Jennette McCurdy Comes Clean About Sam And Cat

    July 27, 2014
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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Jennette McCurdy isn’t your average celebrity. While some stars like a lot of attention and publicity, McCurdy prefers to stay out of the spotlight unless she is filming. McCurdy is best known for her roles in iCarly and Sam and Cat. Ariana Grande starred opposite of McCurdy in Sam and Cat and rumors suggest that the two did not get along.

Sam and Cat was a hit for Nickelodeon, but was surprisingly canceled after only one season. Most people assumed it was because McCurdy and Grande could not get along well enough to work together and some even said that McCurdy and Nickelodeon did not get along either.

Several months before the show was canceled there were rumors that McCurdy, Grande and Nickelodeon were not getting along because McCurdy was upset that Grande was being paid more than her. Grande made a statement about the rumors and said that they were simply not true.

Grande was also quick to make a statement about the cancellation of Sam and Cat and seemed upset that it was canceled. McCurdy on the other hand acted like nothing happened and didn’t make a statement about her recent issues until now.

“I am not a role model. I don’t claim to be, I don’t try to be, and I don’t want to be. There was a time when I tried to live up to the aggrandizing title, that pedestal of a thing. Maybe it wasn’t so much that I was trying to live up to it. Perhaps I thought I could and I thought I was supposed to, so I gave it my best shot. It’s fine, I can admit it. Back in my adolescence, I was more amiable, bubbly, and on lightly humid days, maybe even flouncy. I was role model material and then some. Fast forward a few years, I’ve grown up a bit (emphasis on “a bit”). I might not be any wiser, but I like to think I’m more honest,” she said.

McCurdy went on to say that she is not embarrassed or ashamed of how she lives her life but thinks that the pressure of trying to be a role model is just too much and not something she desires.

“Now before you start thinking I’m some sort of derelict that leads a life of crime, let me clarify. I am proud of the way I live my life. I am proud of my choices. I am proud that no one can call me fake or say I don’t stand up for myself. I am proud that my friends and family would say that I’m a good person,” she said.

What do you think of Jennette McCurdy?

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  • emncaity

    Yeah. I guess there are only two choices for people like this: Either you’re a role model or you’re “fake” and “dishonest” about your life. In the twit generation, I guess it never occurs to people that you can be very much a role model simply by not being vulgar, stupid, unethical, or uncaring, and that doesn’t make you fake or dishonest. It may come as a shock to some of these people, but there really are some people who think it’s important to be that way regardless of whether anybody’s looking or not.

  • Chippy

    With the whole issue with Ariana, considering how Ariana and Victoria had problems, I think Ariana is the problem. Jenette has every right as well to want equal pay as they both were leads in the show

    • bigbanglasers

      But i Love Victoria…I will pay her anything she wants

    • Alex

      the common factor is that Vic & Jenette are jealous of her huge fame

      • Addi

        What fame? If it wasn’t for the Victorious show, she would be a nobody, and she got good connections to hook her up to talk shows, radio, and shows altogether, along with her fan base. I doubt Vic and Jennette are jealous of her. If someone speaks up first and vocal about it, it could mean she’s trying deflect herself as being the problem.

        • Auston Kim

          Actually, Ariana Grande was recruited from Broadway. And Victoria seems like the nobody here.

          • Angelina

            Ariana was recruited from a 3 month near Broadway show. Her character in that show was a background character at best. Let’s not act like she came from years of Broadway. Victoria came from Zoey 101 and had a few other credits to her name. Addi is right, if it weren’t for Victorious, Ariana would really be a nobody.

          • LeFlop James #KingCramps

            If it weren’t of rivalry jennet would have no career either

    • foxwhat

      Ariana is awful in that show.

    • Jenna

      why did you bring Victoria into this??

      • Chippy

        Because Ariana had problems with Victoria on Victorious? I didn’t bring her into this I mentioned her and that she and Jennette both have had problems with ariana

  • mbmbingo

    ariana was getting paid more but janette was a bigger part of the show. ariana was the sidekick. I would be mad to for making less. janette is a young beautiful woman why can’t she act like one.

    • Chippy

      How was she not acting like one? The fact she didn’t take out to social media and make a scandal of this all and instead said she felt she shouldn’t be a role model shows she far more mature then most people let alone celebrities.

      • LeFlop James #KingCramps

        Cmon she said she dosent want to be a role model… And I don’t blame her for that but I do blame her for going on social media and sharing that I mean cmon that was quite stupid… No offence it just was and most other celebs have proven they can handle the pressure it is just a few people like Jennette that don’t know how to handle the pressure of stardom whatsoever

        • Chippy

          She was on Reddit to start with but she knows she isn’t the best role model for people more so when it should be parents that are role models not celebrities for children to aspire to be. She knows she is human and not perfect, I dont know of any celebrities that can handle the pressure while actually BEING a good role model. And by good I mean the perfectly standard people demand of a role model from a children’s show even as these actors and actresses are growing up themselves. She hasn’t bent at the pressure of stardom at all to me because she is still being herself despite the demands of stardom.

          I think her going to say how she isn’t a role model proves she is better then many her age in this field of work. She’s mature and done what she feels is right for her and her life.

          Sorry for any mistakes, I’m writing this on mobile

          • LeFlop James #KingCramps

            No problem as I am writing on mobile as well and I completely agree that she is a talented person and that she is telling people in advance and that is good but I just wish that more celebs were actually role models not always at charity stuff or anything like that, just not getting high all the time and smoking pot and getting DWIs and stuff like that but I also think that if she has told people in advance if she goes out and does something stupid saying this in advance still in no way excuse her from being in trouble

          • Chippy

            But she wasn’t in trouble. The show was supposedly canceled because Ariana was being paid more then photos she sent her ex of herself being provocative and sexy were leaked. she wasn’t on drugs or high or drunk.

          • LeFlop James #KingCramps

            But if she does do that stuff then it’s still her fault until then she’s fine but if she does that stuff saying in advance dosent excuse it

          • Chippy

            She did nothing wrong though, she sent photos to a boyfriend. Not a random fan or media for attention and it isn’t her fault for being a normal person when the one who leaked those photos is to blame. She said she isn’t a role model and it’s not to excuse what she does, it a to say she isn’t a role model and she isn’t going to be anyone but herself doing the same things ‘normal people’ do

          • LeFlop James #KingCramps

            Although I hope u are not accusing Mr. Andre Drummond of the Detroit Pistons because there is no evidence against him and in her “rant” Ms. McCurdy actually said that she sent those pics to one person, implying him, BUT she was extremely flustered and mad and now there is reason to believe that these growing circumstances are having a negative affect on her and this May have been a way to try to escape blame for the picture controversy,

          • Chippy

            I’m not accusing anyone but let’s say in one sitjatjo. Be sis release the photos, it just means he’s a jerk and she was flustered because there were now lightly intimate and private photos of her on the internet, that’s all, but now in another timeline let’s say he didn’t but McCurdy did herself okay? Explore both options we currently have. She’s a jerk for blaming him then and that is wrong but in both situations, we have an actress that still in those photos have more clothing on then many her age and in her field of work and either way she is in her early 20’s, these photos honestly aren’t a big problem as many actresses including those that are still on kids shows have more revealing ones if not in underwear as well around the internet.

            Honestly I just would rather either her or him take responsibility then be done with it. I made this thread to comment on how Ariana seemed to have been a problem more than once in different shows she was in and bad been thinking ‘maybe there is a reason for that’, I didn’t really care of the photos and I think she did well to say she isn’t a role model when there is no evidence she has even done anything wrong just that she isn’t perfect

          • LeFlop James #KingCramps

            U are right and sorry for any misconceptions I may have had please talking to u tho and after taking some deep thought figured that ur probably right

          • Chippy

            no need to apologize, I could be wrong, we won’t know until someone comes out with it right? Maybe there was some hidden scandal all along but either way it was lovely to have a civil conversation and debate over this with you

          • LeFlop James #KingCramps

            Yes and if something does come out then I know where I’m coming first

    • Addi

      That is just a rumor. And it’s classy on Jennette to not play the blame game and be vocal about something that should be kept private. She’s being honest and up front, And it makes sense, all these childhood actor/actress that grow up to having the expectation to live up to a role model, and they go wild/crazy to rebel against being a role model. Look at Miley Cyrus, Justin Beiber, Britney Spears,etc…

    • Tasha907

      i dont agree with the last part of your statement!

    • Jenna

      Mbmbingo correction it is Jennette

  • trich

    Sam made the show! Cat was annoying from her voice to her character, I could not tolerate to have the volume on when my son watched the show.
    The choice of McCurdy of staying true to herself makes me like and respect her and not just the character she portrays on TV.

    • foxwhat

      Adriana is awful as Cat. She portrays the character poorly.

      • Jenna


    • Tasha907

      I totally agree. Jennette was my fave character on iCarly and on Sam and Cat. She made the show definitely on Sam and Cat…..Arianna’s voice is annoying as cat.

  • MBrazzle

    They are both still very young and have a lot to learn and Hollywood is not the place to learn how to be a good person. I wish them success in the future as they grow up and become adults.

  • EMarez

    I think she’s in her 20’s and ready for different work not just the same character on a different show. Which is pretty much what Sam and Cat was. Yes, I am a 30 year old woman that knows wayyyy too much about these shows, thanks for my 7 year old! LOL

    • tnucc

      I am older than you and know too much about these shows because of my children. I also agree that her co-star’s voice is annoying.

      • MsPookye

        Good Lord I thought it was just me who thought the voice is as bad a raking fingernails down a chalkboard. And her new video is like number one or something like that. I seen it and it’s the chalkboard all over again.

        • cloudenvy_93

          It dangerous to use the Lord’s name empty like that

          • Jim

            Get over yourself cloudenvy!

    • Tasha907

      I watch the show even tho I have a ten year old….I watch it for myself. I love it and I hope my daughter will watch shows like this as she grows up!

  • Joel Hunsicker

    Good for you Ms. McCurdy, tell it like it is!! Your a great actor in my book, and absolutely beautiful inside and out. Hope all works out for you in the end, although I’m sure it will!! Last but not least, I’m very sorry to hear about your Mother, very sad!

  • Chris Ericksen

    Jeannette McCurdy has I think a future as a comic actress….her delivery and ability to take over a scene should help her land a god role in a sit-com, of which there are notmany good ones right now

  • WrestlingFan4Life

    Jeanette McCurdy is one SMOKIN’ HOT young lady! She’s bright, witty, and quite funny. She has a great future in anything she chooses to do. I hope she keeps on “keepin’ it real”.

    • Alex

      if you are Black. otherwise she wont give you the time of day

      • WrestlingFan4Life

        And you know this how?

        • KezzaK

          He’s probably cracking a “once you go black you never go back” joke about that black guy she dated.

  • Momofone

    I agree, she is no role model! Honestly Nickelodeon can’t you find girls that have some respect for themselves? At the very least when you hire these girls let them know that they that will be considered role models whether they want to be or not and if they can’t be role models then perhaps they should look to other networks for employment. When you work for a kids tv station shouldn’t it be assumed that you are going to be looked up upon by young girls and boys?

    • BluntBitch

      LOL, seriously? The fact that people complain how celebs/actors/actress are suppose to be role models is fucking ridiculous. How about you be a role model to your own kids instead of putting in front of the tv all day and expect them gain great influence by these fictional characters and people they don’t know. Even if Jeanette is an actress who works on a kids show, it’s not her responsibility to influence your kids and acting is her career. Being a parent …that’s suppose to be your job and besides kids don’t only look up to celebs they look up to everyone including friends, family, and strangers.
      At least she’s not being a fake like her annoying idiot friend (Ariana).

    • tnucc

      In the old days, there were morals clauses in contracts because studios wanted to avoid embarrassing incidents with their stars and the backlash in their profit margin. There should be some type of clause in these contracts for actors/actresses who work for Disney or Nickelodeon producing children’s television. There are restrictive clauses in all types of work contracts.

      • Woogy Lewis

        Uh, no, there shouldn’t be a morals clause in contracts, that’s just another patriarchal attempt by an employer to run someone’s life – this isn’t Hobby Lobby, this is Hollywood, so don’t worry about their profit margin (they aren’t worried about yours)! Besides, she didn’t do anything that would require a morals clause, but if you want to start throwing stones, look at Vanessa Hudgens, Jessica Biel, Ariel Winter, Jamie Lynn Spears, etc. And there are not restrictive clauses in all types of work contracts, you sound like you are from another planet.

      • vmigala

        there are moral clauses. Just because she doesn’t want her fans to look to her as a role model is NOT immoral. The only thing this actress has done was to MODEL loungerie 2 years ago. She was 18, older then most of the Victoria’s Secret models.

    • Alex

      exactly dating a 7ft mandingo?

  • Ted

    Jennette’s private life as a mudshark is what hurt her more than anything. It’s best to keep your sex life private instead of tweeting, facebooking and instagramming everything.

    • Sailorman

      Whats a mudshark, ted??

      • Woogy Lewis

        According to the urban dictionary, it’s a white girl who dates black guys. If that’s the reason she was mistreated on the show, then we have ourselves a case of modern day racism.

      • Ted

        You are.

      • Joe Ray

        I thought that was a fish that Frank Zappa featured in a sort of mini-rock opera on his Fillmore East 1970 lp.

    • Alex


  • Waterloo

    How did the content of the article have anything to do with the headline? She made no referene to the show in her comments what so ever.

  • Jeff Johnson

    I guess I don’t understand what the writer means by “comes clean”.

  • Willow Tree

    She’s 21 and grown and most of you guys complaining are buying swimsuit issues of playboy and then just regular playboy. Those women are the same age as these actresses, so you just want to force her into some martyrdom type of role model. You can’t make people not be real so you can have something to hang in the face of young girls not yet going through that. Once they hit puberty, they will too. Maybe stick to keeping under the age of 12 girls for younger crowds. Once they are teenagers, it’s time ti give it up.

    • Woogy Lewis

      Absolutely true – you can’t expect someone over 20 to live like a 12 year old. Janet Jackson was getting flack for mentioning sex in her music when she was in her 30’s, as if people expected never to grow up, which was totally unrealistic of them.

    • Alex

      she will be in Playboy within a year…book it

  • 3girlsmom

    Trust me I would prefer that a 16 yr old acting badly on on a tv show not be my child’s role model either but that is the world we live in. If you don’t want to be a role model then maybe you should not be on TV, it comes with the territory.

    • Maya

      or you could, ya know, raise your own damn kids

    • Ann-Marie

      Umm Sam from icarly then Sam and cat had been arrested multiple times, that character isn’t a role model. So why would you demand the actress playing her to be a role model?

  • Ask Thomas

    It’s all good, she is sexy, she’ll be fine.

    • Alex

      if you like soiled chicks

  • Laniertheone

    My three children love the show. Because of them I’m some what familiar with the characters. I hope both Ariana and Jennette have great careers ahead of them.

  • Reality Bites

    The more she talks the less I like her.

  • Mark Bailey

    Is this a joke? Who cares what they do.

  • Oliver Gasior

    she’s a hottay

  • pound puppy

    Jennette McCurdy, 100 times sexier than Miley Cyrus will ever be, regardless of personality.

  • Jonah Thrillz

    I remember her. She was the one who dated a Detroit Pistons player the moment she found out he fancied her. Looks like she’s more into securing her future by “any means” than working on her career.

    Good riddance to rubbish.

    • Alex


  • Joe

    Coal burner

  • Reconhero17

    I think it’s stupid how you target these two girls over some reporters beliefs leave those girls alone they didn’t ask for all this.

  • Woogy Lewis

    Interesting candor for a young lady who isn’t ashamed of her life – she’s certainly better than those celebrities who white wash their lives.

  • MsPookye

    I love her signing as she has an awesome voice.

  • Michael

    her saucy attitude along with her tits and ass and face gives me a boner… my young teenage years are very thankful to her and Miranda cosgrove

  • bigbanglasers

    Take the money until you have a better job. Sorry but her career just ended.

  • Dee

    Those private tutoring lessons she receives between filming must be working she sounds educatd.

  • George Wilson

    How is any of her narcissistic bleating “coming clean about Sam and Cat?”

  • Alex

    She needs to date her own race. After that little escapade her life went down the toilet.

  • Alex

    Nickelodeon had to dump her because of her personal life. dating the 7ft Black guy etc..

  • Addi

    The show can’t be that hot if it’s cancelled after one season, What they probably don’t tell you is they don’t have enough ratings to keep the show going or not enough material. I would also think maybe enough people complained about how annoying Cat’s voice is along with her being an airhead may contribute to the cancellation.

    Good for Jennette for being honest with who she is and not out to kiss people’s butt like Ariana is doing. Sometimes the ones that are vocal are the ones creating issues and using it to get attention to seek their own goal.

  • A New York Dyke Asian

    Good thing she said that, cause quite frank these kids and teens do not need people on tv or in the music industry to be a role model…Thats why we have parents or whoever the one that is putting a roof over our heads and food in our bellies.

  • Martininsocal

    Facts are facts and sex sells…unless your demographic is to a younger audience, then you have to tone it down a little. McCurdy doesn’t care to be that marketing vehicle, Grande wants it all. Simple as that. The combination wasn’t gonna work for the clothing and music that Nickelodeon had planned, so the one who doesn’t want to ‘be’ that role model is gone and the other one who wants it all is out there making music (kind of, autotune is a great thing!), making movies, and I am sure, soon, will have her own line of clothing, make-up, and perfumes available at (pick one) Target/Walmart/etc… Atleast she isn’t part of the Disney marketing machine. they are pimping really young girls AND boys at this point.

  • Scott Norman

    My daughter watches all these shows so i know who they are. Jenette is the lead role. Ariana has an annoying voice like so many say. Ariana sounds like Mariah Carey. Oh no not saying she is good bc of that. It means her voice will only take her so far. She’ll have an ugly bf bc well, thats wat pretty girls pick. It makes them stand out. Yes ive been told this by many females of why. When i saw her in the video with “Crackface” Miller she was ugly too!

  • Mikey

    I bet most people who comment act like they have no skeletons in the closet or would make easy media targets. She may not be 100% class act but who in their line of work doesn’t get pissed for someone who is equal or less worthy getting paid more than them not going to get pissed about it? I know I work with someone who doesn’t deserve nearly as much as he is getting paid and if I was in direct competition with him I would be VERY pissed.

    I hope she continues as each role she played in iCarly and sam&cat were great additions. She is also now of age so I can say she is EXTREMELY HOT!!!

  • MattB

    Ms. McCurdy will be fine. She’ll get lots of acting work, and she’s outgrown “Scam & Scat” anyway.

  • yflores71

    I think shes a great girl … We got to know her personally … She use to do karate with my Daughter and son …

  • Lucy Hale

    I gotta pee

  • lwebe10

    ummm so where is the coming clean about sam and cat…I still don’t see the reason it was canceled

  • LeFlop James #KingCramps

    She’s a wigga and can’t handle herself in the public eye she sucks almost as much as LeBrick James she should b ashamed of herself

  • communistjesus .

    I think that McCurdy and Grande should…. I DO NOT GIVE A FUNK what these two spoiled-UN talented and Overpaid knuckleheads have to say.. Someone sent me a link to this page… and HERE I AM… Someone is getting UN FRIEND IT soon…..

  • richard cardenas

    Ariana gets in all these fights not bad but jennette baby she’s WAY more famous than you OF COURSE SHES GONNA GET PAID MORE!

  • Chippy

    If Ariana is the type of girl you find hot, all for you, but she is pretty damn fake to me in appearance

  • fernando

    jennette u are so talented and hot

  • Peter Paul

    it’s business people. jeanette has been great at what she does. studios would be stupid not to give her a chance at another show. seriously cancel a show when it is at the top. knuckleheadlodean is going down as a network unless they put what kids want on tv. kids want jeanette.

  • ChrisF

    Well, for starters, I think McCurdy made this statement almost a week – or maybe more – before this article was published, so you people are WAY behind the times. If you can’t report news in a timely manner, hang it up and go work for the History Channel, where it’s okay for your writing to be about ancient history.

  • Dennis Michael

    I would blame my management and/or agent for not getting me a better contract, and/or knowing how much her co-star was making.

  • maria

    I’m an adult and I loved that show. My fav was her character. Too Bad.

  • foxwhat

    Grande is awful in that show.

  • bjigler

    I haven’t seen very much of Sam and Cat but from what I have seen, I can tell that Jannette is easily the better actress than Ariana. I never liked Cat as a character and Ariana simply annoying portraying her. Jannette also easily outperformed Miranda Cosgrove in iCarly (a show I watched a lot), so it makes you wonder why she doesn’t pursue bigger and better roles elsewhere. She’s easily one of the more talented actors/actresses in Nickalodeon.

  • Nikki Noffsinger

    You know I never once heard my grandparents-the people who raised me, tell me that so and so on television was who I should look up to. I carried that lesson to my own children. I loved watching all these shows with my kids, and my son finds new ones to get me hooked on with him, but never once do I ever say, “Now that is who you should try to be more like” or “See how so and so is, that is how you should act like”. I believe parents should empower their children to find it within themselves and model that behavior rather than leaving it up to an actor or actress. Child actors do grow up and they play a character only once for a short period of time. My kids know the difference between reality and fantasy.

  • K83taylor

    I think Mc Curdy’s response is lame. It’s a privilege to be a role model for thousands of kids and YES, you ARE a role model. You don’t star on not 1 but 2 nickelodeon top 2 tv shows for years and years to make your fortune and then all of a sudden denounce your popularity with racey pics. She should have taken the high road and not renewed her contract. Is it too much to ask young female (or male) celebrities to have modesty and some class and not post pics in your underwear. It just proves money doesn’t buy class. She is a talented actress and great singer and does not need to flash her tits and ass on instagram to get attention.

    • Bee

      It is a privilege but not everyone is fit to be that. And at least she is letting it be known up front. That is better than claiming to be a role model and then showing the complete opposite. And let’s be honest here, this is partially the parents faults for having their children look up to these tv and music stars. I NEVER looked up to these celebrities as a role model or anything of that nature. I look up to my parents. I strive to be like them.

  • mac miller

    Jennette McCurdy would get it

  • Bee

    Well I commend her for being able to say “Hey, I’m not a role model for these children and I am not trying to be”. Some people just are suited or striving to be that. They are just humans and they do what makes them happy not what they are expected to do.
    And to be honest, these parents should be teaching their children to NOT look up to these TV and music stars. The parents and siblings and other family members etc. should be their role models and should be showing what to do. I NEVER idolized or saw those TV and music celebrities as role models. I look up to my parents. Especially my mother. I strive to be like her. And that is how it should be. So there is no worry about what these celebs are doing because I don’t look up to them and won’t follow what they are doing.

  • CNN Loves Me

    I’m a 48 year old male. Bring back iCarly. That was a great show.

    yeah….yeah…..yeah……uuuuueeeerrrrrrrrrruuuuhhhhh—-aaaahhhhhh- splat.

  • Tequilero

    I’m glad I wont hear my kids listen to that annoying stupid voice. I rather hear sponge bob cry all day than listen to this show.

  • Digital_Dream

    That still does not say why she left the show or why it was cancelled, she is just saying that she is not embarrassed or regretting anything (probably related to her leaked lingerie photos). What a misleading headline!

  • Jenna

    You cant blame Ariana about who she wants to be it is her business not all of yers. its her life, if she wants to change it is her BUSINESS!! Plus she was made a fool in sam and cat and Victorious. She was the sidekick and she was made dumb. Just move on I know its sad to move on but we have loads of shows.