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Jennette McCurdy has had a lot of things happen lately that would make her want to bury her head in the sand from embarrassment. Like leaked photos of her in her delicates that may or may not have ultimately shut down Sam & Cat, her show with Ariana Grande.

The rumors of a raging feud between Jennette McCurdy and Grande over salary would also be a bit of an embarrassment.

However, this week Jennette McCurdy kinda added a cherry to the top of the fiasco. In an interview, she made a statement that was...well...a little childish.

When speaking of her 2600 sq. ft. mansion in Studio City, Ca., she said, “I picked out all of the furniture myself, and that makes me proud.”

As though that were a big accomplishment worth noting. Would that fall under the category of first world accomplishments?

There's nothing wrong with being proud of possessing the skill to go to a really expensive furniture store and pick out whatever you like because you're a TV star and, well, you can. Jennette McCurdy, like so many of us do, realized that the statement was ridiculous almost as soon as it came out of her mouth.

She posted to Instagram for a little self-chastisement.

"A piece on me and my home in the latest @People magazine home issue. 'I picked out all my own furniture, and that makes me proud. That quote doesn't make me proud lol," she said.

The piece was about her home, which she says centers around her lovely bedroom.

“My whole setup is bedroom-centric. I order a pizza, then set the box on my bed. I read in bed. I even have an office, but I never go in it to do work; I just plop my laptop on my bed. It feels like a comfy little haven.”

Poor Jennette McCurdy. She made a dumb statement just like we all do. But, it is kinda nice not to have the dumb things we say published for people all over the world to read!

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