning going on,” a source close to Jen and Justin said in an interview with RadarOnline. “Publicly the couple is saying it’s because they are just too busy with work, but if they wanted to get married, it would happen.”

“The relationship is definitely at an impasse,” the source added. “Either it’s going to fizzle out, which seems likely, or they get married.”

Jennifer Aniston has been engaged to Justin Theroux for 18 months now. Fans note they haven’t spotted the two together since a Mexican vacation back in December. They two haven’t been photographed together since that time.

Jen recently turned 45 years old, and it is reported that Justin wasn’t with her to celebrate her birthday. Instead she spent the day with former Friends costar and BFF Courteney Cox. Jen and Courteney joined Tobey Maguire’s wife Jennifer Meyer and Jennifer’s hairstylist Chris McMillan at the Soho House in Los Angeles for a 45th birthday dinner.

Some find it a bit peculiar that Jennifer Aniston stayed behind in L.A. when Justin Theroux attended Philip Seymour Hoffman’s funeral in Manhattan on February 7th, too. Do you suppose they will show up at the Oscars together on March 3rd? They walked the red carpet together for the 2013 Oscars.

It wasn’t so long ago that people feared Justin Theroux was in a relationship with Jennifer Aniston simply to ride her coattails to success. Hopefully now that he has risen a bit in the acting world he isn’t thinking twice about marrying the actress.

Do you think Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux will ever tie the knot? And if he intends to do so, what on earth is he waiting for?

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  • Kimberly McBride

    I think that SHE is the one who is hesitant.

    • Cathy Andresiak

      Maybe she doesn’t want to have children and have everyone else take care of them. I have to wonder why so many of these celebrities have children, most of them don’t even take care of them, someone else is raising them. I can’t help but think they have children and a hubby to say look at me, In the meantime their children are being raised by someone else..ego trip. I think Jennifer is a doll and she can do what ever the hell she wants. AND quit calling her a immature.

  • Guest

    I think she did the engagement gig to get Brad’s attention – it’s been said that she has never gotten over him. His family absolutely loved Jen and they have no rapport whatsoever with Angelina Jolie. To be honest I think Jen is a very selfish human being who will never find happiness. Yes, she is admired by many men but in time her looks will fade and she will have nothing to go to but an empty residence.

    • Sandi

      Do you know Jennifer Aniston personally? So based on your emotions and the fact that you don’t like her, you have this plan in your head that she got engaged to get Brad’s attention and that she is selfish and will never be happy. Wow, you are obsessed. You need to stop reading the national inquirer.

      • Mary

        How would you know what’s in the Enquirer unless you are also a reader of it. Aniston is a tramp with a jay leno chin. Only on him it’s attractive – on her she looks like a clown.

        • hazell


        • Gia

          @Mary, you must be a truly ignorant person to post that comment. Only a miserable person with no self-esteem would feel the need to insult a woman who is obviously quite pretty and likely more successful than you are in order to boost their own self-esteem. I’ll bet you’re overweight, live in a trailer, work as a hooker, have no education and have a crappy job. HEY – how’s that feel?? Go back to your Enquirer you scholar!

          • Soprano

            So nice of you to imply that someone overweight is ugly, treat people of a lower economic status as less than etc You are no better. You are both assholes. Why do I even bother to read the comments section on these articles anymore? Disgusting.

        • guest

          Mary, your comment wasn’t only nasty, it is ignorant. Jennifer is NOT a tramp. She is one of the few classy women in Hollywood left today and is a hard working woman.

          • DR

            I don’t know if she is a tramp or not …..BUT she sure is ONE desperate woman….Every guy she’s with ….is the one????? Give a break.

          • ellentoo

            DR..where does that come from? Do you know Aniston personally, or are you believing all the crappy media hype used to sell newspapers?

          • Annbrosha

            DR You mean because the Inquirer says so? She has been in relatively few relationships since her divorce and does not talk about her relationships, so show us where she says he ‘is the one’ everytime.

        • sammiek

          I wonder if Mary is really Angelina Jolie???……LOL

      • Angie Molinario Parker

        To be honest I don’t read the Enquirer. No, it’s my observation from all that I read and hear in the media. I could be wrong but it’s just my feelings. You were wrong when you said I don’t like her. I do like her but that doesn’t mean she is perfect. I know lots of people that I care about who are selfish human beings. You can like a person but still not approve of everything they say or do.

      • starliteblonde

        The fact that she played the victim for 8 years tells you she never got over Brad. Jen never wanted children. That’s not hard to figure out. It was odd she became engaged right after Brad then never got married. She’s been dumped so many times by men who see in her what you don’t. You don’t need to read the National Inquirer to figure her out.

    • guest

      Who says she isn’t happy? Just because the article assumes she and Justin are apart or have broken up? So, that doesn’t mean that she isn’t happy. I think she is strong and resilient, and will get through this. I think she does enjoy her career and perhaps the company of another man might work best for her instead of a committed, long term relationship. I don’t know because I’m not a psychologist and I do not know her personally.

    • margaretbugg

      How the heck do you know? She went through adultery. do you actually have a clue what that is like? The person you love and trust betrays you like that and she did it in the public eye and was a total LADY about it, a real class act. Why do so many people get down on Jennifer and love Angie when Angie is nothing but a adultress that broke up a marriage? How stupid can you be? I really believe she is over Brad and it does take a while, you don’t stop loving someone all of a sudden because they fool around on it. The pain is unbearable and I know I have been there. Leave Jennifer alone all you haters.

      • Ssl

        Stop talking about Angelina! How do you know that Brad and Angie had an affair? The only 3 people that knew what’s going on are Jennifer, Brad, and Angelina. Stop assuming that they were cheating! You don’t know! I have been cheated on too, but is it the other woman’s fault or you and your husband? Men or women when they are not happy, they move on and you should too.

        • margaretbugg

          It takes two and Angie knew he was married. They both had a choice and she is just as to blame as he is. Yes I think you move on if you are not happy but you should get divorced first. And actually my husband told me a week before I found out he loved me to death and wanted to stay married to me and when I found out, he said I didn’t mean to lose my wife you weren’t supposed to find out. Sometimes an affair is not because you are unhappy with your spouse. And I believe in an interview that angie had, she more or less admitted they had an affair. I am so sick of people dissing Jennifer.

      • Grow UP

        @ margaretbugg, so misogynistic of you to blame it all on Angelina. Brad is the one who decided to have an affair. Brad is the one who decided to leave Jennifer. I was married to a cheater and although I think the woman who he cheated was an ignorant lowlife void of morals to become involved with a married man, I do not blame the affair or marriage breakup on her because it was my ex who decided to ruin our marriage for his selfish reasons. I hold him fully accountable for his actions. He is an adult just as Brad was. Brad broke up his own marriage. Grow up and stop acting like a school girl who thinks another girl stole someones boyfriend as if men are brainless property.

        • margaretbugg

          It takes two and she is just as much to blame as he is. She knew he was married and no I am not just blaming her but I am so sick of all you people talking trash about Jennifer. My ex actually had the nerve to say he didn’t mean to lose his wife, I wasn’t supposed to find out. Brad was not the only one in the affair, it is hard to have an affair with just one person involved.

      • comedyisthebestmedicine

        I agree margaretbugg! She was a lady and Angelina broke up more than one relationship, not just hers. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Yes, Jennifer is strong and resilient. She will get through this just like she always does. She has the best FRIENDS anyone can ask for. Haters are people with low self esteem. Just shrug them off. Their words mean nothing to anyone but themselves and how they feel about themselves. They probably have brain damage they got when they stubbed their big toes! LOL!

    • melinda

      you are completely nuts too

    • Candy

      Come on, it has been how long since they broke up? Brad has moved on and so has Jen.

    • Tommy

      “She did the engagement gig”…. Hey genius, Justin asked her for her hand in marriage. So based on your comment, are we to believe she got him to go along with a fake engagement to get to Brad? Really? You can’t be serious! Not to mention, she and Justin’s engagement was before Brad and Angelina’s, by a week. Get a life…

    • Angie Molinario Parker

      No, Tomcat I don’t have inside sources – just what I have read and heard in the media like everyone HERE! Get a grip, dude! This section is for comments and opinions.

  • Othello Owner

    The water in Cabo will freeze over first. I think Jennifer is doomed to a life of being an “old maid”. Her fiance comes off as a punk and any guy that would move out of his girlfriend’s house to shack up with someone new over the holidays to begin a new relationship without so much as a hotel stay in between or a night’s sleep on a buddy’s sofa after drinking beers swapping their woes over women can’t be trusted. He looks slimy. I liked her with Vince Vaughn, but perhaps he was too real for her and a bit TOO down to earth. Something is amiss about her too. She DOES have cool friends, I must admit.

    • Suzanne

      My sentiments exactly. Shes a bit shallow and a heavy partier ..or was a heavy partier. He is as arrogant and as shallow as they come..with a chip on his shoulder as well. Never saw this as lasting. I think she would be better off with someone that can add something to her life….

  • Angie Molinario Parker

    I like Jennifer Aniston and think she is cute but I also don’t see anything sincere or sentimental about her. I think she is still very much in love with Brad and has never let go and that’s why she and Justin have come to this impasse. I think she became engaged hoping it might stir something in Brad but obviously he is very much in love with Angelina and their children. I don’t think Jen is a giving person and I don’t think she will have children. I think she is too selfish and career oriented to get married and have children which I think is a mistake on her part unless she

    doesn’t mind spending her old age alone with no one to go home to.

    • erin

      I’m sorry, so a woman not wanting to have children makes her “selfish’? Not every woman wants to have children and to call a woman selfish because she may be choosing to focus on a career is sexist and misogynistic.

      • Rebecca Christiansen

        But a woman who would marry a man who never made his desire for a family secret is selfish. Why pretend to want a relationship then?

        • erin

          WE don’t know what happens in her relationships behind closed doors. Maybe she saw something in Brad that made her not want a family with him. Maybe she and Justin will have kids, maybe they won’t. Frankly it’s a oersonal choice and not our buisness. I’m simply stating that there is nothing wrong with a woman who doesn’t want children. I’m in my mid-thirties with a successful career and a great man in my life and we’ve agreed we don’t want kids. I don’t need to have children to make me feel fulfilled and happy. And maybe Jennifer doesn’t either. We shouldn’t assume that all women want the same thing.

          • Rebecca Christiansen

            No one is assuming all women want the same thing. But assuming that she saw something in Brad that made her not want to have a family with him? Really?? Well then lucky he divorced her right? But maybe she just wanted to keep being famous and kept stringing him along. I do love how women like to rationalize other women. Maybe Jennifer was the selfish, self-centered ego-driven one who said not now on the kids question one too many times and Brad moved on. So he’s happy, he has his family and good for her, she’s still making the stupid movies but gets to see herself in the tabloids weekly. Wow..great career choice Jennifer!

          • Judy Jackson

            Brad Pitt had been a major star for several years before he & Jennifer got married. He always talked about having a family of his own. Jennifer was just starting to get some buzz as a movie star. Marrying Brad Pitt was her ticket to the A List.

    • Marsha Stafford

      Having a child does not have to be the most important thing , I have two and I was a super Mom, now I ave two spoiled adult children who are selfish, and still think that I owe them something. I was not going to have kids and now I wish I would have stuck with that. My kids have degrees and are nice people but treat me kind of like crap. I should have just spoiled my husband bless his soul.

      • jmarie

        Marsha –
        Very honest comments. Raising children is so difficult, especially when there is very little appreciation for all the sacrifices and hard work. Know you are not alone in your feelings…God Bless!

        • Angie Molinario Parker

          I am sorry your children are a disappointment to you but all I am saying is that IT APPEARS that Jennifer Aniston is a selfish person and I don’t get that impression just from her not wanting children. It’s her interviews and her actions that have been reported over the years that have given me the impression. I think she is quite lovely but I also think she is a “solo act!” I don’t get the feeling she knows how to share or compromise. Just a vibe she gives off and I could be totally wrong – it’s just my perception.

      • Judy Jackson

        A “super mom” doesn’t raise spoiled brats. A “super mom” raises kids who are kind & considerate. My sister is a super mom. Her daughter is amazing, kind & generous & she worked to help pay for her education.

  • PerennialLady

    Ho hum.. another one bites the dust.



    • Guest

      Never mind.

    • margaretbugg

      It is very hard to trust again when someone does this to you. I don’t think she is still in love with Brad though. Trust is not easy when the person you love and trust betrays you.

  • Jeanne

    I think Jen is doomed in the love department. So many men since Brad, and so many have dropped her. Is she too controlling? I can recall when she received an award at the time she was married to Brad. All other females who received awards thanked their spouses for their support. But no, not Jen. She thanked everyone but Brad and this was long before Jolie even entered the picture. It’s all about Jen and a couple of one just don’t cut it anymore. It takes two to tango and Jen is just not the tango type. Wonder who will be next? She is appearing desperate.

    • Angie Molinario Parker

      I totally agree with you. I like Jennifer Aniston as an actress and find her to be attractive but I find her to be an empty shell in the emotion department. I don’t think she knows how to be a couple – I think she only knows the “solo act!” To me she is a totally unattached human being. I don’t see that she has any personal attachments.

      • Janet Lurker

        I might add that she keeps cranking out the same lame movies over and over. People are tiring of her same old same old movies

        • Angie Molinario Parker

          Jennifer Aniston has made it on her looks. She isn’t really talented but she is cutesy and of course if it weren’t for “Friends” she wouldn’t be where she is today. That whole group has been a disappointment talent wise. That show will be each of their legacy and that’s where it stops; in my opinion.

    • ellentoo

      How do you know them men are doing the dropping????

  • nat

    Who cares.

  • jillrudisill

    First of all it’s not what he is waiting for it is what they are waiting for. Second of all Justin was already in New York filming when is friend died. Jen is on the West coast working and Justin is on the East coast. They work for a living you can’t be with each other if your work is on opposite oceans that’s life. You go where the work is. Just because they are not together or have been photo’d together means nothing. Who in there right mind keeps track anyway? Because Justin wasn’t with Jen for her B-Day people think that means they are going to break-up or already have, grow-up. They might never get married is that a bad thing? Jen may never have kids is that so bad? Think about what is important in this world and then get back to me.

    • Judy Jackson

      People who TRULY want to get married don’t let careers or other things get in the way. They just get married. Not rocket science.

      • cantfoolme

        DITTO !

  • Dandi

    There isn’t a thing wrong if a person chooses not to be married…
    Jennifer Aniston is a smart woman…lol
    She knows exactly what she’s doing.

  • romeo

    She’s pathetic. She needs to get over Brad and move on. Brad decided he preferred a woman with brains.

    • Caro

      Brad didn’t hook up with Angelina for her brains! Look about three feet lower…

      • Julio

        and then a foot and a half higher…

    • Angie Molinario Parker

      No, Brad wanted a woman who wanted kids and Angelina Jolie fit the bill. I find Angelina Jolie to be much more attractive than Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer Aniston is the cutesy girl next door type. Angelina Jolie on the other hand is drop dead gorgeous; in my opinion.

  • Jeff

    If she doesn’t go through with it, it’s her not the guys. I’m beginning to think she’s a narcissist and like somewhat of a tramp. Going from man to man and not getting married, especially at her age.

    • margaretbugg

      Stupid comment. What makes a woman a tramp if she doesn’t get married? NOTHING! And by the way Angie has never married Brad and they have a ton of children. To me that is a bit trashy.

    • erin

      Oh, so it’s ok for George Clooney to go through women after women but if a women does the same thing she’s a tramp. Stop being sexist and recognize that if it’s ok for a man to do it, than women can to without being called tramps.

  • i thought so

    Who even cares about these two talent-less people? Not me that’s for sure.

    • sue

      And why did you read the article?

    • margaretbugg

      I am pretty sure if they did not have talent, they would not have gotten as far as they have. Looks help but if looks are all you have you are going to fall flat on your face.

  • bolgar

    Sometimes the female has to cough up a few babies to keep a good guy.

    • margaretbugg

      Stupid way to keep a man.

  • Jeff

    She’s becoming pathetic

  • Jeff

    I used to feel sorry for her but not anymore. She’s a narcissist.

    • bolgar

      Obsessed much, romeo?

    • Marsha Stafford

      Really feel sorry for her, she has a great life, a rich, lots of friends, oh yeah rich, did I mention rich. I trade with her in a New York minute.

  • kay jayne

    who cares. she at the age of no return. she’s pushing fifty for God’s sake

    • oh-kay jayne

      would that you remember this comment the day you push to fifty.

      • margaretbugg

        I really doubt when you are pushing 50 you look half as good as she does.

    • margaretbugg

      so at 50 you should just roll over and die and forget about life. You have no idea. Must be rather young.

  • JCJ Bike

    It seems like the tabloids dedicate a small amount of their time to how jennifer aniston can’t get married. I wonder when these same “reporters” stumble onto the thought that there is one common denominator to jennifer aniston and all of her failed relationships… wait for it… it’s jennifer aniston.

    Makes you wonder if she is a train wreck to be with.

  • adearmom

    THEY will get married when THEY want too.! Up to THEM.

  • cecilia lets

    she will NEVER get married .She has a brick up her ass.

    • Marsha Stafford

      What is the big deal of getting married. In Hollywood it usually ends anyway.

  • Edwarda Alderete

    In reading the comments, it appears many of her personal friends have taken the time to comment. Being 45, childless and single — there is nothing wrong with that.

  • Caro

    If Jennifer Aniston has an issue with men I bet that it is in no small part due to the non-stop intrusion of the paparazzi and the never ending coverage of her personal life! Most men don’t like that kind of attention and they like it even less when it is directed at the woman instead of at them! It’s life in a fishbowl and being treated as an object and it has to be a brutal way to live! Kristen Stewart has the same problem. It’s hard to find any degree of normal when you live in a different stratosphere! I never liked Justin; I didn’t like the way he never married and then left his ex and I always thought he was using Jen. I think Jen should do whatever she wants in the marriage and kids department and not worry about what a parcel of judgmental idiots think of her! That’s the beauty of feminism – we have a choice!

    • Rebecca Christiansen

      Actually that’s the beauty of being “human”…you have a choice. But again if the paps and media intrude..she should get out of public life. That intrusion is the price you pay for $12 mil a picture ok?

    • margaretbugg

      Thank you for that intelligent comment.

  • Dhanh Mehti

    No. they won’t. but it is their business. pple r too much involved in celebrities’ lives. they should get more involved in their own lives. It is her business if she got over Brad or not if she marries Justin or not, if she stays single or not. She don’t need a man to be who she is or happy for that matter. Pple r too obsessed with marrying others. I am glad she had friends to rely on and get on with her life, cause fans are here today and tomorrow who knows what they say about you

  • Jamie Smith

    I was reading the post’s ahead of me and we all think we know whats going on. Here is my thinking. Justin needs to Run from her and get a real life going on. Maybe their is a wife and children in hid future and its NOT going to be with her. Thank God that Brad Pitt fell in Love with Angelina and has a large loving Family now. Brad and Angie have a Magical bond of True Love and Children who are adorable and Jennifer had No intention of having any children. It would’ve messed up her career and body for a bit. I just read were Brad’s Parents live with them almost full time as their Babysitters as they travel shooting movies….How sweet is that ? Jennifer is only into what moves her career along and nothing else. RUN JUSTIN RUN, faster than Forrest into the arms of a Lady who will marry you and give you a Family.

    • Angie Molinario Parker

      They must be living in another part of the house because I read where Brad Pitt’s family holds little or no regard for Angelina Jolie. I understand there is no love lost there.

      • jeanniem22

        From your “inside” sources I’m sure.

    • ellentoo

      Seriously? Brad and Angie are always worlds apart, literally. They are seldom together and, if they are together, they certainly use it as a photo/PR opportunity.

  • Phyllis

    Theroux left his last girlfriend after being with her for 16 years. Enough said.

    • Angie Molinario Parker

      All that means was the relationship had run it’s course and it was over. People breakup, separate and/or divorce everyday.

  • Marl

    Just because a person is a celebrity doesn’t guarantee finding a partner … without the money and fame, she’s just another pretty woman who is a talented actor.
    I hope she finds whatever she needs — and, if she wants children, there are plenty of other actors she can ask for their opinions on being a single adoptive parent.

  • Guest

    If they were really in love they would have been married by now. The fact that he was not with her on her birthday is a red flag. With all the money these people have, how hard is it to get a private jet and show up for a few hours to celebrate her birthday or why didn’t she go to NY to be with him since he is there for work. She obviously didn’t learn her lesson. Angelina does not let Brad out of her sight. They pack up their brood and fly around the world setting up house because she knows how easy it was to seduce a lonely horny husband and she doesn’t want a younger woman to snag him from her ( though I would love it if that happened – now that would be instant karma! ) Speaking of the home wrecker, how come no one has their panties in a bunch over them? They haven’t tied the knot either!

    • hazell

      You do not have to be marrried to be in a loving and caring relationship,.It is between them what they do with there life

  • smarterthanmost

    she should do what makes her HAPPY and if that means being single and staying single, its a better choice than being with a turd of a man – – – – old maid? Thats what men do to women…turn them into maids….SINGLE FOREVER!!!

    • margaretbugg

      Yes being single is much much better than being in a bad relationship. I would much rather be single and happy than married and miserable and I have seen a lot of married and miserable people that wish they were ;not married.

  • Mary

    I don’t see what aLL the fuss is about her. I don’t think she is such a knockout. Her Jay Leno Chin is unattractive. She will not get married. Who would want her – she’s supposed to be very bossy – she has her fling and the guys can’t take any more of her. She is a hollywood slut – how many guys has she slept with now? Money “AINT EVERYTHING”. She needs to disappear for a couple of years – tired of her in every magazine –
    WILL SHE……….WON’T SHE?? Who really cares. Let’s concentrate on getting Dumbo and all his criminal cronies out of OUR WHITE HOUSE.

    • deidra

      Give us a break lady, what the heck do you know about Jen…you haven’t a clue, and she doesn’t have a Jay Leno chin. You sound like a total ignoramus and hateful person.

    • margaretbugg

      Mary why all the hate???? do you have inside information about her???

  • grammom

    I see very sad eyes, on a beautiful person, yes I believe that she will always be in love with Brad.

  • TMiller

    I pray for her happiness. Obviously I don’t personally know her, but she seems really sweet.

  • sherripie

    sorry, ignore the picture. Justin wants to stay in New York, she wants LA. He is not the marrying kind and just wanted her to help his career.. it worked, now he is not interested. She should adopt a baby or get a donor sperm before it is too late. Forget men for awhile and the right one will come along. Jennifer, you are too desperate, let it go and move on. Justin is not right for you and he is only interested in himself. He can’t act either, but you can pull of the funny stuff and you are well liked. He is a loser. Just concentrate on the baby, and if it is meant to be, the right man will love you and your baby. If you wait too long, you will never get ONE!

    • hazell


      • sherripie

        Actions speak louder than words. Justin never married a woman he was with for years, and he has strung Jennifer along. She has wanted to have a baby for a long time, but maybe she didn’t really.. who knows. I just know that this man does not marry easily and has sidestepped marrying Jennifer. I do agree, however, she may not be the mother type although she has said otherwise.

  • sherripie

    Just forget Justin, he is a loser. Go get a baby instead. He used you. He will never marry anyone. He wants to stay a bachelor in New York and not LA. He CAN’T ACT, YOU CAN.

    • therose

      I have just read some of the most ridiculous comments ever made about a woman! She’s a loser because she didn’t want children? No. she’s a winner because she didn’t let society, or a man, force her to do something she did not want to do. There are man people in this world who should never have had children! At least Jennifer followed her heart. None of you people know her. How can you judge her, call her cold, selfish, etc? She is living HER life on HER terms and I applaud her.

      • hazell

        I totally agree, At last someone is talking with there head screwed on.

      • sherripie

        You can’t read.. no one said Jennifer was a loser because she doesn’t want children, that is the dumbest thing I have read. Justin in my opinion is the loser. He strings women along and never marries them. He was with the last woman for years and the same thing. I think Jennifer does want babies, she has said so, unless that was just for show. If you are a certain age, you either have one or forget it. She has said she wanted a child. Justin was a nobody until he started romancing Jennifer.

      • margaretbugg

        I so agree with you. How can anyone call her a loser? SHe had a husband that fooled around on her and she came out on the winning end of it. She is living life the way she wants to live it. LEAVE her alone you stupid people and get a life.

    • hazell

      You know that for sure do you ? i take it you know him personally?????

  • hazell

    Why do so many people have these views and they do NOT even know them. GET A LIFE PEOPLE

  • hazell

    And to add to my last comment. There are some people out there that do believe in long engagement . iT is up to them when the get married, nobody else……

  • Nita Hand

    This is news??? There is civil unrest in the Ukraine! Politically and socially oppressed Burmese! Starving children all over the world! Homeless people in your own backyard! Rise up people and join a worthy cause or start a movement! Overthrow the current nefarious administration! Now is the time for all good men and woman to come to the aid of their country!

  • heiresschild

    why buy the cow when you get the milk free?

  • jststric

    I never really thought it would go all the way to the “I Do”s. I don’t think she got engaged to get Brad’s attention. I think she knows he’s gone. I think she just wants a little happiness for herself and grasps for something. But her ability to love “all-out” like she did Brad, is gone. And the longer THIS relationship went on, the more obvious the butterflies of a new relationship has disappeared and now its into the more real part of the relationship and it’s not what they thought it was. I wish her all the happiness in the world and if there’s someone out there that can truly make her happy again, she finds him.

  • Randy Raw Balls

    her fiancé has finally learned how to add….seems he has come up with the number of male penis she has taken up her va jay jay…up her anal oasis down her throat and do not forget those early hand job days….she has been used more than the beds at your local Motel 6….She is also the Guru for Taylor Swift and helping her as you read this with her 1000th pee pee insertion ….YOU go girl..and just KEEP ON GOING..

  • Jen

    I saw an interview that was filmed a while back of Brad saying he was sick and tired of just sitting on the couch, and vegging out with her all the time, i.e. she wasn’t exciting I suppose? Well dangit, if you work as much as she does, wouldn’t you want some down time? Also, I think there should be a one year “engagement” period, and then SET A DATE for the wedding! One year is long enough. Like some of the other opinions here, I think she has always put her career first and that doesn’t fly with a lot of men. I know we don’t live in the dark ages, but men want more attention than they claim they do, not saying it is right, but they do. Most men don’t want to be in the shadow of a woman. I could be way off base and I have had relationship problems myself, but have been in therapy as well, to try to figure out what goes wrong. I love her acting and think she has great style and is very classy, not trashy like some stars in Hollywood today. I wish her the best and think she is happy within herself, with or without a man.

  • Linda Whisler

    She’s always been busy and that means honoring those contracts or she gets sued. Every movie is a different contract. Now that she’s got the boyfriend involved in the business, He has to honor those contracts too. So it maybe a little of both. The way I look at it, If you want something bad enough You’ll do it. They just haven’ t done it yet. But they’re living a life of a married couple just without the paperwork.

  • Marcia

    She is a mess. And a diva. Will never marry Justin.

  • Marsha Stafford

    They are history. On to the new man thats the way Jen , you really do not need a man, who does, we can hunt and gather ourselves and there too many kids already.

  • eryche

    Darn it. I was hoping there was going to be video of her slipping on a banana or something entertaining like that. She’s just so boring, and not a very good actor. Maybe if the media would stop acting as though she’s perfect she wouldn’t be quite so annoying. A banana slip would be awesome! (as long as she doesn’t get hurt, that is)



  • lily

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with someone not wanting children. But then you don’t marry someone who wants them. Brad was always very vocal about wanting a large family.

  • Dianne Smith

    You must be blind!! Look at that photo…there is no Jay-Leno-chin. You are delusional with hate. She’s an attractive individual that unfortunately hasn’t had luck in love for whatever HER private reasons might be. Mind your own business and get a life, for God’s sake!!

    • Susan

      I agree people need to stop assuming reasons on why JA is not with her fiancee, how does anyone know if she was the one being selfish, no one talks about him, maybe he is the one that can’t commit after all he is single and no kid does that make him selfish and not valued as a person. it goes both ways people, their life is their own and for whatever reasons they broke up is their business and lets just wish them like any other couple that breaks up to find their happiness whether with or without each other.

  • Leigh Combs

    What a rag this is! The author of this piece does not even know the date of the Oscars. If they show up on the red carpet on the 3rd they will be a bit too late.

  • meanlandlady

    Obviously she is making the call on this one….look at the history, some people don’t want a long term relationship.

  • Redphilly

    Colin Farrell. That’s who she needs. He is single. He is a little bit of a bad boy, but Jennifer is hard to deal with. He can tame her. He is younger but she looks good for her age. He already has children so he might not want anymore.

  • John Clancy

    Jennifer must be one big pain in the ass. Run Justin.

  • Anita

    This bio of the woman who wrote this article – Kimberly Ripley – makes me wonder how she finds the time to know everything that is going on with Jennifer Aniston and to spread “way more” gossip about it when she lives in Portsmouth New Hampshire!
    “Kimberly Ripley is a freelance writer and published author from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. A wife, mom of five and ‘Nana’ to Lilly and Aiden, she loves cooking for her big family and watching HGTV in her spare time. Kim is guilty of starting way more home design projects than she can finish.”
    Retrieved from:

  • jeanniem22

    Her relevance after “Friends” Brad dumping her – her hair – her trail of boyfriends.

  • Barbie

    I feel sorry for Jen. First Brad publically humiliates her, then she has a string of bad relationships. She finds Justin, and I feel she waited too long and now they are bored with each other. Time to move on Jen, there is someone out there for you. :)

  • Joe

    I don’t care anymore.

  • Betty Jo Grisham-Webb

    After what Brad Pitt did to her she will naturally be hesitant!

  • Scam Jones

    Santa Claus read this and said, “HO, HO, HO!”

  • jfkflydude

    I really thing she has not gotten over Bradd Pitt yet. Sources in NYC are trying to
    confirm the flowers that were delivered to her and she would no comment, not
    even to BFF Courtney. The rumor mill has it that they are secret friends only but
    I think she still carries the torch. Jennifer was never a NYC lady but has become
    one………so many people you can just get lost in the crowd.

  • Cissy

    If they say they are to busy then they are to busy – end of story!Why make something out of nothing jeez

  • Suzanne

    Has anyone ever heard him speak? He is as shallow and arrogant as they come. I’m hoping she realized it too. Shes a bit shallow herself but deserves better than him.

  • Dee

    I wish people would get over saying that Jennifer does things to get Brad’s attention. Jeesh!! I ended a marriage 11 years ago due to cheating and I don’t do things nowadays to “get his attention”. I’ve moved on and am over him and I am sure after all these long years, the same goes for Jennifer. People need to get over a marriage ending a long time ago

  • Anabe’

    Will Jen ever find true love? I think she is a big pain in the @%$!

  • Bonnie

    I think it’s none of my business.

  • AyaniELF

    Most of these comments are unbelievable. Since she isn’t rushing towards marriage, it means they’ve broken up? Because she doesn’t want a family (probably based on her previous relationship with Brad, it could be a personal issue) she’s selfish? Most of all, you’re assuming she still loves Brad? The guy who cheated on her after seven years (and yes there is proof).

    All of this says that she is an independent woman. You do not need to have children, children do not automatically make things better. It’s best that they don’t rush into marriage, or else they’ll be another Hollywood statistic.

  • kay

    If they wanted to get married they would have by now. She is loaded and could certainly go anywhere or hire anyone to help arrange it. All her crappy movies! She can’t take some time off for such an important part of her life?

  • lovemymets

    That’s HOW many men who’ve dumped her?!? And this woman is determined to keep herself in the news, regardless of how mundane it is. Talk about self-absorbed!

  • mutterhals


    • Maria

      Seems like you do. You are in love with her and Kim K. You are obsessed!hahaha

  • K

    How is any of this important?

  • jewhader

    She’s too old to have children.

    Why would anyone marry her?

  • Harmony Mercedes

    Never thought he was a good match for her anyway. I think she can do way better. He just seemed a bit arrogant and controlling in the interviews that I saw. But who knows. I still think Brad was her soulmate and wish he’d dump his publicity-hungry partner Angelina. Angelina is so arrogant and superficial – she seems to have more in common with Justin than Jen does.

  • allison

    do ANY of Yahoo’s writer’s do a spell check before they go up??

    • LIam

      Do you know punctuation for making a word plural? (writers, not writer’s)

  • Clay B

    The plumber is finally going to get a chance.She’s finally going to ditch the “wanabees” and find someone who really knows how to turn her water on.Jacuzzis,”touch-on”faucets,tripple head showers,where will it ever end?National Plumber’s Convention………… we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Paul F.

      She loves Boston, so THIS Boston plumber will GLADLY take her into the ‘North End’ (Italian section) of beantown for an elegant Italian dinner… Strega, here we come! Reservations for the plumbah and Jenn!

  • goldenoldy1

    It’s clear she has decided to pursue career over family. Not judging, but I wish she would just admit it and live her life accordingly…

  • Mary

    I just cannot resist…Does this mean they are THEROUX? (Through)! Ha!

  • lilbidness

    She’s beautiful yes, but doesn’t anyone think the problem may lie within her and not Brad/Justin, etc…? 0 of her relationships have worked out…

  • OregonDude

    With a fuzzy face and wrinkly hands with no children it hurts to be 40 something. The body starts to look weird in a bikini even though you worked out hard. Also all the plastic surgery starts to show up as the normal face ages and the plastic part is still in place. I guess its good to have friends. Its the truth people you don’t have to agree. I get bitter sometimes because millionaire actors who gave up family life should have known better.

  • JoannaBackman

    this woman is confusing…all this talk about wanting babies, etc., for all of these years…I thihk she’s scared of the whole thing and maybe that is God telling her it’s not right for her life. it’s not for everyone.

  • Karen

    I’m not sure Jen knows how to have a real relationship as she doesn’t seem to stay in them all that long….. Yes, Brad ‘cheated’ on her while they were still married, but I suspect there were major problems already, and then simultaneously. he found someone who he felt more of a connection to than his own wife….. Everything happens for a reason!
    I do hope she can figure out what makes her happy and go for that!

    • Susiedarling

      You’re right, Karen. When she was making Friends I remember reading that she promised Brad she would have a baby when that ended, then she made a movie and said she would have a baby when that ended, on and on. He met Jolie who had a child that he bonded with during the film and that was that. They both liked humanitarian projects (Jennifer does none that I know of ), both love children (Jennifer has never had any to anyone), are not excessively materialistic, I think Jennifer is. So really, what did she and Brad have in common?

  • Merilyn Zallan Ulrich

    I have no idea why anyone really cares whether or not Jennifer and Justin are getting married or not. They are actors that NEVER, EVER think about me and you, and we have no idea what they do in their private time. The tabloids write about people because that’s how they make a living and some of what they write is true and some is not. They are both entertainers and for that I thank them; other than that, I have no place in their lives nor they in mine. They need publicity to a certain extent in order to promote their projects so they probably wouldn’t like it if no one wrote or talked about them. Other than the fact that they provide a service to the public I have absolutely no interest in them or any other famous entertainers. Live and let live.

    • Susiedarling

      I hear what you are saying, however, in this day and age, we just about know everything about them, where they go, where they ate dinner, what they said to so and so, that you do start to build up a “kind of” relationship with them and get the feeling you do know them. The information age has totally changed the dynamics between the movie stars and the fans.

  • mary ann

    Good for her. Suck them dry of the fun and move one…how is she any different the Clooney? And, so many give him a pass. I say, keep racking them up Jen! Always Team jen!

    • Susiedarling

      I never gave him a pass. He will be an old lonely man and she will be an old lonely woman.

  • Guest

    What relationship

  • Nadia Georges

    If you’ve slept with everyone you have had a relationship with and nothing has come of it does that make you a Jezebel? Yes Jennifer is beautiful but it seems to me she has had a lot of men in her life. Just saying.

    • Susiedarling

      Very observative!

  • allisonfaye

    I have to laugh at the ‘ride her coattails to success’ part. She hasn’t had a hit movie since like 1999.

  • allisonfaye

    I also have to laugh at all of these people who think they know these celebrities and their motivation. Although I think Jlo married Marc Anthony to get at Ben Affleck. I predicted the demise of that marriage the day it happened.

  • starliteblonde

    Justin was a decoy drummed up by her reps just to show the world she got a man. She was never in love with him or he with her. He’s in New York where Heidi lives.

  • Susiedarling

    I personally do not think she will ever get married. She will probably just live with different guys as long as she can draw them. She never wanted kids, that is why she lost Brad, most likely the only one true love of her life. I think Justin is probably an ok guy but is not really in love with her either.